What is Quality Score in Google Ads?

What is Quality Score?

Quality score is one of the most important metrics which decides how much higher or lower one should have to pay in an auction for a keyword. A high score enables an advertiser to pay less than his competitors for the same search query. Quality Score is a number given to every keyword in Google Ads based on its performance in keyword auctions.  It can vary from 1 to 10 & a good QS is on the upper half of the scale (QS > 5). Google determines the score by taking 3 broad components into consideration, Click-through rate, Relevancy and Landing page quality.


How does Click-through rate affect Quality Score?

Click-through rate has the highest weight among all the components that determine Quality Score. A high click-through rate indicates that a particular ad/keyword is the best match to a search query. Click-through rate empowers millions of users to cast their votes through clicks and Google has always relied on user feedback to make decisions better. Other parameters influencing the score is Historical click-through rate of a display URL as well as that of Google Ads account as a whole.

How does Relevancy affect Quality Score?

Google deduces the relevancy of a keyword to an ad and to a search query by analyzing the language used by an advertiser when defining a keyword and when fabricating the corresponding ad. Google also checks the context of the keyword before deeming an to be relevant to the search query. Relevancy enables Google to show productive ads to users. It also helps advertisers in keeping a check from paying for searches that are not associated with their product or service. Hence high relevancy adds up to a good QS.


How does high-quality Landing page affect Quality Score?

An ad is useful to a user when the landing page provides the necessary information they are looking for. A well-fabricated landing page with original content that is easily navigable and has a minimum load time is appreciated by users and Google likewise. Avoid frequent pop-ups that might kill the on-site experience of a user and lead to bounce rate and shorter sessions.

What are the advantages of a good Quality Score?

Quality Score is a manifestation of the performance of an advertiser’s campaigns, it influences the overall quality of their account significantly. To understand the advantages of a good Quality Score, let’s first look at this formula:

Ad Rank = Max CPC * Quality Score

  • Higher Ad Rank – A good score improves the Ad Rank of a rank.
    Two advertisers A & B place a Max CPC bid of $5. Advertisers A & B have QS of 4 and 8 respectively, thus the Ad Ranks 20 & 40. Advertiser B will win the auction as it has a higher Ad Rank.
  • Lower CPC – With a good score, higher Ad Rank can be achieved for a lower bid.
    Two advertisers A & B with QS 4 and 8 respectively, advertiser A would have to bid $10 to achieve an Ad Rank of 40, whereas advertiser B can bid just $5 to achieve the same Ad Rank.
  • Better exposure – A higher Ad Rank gets a better Ad Position.
    Having an ad on the top often pays off by attracting more traffic, hence a better chance of getting conversions.

How to improve Quality Score?

Having a good Quality Score is a must for running successful campaigns. You can improve your score by adhering to some well-researched best practices. AdNabu’s Quality Score guide will come in handy for the same.

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