Three Types of Google Ads you Should be Running for your eCommerce Business

Types of Google Ads you Should be Running for your eCommerce Business

The key to the success of every eCommerce brand lies beneath its ability to convey its brand to as many people as possible within its target market. While organic traffic is the ideal setup in expanding your reach, setting up paid traffic or digital advertisements will proactively put you in front of your potential customers – one of which is through Google ads.

Google Ads is an indispensable element in the marketing strategy of eCommerce businesses. By capitalizing on Google Ads, you overtake your competitors in being shown to potential customers who are looking for products and services that you offer.

However, Google Ads is so vast, so it’s not always easy to know which ones you should run to achieve desired results. In this blog, we’ll discuss the three best types of Google Ads that eCommerce businesses should run, so your brand will get the attention of your target market.

But first, let’s cover the basics…

What are Google Ads in 2022?

If you don’t know it yet, Google Ads is a platform for online advertising developed by Google. This platform is utilized by many businesses and companies who bid to display their websites on the top search results. These ads work on search engines and non-search engines including Google Search, mobile apps, and other online content.

Choosing the right Google Ads

Prior to launching your campaign ads, you need to identify your goal whether you’re doing it for higher website traffic, lead generation, increased conversions, or app promotion. This is important since your chosen campaign must only focus on your objective. 

From there, you’ll be able to know how you can target your audience, which can be in the form of a Search campaign, Display campaign, Shopping campaign, Video campaign, or through an App campaign.

For eCommerce businesses, the most effective Google Ads are Google Shopping Ads, Google Search Text Ads, and Google Dynamic Remarketing Display Ads.

Google Shopping Ads

In Google Shopping Ads, your products rank at the top of the Google search results page for every search of that specific product. 

For instance, if you’re a seller of drones and you launch a Google Shopping Ad campaign, your product will be shown at the forefront of the search results for drones, see the example below:

Screenshot of Search Results on Drones in Google Shopping Ads

Looking at the example above, you can already see the edge that you have since you’ll have instant access to potential customers. This is important since customers usually choose between the first few results that are shown to them and do not bother going to the next page of the search results. In effect, ranking on search results makes it more likely that a customer will buy from you.

In addition, these Shopping ads offer a convenient way to boost your website traffic. This is extremely helpful when you’re launching a new product or are looking to dispose of old stocks. 

These ads provide potential customers with a complete glimpse of the product including the seller/store name, product image, price, and exclusive offerings like discounts and free shipping. Hence, customers can already gauge which store they want to buy from based on the Shopping ads.

Key Benefits of Google Shopping Ads

Aside from the ones I mentioned, these are the main benefits that Google Shopping Ads offer:

Better Leads

Google Shopping Ads allows you to get better leads since your ads will only be targeting those who are already interested in the product. Qualified leads are those who have decided to buy a product and actually have the budget to buy it. 

Since Google Shopping Ads are shown at the top results for every product search, chances are high that the qualified lead will consider buying from you. Basically, the consideration stage with Google Shopping Ads is at the point where the customer will now only choose which store to buy from and not whether or not the customer will buy the said product.

Effective Product Campaign

Google Shopping Ads makes use of product attributes listed in your Merchant Center data feed and displays your ad on relevant searches. Basically, your ads will also be displayed when someone searches for items with relevant product attributes.

Broader Presence

The good thing about Google Shopping Ads is that your ad is not limited to one product search. Moreover, your text ad can simultaneously appear with your Google Shopping Ads, giving you a better chance of gaining attention from the customers.

Insightful Analytics

With Google Shopping Ads, you get comprehensive data on how a certain product is performing like the number of clicks as well as insights on the competitive landscape. In addition, you’ll also get insights on growth opportunities for your business.

Google Search Text Ads

Google Search Text Ads is a kind of Google advertisement for businesses and marketers which is composed only of text and text links. These ads appear on the top search results for a specific keyword and not only work on Google search engine but also across Google Network.

Basically, Google Search Text Ads is the most basic but underrated form of Google Ads since more and more marketers are shifting to banner and display ads. The best thing about Google Search Text Ads is that all publishers accept this form of advertisement – hence, better reach since there are publishers who won’t accept display ads.

Key Benefits of Google Search Text Ads

These are the main benefits of running a Google Search Text Ads:

Massive Reach

Since Google Search Text Ads fills the gap where display and banner ads are not supported, it can easily be inferred that Google Search Text Ads has the widest reach among all other kinds of Google Ads.

Easy to Launch

Since you only need to have a good copy, Google Search Text Ads are extremely easy to launch. This is because you don’t need to worry about graphics and images. 

While it’s true that display ads boost the impact of the ad, Google Search Text Ads make the advertisement easier to digest since there are fewer elements to look at.

More Space for Copy Ad

With Google Search Text Ads, you get more room to write a copy. While it also has certain limitations as to characters, nevertheless it offers a bigger room for you to communicate the value of your brand. 

Hence, you’re not burdened in compressing everything that your product/business can do in just a few words.

Google Dynamic Remarketing Display Ads

If your eCommerce store suffers from a high abandonment rate, then Google Dynamic Remarketing Display Ads is a must. Remarketing in its simplest sense enables you to show ads to those who have already visited your website or downloaded your mobile app previously but did not push through with their purchase. 

Dynamic Remarketing takes it up a notch by showing your web visitors the ads for exactly the same products/services that they viewed previously and enticing them to complete their purchase.

Essentially, your previous website visitors get ads that are personalized and tailored according to their behavior. Furthermore, Google Dynamic Remarketing Display Ads are equipped with extra settings and reports designed to reach previous website visitors.

Key Benefits of Google Dynamic Remarketing Display Ads

These are the main benefits of running a Google Dynamic Remarketing Display Ads:

Maintains Existing Customers

This kind of ad also offers an easy way to capture your returning customers so they won’t fall off your radar. This is especially helpful since more and more customers are quickly shifting from one brand to another.

Recover Lost Leads

The main benefit of Google Dynamic Remarketing & Prospecting Display Ads is that it recovers lost leads who did not push through with their purchase but are interested in your product. 

Google Dynamic Remarketing Display Ads reminds these leads of their urge to complete their customer journey.

Intelligent Ads

Another benefit of Google Dynamic Remarketing Display Ads is that it not only shows the product that the customer previously viewed but also determines the best combination of products for each ad based on popularity.  

This kind of ad is also a form of upselling, which allows you to optimize and increase your customer’s average order value.

Key Takeaway

Overall, there is no doubt that Google Ads offer a great way to boost your website’s ranking and brand awareness. However, not every kind of Google Ads works for every kind of business. Thus, it’s important to know which one will suit your business depending on your objectives.

For eCommerce businesses, there are three main Google Ads that offer great value. One is Google  Shopping Ads, which is perfect if you sell actual and physical products; 

then we have Google Search Text Ads for easy ad consumption, which is an all-text kind of advertisement, and the Google Dynamic Remarketing Display Ads to help in retaining customers and winning back lost leads.

I hope that you find this article helpful towards your journey in the Google Ads space.

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Guest post by Trevor Fenner

Trevor Fenner is the founder of, a blog about eCommerce and high-ticket drop shipping, a lean business model he has perfected over the last decade which allows him to travel the world as a digital nomad and working anywhere. 

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Trevor teaches entrepreneurs just like you how to start and grow their own profitable online business. If you want to learn more about this exciting online business model, read his article about What Is High-Ticket Drop Shipping. You can also find Trevor on Linkedin, Facebook, and Instagram.

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