What is Cost Per Click in Google AdWords?


What is the cost per click? Cost per click is the price an advertiser pays to a pay-per-click advertising campaign service provider like Google AdWords or Microsoft Bing Ads, for each click the advertiser get on their ad through these PPC platforms. Note: CPC is a measurement of an advertising campaign’s cost on per-click basis whereas PPC is a payment method of an advertisement campaign based on...

What is Click-through Rate in Google AdWords?


What is Click-through Rate? Click-through Rate (CTR) is an important metric not just in AdWords, but in pay-per-click advertising in general. Click-through rate is the ratio of the number of clicks and impressions. It is expressed in percentage. Let’s say an ad get triggered 10 times, and it got clicked 3 times. The CTR of this ad is (3/10), i.e., 0.3 or 30%. Note: Click-through rate is a key...

What is a Click in Google AdWords?


What is a Click? We are familiar that Google AdWords is an online pay-per-click advertising service. Google charges an advertiser only when someone clicks on their advertisement, but not the basis of impressions or CTR of an ad. In search and shopping campaigns an interaction with an ad is a click. A click is when the cursor of the mouse deliberately clicks on the displayed advertisement and...

What is a Keyword in Google AdWords?


What is a Keyword? Keywords are the building blocks of online Pay-Per-Click campaigns. AdWords has metrics like Ad placement, Location, Language etc to refine an Ad campaign. However, keywords are the driving factor behind targeting audience. This is because Google shows an Ad only when a user searches a query which then triggers a keyword. This blog focuses on helping everyone understand this...

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