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Keywords Research Guide – Find the Right Keywords for you Business


Keywords Research Guide by AdNabu When it comes to keywords research for Google AdWords, we often come across these standard questions like “What is the most effective and creative way to pick keywords for an ad group/campaign?” and “Which kind of match type should we use?” Whether you are a newbie or an AdWords expert, finding the right keywords for your PPC ad campaign can be time-consuming and...

What is a Keyword in Google AdWords?


What is a Keyword? Keywords are the building blocks of online Pay-Per-Click campaigns. AdWords has metrics like Ad placement, Location, Language etc to refine an Ad campaign. However, keywords are the driving factor behind targeting audience. This is because Google shows an Ad only when a user searches a query which then triggers a keyword. This blog focuses on helping everyone understand this...

What is a good strategy for call-only campaigns?


Good strategy for call-only campaigns? Strategy for call-only campaigns is very similar to any other search campaign. The first step is to create a very structured AdWords campaign with long tail keywords and negative keywords to avoid competition. At AdNabu, we recommended never to have call-only ads run with regular text ads. Call-only ads are usually much more valuable to businesses than a...

Why adding just long tail keywords to account alone is not enough?


Long tail keywords are an important part of any successful AdWords campaign. I previously discussed why you should add long tail keywords to your AdWords account in separate Ad Groups. However, simply adding them to the account would not ensure that ads are always triggered by long tail keywords and not by short tail keywords. Let’s look at the following example. Account structure For sake...

Why it is important to use Long Tail Keywords?


Longtail keywords are searches which are very specific in nature and tend to be long (think 4 words and more). Usually, long tail keywords work at a better conversion ratio than the short tail ones although the scale from one long tail keyword will be low (number of clicks and conversions). One can target these keywords by adding them to the account as an individual keyword or as a phrase or...

What I Learned by Analysing Long Tail Keywords in Google Ads for Different Industries


Long Tail Keywords have long been a source of intense discussion among PPC and SEO experts. One can find tons of online articles explaining various strategies to rank better in organic search as well as paid search. At AdNabu, We focus a lot on long tail keywords by creating extensive and well structured Ads search campaigns. We believe that having as much granular data as possible about keywords...

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