Weekly Spend is What You Should Track in AdWords, Here is Why!


AdWords Weekly Spend Allocation –

In Google AdWords, the budget has to be defined on a daily basis. Your campaigns will stop running after you exhaust the set amount and will again start running the next day. But here is the catch, the number of potential impressions vary with the day for almost all keywords. It is very common to see impressions peak on Monday & Tuesday and then reduce every passing day before hitting rock bottom on weekends. Hence deciding a weekly spend is more useful than worrying about daily spend.

How to Adjust Daily Spend Using Weekly Spend?

It is not wise then to see the budget allocation on a daily basis. Instead allocate your budget for a week, Divide it by 5 and keep it as a daily budget. The high impressions day like Mondays will receive a number of clicks and cost than an average day. Dividing the weekly budget by 5 instead of 7 allows you to have a higher budget for high traffic days.

Once you have run your campaigns for some time, you will also begin to notice the regularity of clicks, impressions, and conversions on a weekly basis. This is a much better visualization than the sudden changes from one day of the week to another.

Here is a different situation. What if your daily campaign budgets get exhausted before the end of the day? Or your weekly campaign budgets get exhausted by mid-week? What would you do? Increasing the budget is not always the right choice. Instead, we suggest, you should manage your bids better. Hence, we say, controlling campaign budgets is a bad idea. Instead, concentrate on bids.

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