So you have a Shopify store? Sounds great! How often do you find yourself switching between your store to Google Merchant Center, to upload similar information over both platforms? 

If you can be related to any of these questions, you already face trouble maintaining similar feeds between two distinctive platforms. What if we told you theres a solution to the problem? A solution that will allow you to tap into Google Merchant Center features with your Shopify platform.

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Yes, we are talking of the Google Merchant Center Shopify integration that every merchant finds helpful. This piece educates you more about the process of integrating your Google Merchant Center with your Shopify store; let’s get started!  

What is Google Merchant Center? 

Google Merchant Center is your headstart to selling products over Product Listing Ads or Google Shopping Ads. Your Merchant Center is the hub responsible for saving all the relevant information on the product feed that appears over your Shopify store. 

When you upload your feed at Google Merchant Center, it allows the bots to index the products or services you are dealing with. This way, the search engine can help you place all the eligible products in order. 

Your product feed includes all the necessary aspects of a business: image, product name, unique id, attributes, and description, in a format that the search engine can easily process.

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Further, the Google Merchant Center also comes in handy when you have to fill in all the important tax details of your store, including the prices and policies of shipping of the individual products. 

Why does every Shopify business need a Google Merchant Center?

To help you understand better, here’s a question. What would be better, uploading your feeds in a single platform? Or, upload the same feed over both Shopify and Google Merchant Center? 

Yes, the easier it is for you to upload your feeds, the better you can focus on your business’s core functioning. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg! The advantages of using Google Merchant Center Shopify integration are huge. Let’s check them out: 

Simplified integration: When you integrate your Shopify store with Google Merchant Center, operations become seemingly easier. Once you have integrated these platforms, you can easily track and update all your campaigns for Google Shopping without leaving your store. This way, you can easily create advanced campaigns using all the modern marketing tools available at your disposal. 

Automatic updates: As mentioned earlier, no smart marketer would like to increase their work by uploading similar product feeds at two different places. This is where the Shopify Google Merchant Center integration comes in handy. Now, you can make real-time changes to your Smart Shopping campaigns and all your changes will automatically be updated over your Shopify platform and vice versa.

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Optimize your ads seamlessly: Yes, when you use the Shopify Google Merchant Center, you get access to all the functions of the Google Smart Shopping campaign, without having to leave Shopify. This way, you can easily optimize your ads, based on the level of performance and at your convenience. 

Isnt it interesting how a simple integration of your Google Merchant Center with your Shopify store gives you all the functionality of operating your business seamlessly? Yes, we understand your curiosity to get started with the integration already. Heres the definitive guide to help you with the same. 

How to connect Google Merchant Center with Shopify?

Connecting your Shopify store to the Google Merchant Center account is seamlessly easy. All you need to do is move to the home page of our Merchant Center account and login with your saved Gmail credentials or by using the email id that is associated with your Ads account on Google. 

Once you have logged in to your Google Merchant Center account, its time to complete the following actions, using the AdNabu app for Google Shopping.

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Step 1: Include relevant business information.

This step requires putting down all the available relevant information. The page requires you to fill in the information over three sub-sections namely: 

  • Location of your business: The country where your business is based. 
  • Name of your store: Here, you need to include the name of your online store. 
  • Website information: The website that denotes your stores online presence. 

Once you submit the relevant business information, its time to move to the next step of your Google Merchant Center Shopify integration.

Step 2: Agree to the Terms of Service.

The second step requires you to agree to the terms of service and conditions by the app. Here, a certain set of rules and regulations are listed (based on the country of your operations). 

Once you do a quick walkthrough of the guide and read every detail of the process and agree to it, it takes you to the next and final step of connecting your Google Merchant Center with Shopify.

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Step 3: Verify your website

The third step in creating Google Merchant Center Shopify is to verify the presence of your website on the internet. To highlight your products on the Google store, you need to have a verified store. To ensure proper verification of your website, ensure these two key factors: 

  • Ensure that you make edits to the website at the time of verification.
  • Your website must be new and not be used by any existing user over the website, i.e, you need to submit a fresh URL for verification.  

Once you have followed all the steps and verified your website, you are ready to scale your business with your Shopify Google Merchant Center

Once your account is ready for use, the immediate step is to include feed to your Merchant Center account. 

Here, it would be best if you curated a feed that contains all the necessary information around the types of products and all their details. 

This way, the Google Search engine crawlers can index your website to their feed and generate accurate results when someone tries to query for products/ services that you deal in.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Google Merchant Center for Shopify 

How do I link my Shopify to Google Merchant Center?

Heres a manual walkthrough of the process, lets check it out: 

Step 1: Once you are inside the Shopify admin setting, move to the Sales channels, followed by a click on Google.

Step 2: Click on the connect option to integrate your Google Account and allow Shopify to get all the required account information from Google.

Step 3: Review all the requirements of your online store and make the desired changes.

Step 4: Under the overview section of Google, click on Get started and select any of the desired program options: 

  1. Free listings – To highlight your products in the Google Shopping tab. 
  2. Marketing – Initiate the process of forming channels for creating paid Google Smart Shopping campaigns. 
  3. Product feed – Sync your Shopify products to Google Merchant Center.

Step 5: Select the desired market where you want to sell your products and choose the target’s desired language.

Step 6: Once you have checked all the listed steps, its time to finalize your settings and get started with your Shopify Google Shopping feed. However, if you are trying it for the first time or dont want to deal with so many hindrances in the process, we suggest you use the Google Shopping App by AdNabu.

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How do I add Shopify products to Google Shopping?

The steps to adding Shopify products in Google Shopping are relatively easy. All you need to do is move to your Shopify admin panel. Once you reach the panel, move to the left and click on the Products tab. Once you are there, its time to add all the relevant products on your end, its time to finalize the settings.

However, while you are including the products in your Shopify store, its ideal that you include all the relevant products that you are dealing with. Further, it is also important that you add all the information around the variants or color of the included products. 

Remember, you need to update your product data with real-time changes as this is your only chance at improving your search results and feed. 

What is Google Merchant Center?

Your Google Merchant Center is like the hotspot that contains all the information around your eCommerce store. Further, it is also responsible to present your store information to the Google search engine, in a presentable format that allows it to rank your product or services.

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Does Google Merchant Center cost anything?

No, creating your Google Merchant Center wont cost you anything. However, if you decide to use Google Shopping Ads, you might have to decide on your operations budget. 

What is Google Shopping for Shopify?

Google Shopping for Shopify is an integration that allows you to tap into the functionalities of Google Shopping, from your Shopify store. 


Now that you understand the added advantages of integrating Google Merchant Centre with Shopify, we hope that you can now easily integrate the functions on your own. Lastly, we hope that our guideline helps you cover all the important aspects of merging the two platforms. All the best!

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