5 Digital Adoption Challenges Ecommerce Business Owners Should Be Aware of


To put it simply, digital adoption is the state in which a company’s digital assets are used optimally for delivering exceptional customer service, enhancing employee engagement, and boosting overall business value. An excellent example of this is automobile manufacturing. Remember when human hands put cars together? Over time, machines took over specific steps, and workers were trained to...

How To Automate Online Advertising For E-Commerce


“Work smarter, not harder.” Automation software is designed to free up your time for more important tasks within your business. Automating your online advertising can be a great way to boost your business while saving time and money. Read how automation software could greatly improve your advertising efficiency and return. Every sale that your business makes on your website is the culmination of...

What is Impression Share in Google AdWords?


Google defines Impression share (IS) as the percentage of impressions an ad receives to the total number of impressions that an ad could get. The definition is self-explanatory. But how can you calculate your Impression share? What are the types of Impression share? And what are its implications? We will discuss all that in this blog. Impression share (IS) calculation – (IS) = Impressions...

What is an Impression in Google AdWords?


Each time a search query matches the keyword defined by an advertiser, ads are selected for bidding. Every instance after a successful auction when an ad is displayed is counted as an impression for that ad in Google AdWords. An impression is counted even when the ad is not the top or in the section of a search results page that is not visible to the user. Search Impression This ad displayed for...

What is a Click in Google AdWords?


What is a Click? We are familiar that Google AdWords is an online pay-per-click advertising service. Google charges an advertiser only when someone clicks on their advertisement, but not the basis of impressions or CTR of an ad. In search and shopping campaigns an interaction with an ad is a click. A click is when the cursor of the mouse deliberately clicks on the displayed advertisement and...

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