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Facebook Ads Vs. Google Ads: Which Is Better for Your Business Objectives?


Are you planning to advertise your business online, but cannot decide what platforms to use? In choosing the right channel to promote your company, products, or services, you need to consider several factors, like maximum visibility, costs, and return on investment (ROI). At present, the leading platforms in online advertising are Google Ads and Facebook Ads. Which one should you choose? In...

Search Campaign Clickthrough Rate – What Can Be Considered Good?


Search Campaign Clickthrough Rate – What Can Be Considered Good? A good CTR or Click Through Rate signifies a synergy between the ads and the keywords. Users are finding value & relevance in your ads and clicking them. But what is a good CTR in general? What is a good search campaign clickthrough rate? Can we quantify this number? Below are some necessary steps that one needs to take...

Why you should never run AdWords Campaigns with Search Network & Display Select


If you are creating a new campaign via Google AdWords Interface, the default setting is Search Network with Display Select. This is however a very dangerous setting for campaign performance and is best avoided. It is a very well known fact that display network and search network will have drastically different conversion ratio. Hence it is important to have separate bids for the same keyword in...

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