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What is Google Shopping? and How Can it Benefit Your eCommerce Business?


The history of Google Shopping began in 2002 under the name ‘Froogle’ which was a platform where users could compare different products from multiple retailers with ease and this soon became Google Products Search in 2007.  In 2012, this service was relaunched as Google Shopping as we know it today and provided retailers with a paid advertising option on the platform. It is today an online e...

Black Friday 2020 – Google Ads Tips For The Shopping Season


For nearly 6 decades now, Black Friday has marked the onset of Christmas Shopping. It is an opportunity where sellers, as well as buyers, try to make the most of. Black Friday is observed on the last Friday of November every year, i.e., the day after Thanksgiving. On a typical Black Friday, the streets are flooded with shoppers. But the significance of Black Friday is not the shoppers, it is what...

What Are Product Listing Ads (PLA Ads) and How Do They Work?


What are Product Listing Ads or PLA’s? Product Listing Ads is a service provided by Google. It allows customers to search for, view, and compare products. Now it is known as “Google Shopping Ads”. This feature saves users from the need to create unique product advertisements. Why? It helps in incorporating the pictures, title, and description along with the price for every product in your ad...