Between choosing your products and launching your eCommerce business, many merchants miss one crucial step: picking the most suitable Shopify theme for your platform. If you have never thought of spending time choosing the right theme, then read on to learn more about why it’s essential, and check out the list of top Shopify themes 2023.

What are Shopify themes?

Shopify Themes allow eCommerce merchants to decide how they want their online store to feel and look. Each theme would have a unique layout and style that will not fail to provide a different experience to the users. 

For instance, if your eCommerce store focuses on selling spa products, you would want your store to have a luxurious and relaxed feel. Just like that, if your store focuses on selling electronic products, then you would wish your store to seem very sleek and energetic.

Why do you need to choose a good Shopify theme?

Increasing your average order value, getting customers faster, and fostering brand loyalty are great things you can focus on to be the best in the business. 

However, the first thing they should focus on to stand out from the crowd is to choose a theme that represents the brand perfectly for new eCommerce merchants. 

This would help attract customers to your new business and create a relationship. You could prepare a list of the top 3 or top 5 themes you like and decide on one that provides the most convenient features. 

Factors considered for preparing the list

A few factors you could consider when preparing a list of your favorite and top Shopify themes are:

1. User Experience

One of the most significant factors you must keep in mind is the user experience in your online store. While these would include navigation on the website and easy access to products, an essential thing that would hurt your sales if not done right is the checkout experience. 

The theme’s functionality is the key to having a great checkout experience. This would include clear cost breakdowns, account logins, and shipping calculations. 

2. Loading Speed of the Store

Specific themes and their features can affect the speed of your store. Loading extra data that your customers will not use during shopping can impact the speed of your store without adding any value. 

Therefore, pick top Shopify themes providing features that will not affect the speed of your store. 

3. Value for money

A new theme from Shopify would cost you somewhere between zero and a few hundred dollars, costing even more for specific customizations. 

While there is nothing wrong with picking a free theme for the website, paying a bit extra and getting a premium option can be a good investment in the long run. 

However, be sure you look out for your brand’s most convenient features when going for the payment option, and ask yourself if the theme and features are worth the money you spend. 

35 Best Shopify Themes

Check out the following top Shopify themes (2022) that will transform your general-looking eCommerce store into a highly professional eCommerce platform that speaks to your brand!

1. Debutify

Debutify is one of the most successful and popular Shopify themes that allows merchants to create their ideal platform! The theme has many features that make it very easy to use and customization options that will enable anybody to build an online store from scratch!

2. Shoptimized

Famous for being one of the highest converting Shopify themes, Shoptimized is another great theme that would provide its customers with some of the best user experiences in the business. The theme is also highly customizable, elementary to use, and is one of the best Shopify themes for conversion!

3. Fastor

Packed with handy features and customization options, Fastor would be perfect for your online store. One of the most impressive aspects of the theme is its feature list that you must not fail to check out. 

Whether you want to create a store selling just one product or multiple products, Fastor will have the right design. 

4. Palo Alto

Palo Alto is another great all-rounder that can help you build your ideal website. Many Palo Alto designs are minimal, meaning that there is a lot of space to display your products! The theme is excellent for businesses with a small range of products or brands featuring a single product. 

5. Empire

With three unique designs, a wonderful collection of predefined color pallets, and various controls for building your favorite custom color scheme, it is hard to think of a type of product or store that Empire would not cover! 

With enough features and user-friendly functions, this theme would help you create the ideal online store!

6. Handy

Handy focuses mainly on providing a highly user-friendly and flexible smartphone shopping experience and would be perfect for people looking to cover mobile shoppers. 

While many themes do support mobiles, Handy takes the smartphone game to another level with its unique features and is one of the best Shopify themes for mobile.

7. Blockshop

If you are looking for a theme with a spacious grid-based design to showcase your products, the Blockshop would be the right one for you. 

The theme provides four different designs from which you can choose and customize the one that best features your products. Blockshop will surely cover everything required for an excellent online store. 

8. Testament

With multiple store demos and excellent customization features, Testament is a great premium option worth checking out! The theme also helps you provide your customers with an intuitive and seamless user experience.

9. Atlantic

Atlantic can help you launch the perfect online store with four of its different styles. With this theme, you can easily include welcome videos and images that appeal to large audiences. The theme also offers so many other elements and features you might want to check out.

10. Pipeline

The Pipeline is a fantastic minimalist option that will provide you with three unique demos for your store. While all of these demos have notable appearances, they all share a few standard features. 

Many of the features offered by the theme have been created for the brand with a vast catalog of products, but it would work like a charm even for a brand with a small inventory.

11. Flow

Flow has three minimalist designs with an ultra-modern touch that will surely appeal to specific audiences. Therefore, if your brand features high-end products or if you wish to provide your store an overhaul, the flow could be the right theme for you!

12. Venue

The Venue has some unique styles that allow your products and store to look fresh. The venue has a very easy-to-use interface that is perfect for people who want to change their store’s theme in just a few clicks. 

The Venue is ideal for a high-quality appearance and is one of the best Shopify themes out there. 

13. District

A district is a fantastic option for brands that want to share product collections in style. It has three leading stores with different designs and layouts, but they share the same purpose. The theme also has some useful promotional tools and would appeal to a larger audience. 

14. Retina

The retina is famous for its four unique store demos that can fit a wide range of products and brands. 

These demos mostly focus on stores selling furniture and houseware, apparel, and fashion items, but these are all flexible and can be easily customized to suit your brand. 

The theme is also fully mobile responsive and could be ideal for your business. 

15. Wokiee

The Wokiee is a very flexible Shopify theme that will allow you to create an eCommerce platform for your store. 

If you have been planning on going for a premium option to help you make the best possible platform for the store, go no further than Wokiee, one of the best premium Shopify themes

There are over 27 fantastic homepage layouts, and one of these will match your brand. 

16. Split

The theme has a distinctive design that is perfect for stores that focus on creating a memorable impression. 

The unique layout of the theme makes it stand out from the rest of the business. Therefore, if you require a theme that would make your website stand out from the crowd, then go for Split!

17. Parallax

With its bold and big designs, Parallax is perfect for online stores that require a platform to promote their products and build their brand. 

You will be able to find many great and unique sections from the theme’s homepage demos that will help you choose the right style that perfectly speaks your theme!

18. Kalles

Kalles is a very flexible Shopify theme that is perfect for dropshipping stores. Whether you are using the dropshipping model or selling directly from your store, Kalles has been created with your needs in mind. 

Kalles has a library containing over 25 unique demos along with other features and elements!

19. Ella

Are you looking for stylish apparel and a fashion-related theme? Then be sure to check out the Ella theme, where you could stylishly showcase your products! 

Depending on your needs, you can create a range of sections from the homepage with the available options in the theme. 

20. Icon

The icon is perfect for stores that have a lot of visual content to showcase. This is a great option, especially for people who would like to incorporate many photos and other visual content into the store’s design. There are also other features you could include to make the perfect online store.

21. Banita

Banita is a customizable theme that lets you create your ideal store! Although the default demo is for clothing and fashion, the theme can be customized to suit your brand, thanks to the library of different widgets, headers, and footers. The theme is packed with unique features to help you launch your perfect brand. 

22. Basel

Basel provides a lot of creative options with its multiple online store demos. Basel is the go-to option for many online merchants because of its collection of 20 unique store demos to choose from. 

From electronics and cars to furniture and fashion, it does have a varied selection. Moreover, the theme is entirely mobile-friendly. 

23. Mobilia

This theme has four different designs to help you make an appealing eCommerce store. 

No matter which design you choose out of these four choices, you will be able to display a full-width video on your website’s homepage, providing you the perfect opportunity to tell your brand’s story to your new online customers. 

The theme also has many other useful features and is fully mobile responsive. 

24. Outstock

For people looking for a minimal Shopify theme with brilliant features, Outstock could be your best Shopify theme. Since the theme is multipurpose and minimal, it would work well for any product range. 

This is not the theme for people looking for a striking and colorful theme but it would be perfect for people who appreciate stylish, classic designs. The theme is also packed with a lot of customization options and elements!

25. Goodwin

Goodwin is comparatively a new Shopify theme that is suitable for creating any type of store online. 

It has over 14 homepage layouts and over 50 templates, making it very appealing to a large spectrum of eCommerce merchants. 

The theme designs cover an extensive collection of projects and can help enhance the traffic to your site!

26. Avone

Avone is a popular multipurpose Shopify theme that can create any type of online store. 

It has more than 18 complete demos for online stores, and you will most probably be able to find a theme that will perfectly suit your online store. 

Avone has impressive designs and over 1000 theme options you could work with, helping you create a unique platform for your business.  

27. Belle

The Belle theme is a versatile multipurpose theme for any Shopify store looking for a modern, sleek, full-width design. Go through the Belle store demos, and you will quickly understand why it captivates online audiences. 

The highly-rated theme has around 11 store templates, and each of these unique designs is up-to-date with many customization options and other related features!

28. Yanka

Yanka is another popular fashion-focused theme that will help you create the perfect store. It has over 18 pre-built demos, providing you many options for building your fashion store. 

These demos have modern and very stylish homepage layouts that will give your fashion store a premium look. Yanka is genuinely a flexible package to create attractive fashion stores online.

29. Lezada

Thanks to its multipurpose features, Lezada can support a wide range of stores and products, making it one of the best in the business. 

It provides people with over 200 homepage variations they can go through and can be used to make any online store. The theme has many useful tools that would enhance the user experience on your site.

30. Shella

This is one of the best premium Shopify themes, perfect for people with an online fashion store. Therefore, if you are planning on creating an online fashion store, then be sure to check Shella before any other themes. 

Another reason why you should consider Shella is the collection of pre-built content that people with premium accounts can access. 

The theme also has fantastic customization options that will help you create your ideal fashion store.

31. Turbo

Turbo is a responsive and stylish theme that will help promote any product line. The theme is famous for its fast-loading attribute and has been optimized for massive product catalogs and large eCommerce stores. 

Therefore, if you are looking for a theme to suit your extensive product range, then Turbo could be the one!

32. Porto

Porto is famous for its unique customization options, allowing people to create the perfect online platform for their brand. Another reason why Porto is one of the best in the business is the impressive collection of pre-built store demos. 

Porto can be your store’s ideal theme with the inclusion of other unique features like RTL support and AJAX loading. 

33. Roxxe

If you have been searching for a one-size-fits-all theme to help create multiple stores, or if you are looking for a high-quality template for your platform, then look no further than Roxxe. 

With more than 50 complete demos, a lot of people would find this Shopify theme appealing. These demos are divided into many categories, allowing you to easily find the most suitable option for your store. 

Roxxe also has many useful features you could use to ensure that your customers get the best experience on your website. 

34. Universe

This is another multipurpose Shopify theme that will provide you two main variations for your platform. 

However, whether you go for the dark Mars theme or the light Earth option, your store will indeed have an attractive appearance. 

You should consider this theme because it can support video backgrounds, YouTube and Google Maps integrations, and its ability to create interactive product platforms. 

35. Doni

Doni is a very modern and minimal Shopify theme that is perfect for every type of business. The theme has many customization options that will help you create a Shopify store that speaks to your brand!

Frequently Asked Questions about Best Shopify Themes

How do I choose a theme on Shopify?

You can find the right theme for your page from the Shopify Theme Store. It offers a wide variety of themes that can enhance the user experience on your online store. 

Here, you will find both free themes developed by Shopify and paid versions provided by third-party designers. Before your pay for a theme, however, be sure to check out all of its features.

What is the best converting Shopify theme?

While many efficient themes are excellent at converting, one of the best Shopify themes for conversion would be Shoptimized, the number one unofficial theme on Shopify. 

It has lightning-fast load speeds because of the presence of over 30 conversion-boosting features. It is also effortless to use and highly customizable.

What is the best free Shopify theme?

The best theme usually depends on what features you are looking for and which is the most suitable for you. 

That said, you could consider some popular Shopify themes known for being the best, including Brooklyn, Narrative, Minimal, Boundless, and Venture. 

What is the fastest Shopify theme?

One of the fastest Shopify themes in the business is Fastor, the best-selling Shopify theme in 2022.

It has a brilliant theme that has super-fast loading speeds and features that most merchants would love. 

What is the best Shopify theme for mobile?

Some of the best Shopify stores for mobile are Elise, Marley, Nautica, Furni, Lena, and Enzo. When picking these brands, check their features and decide on one that is perfect for the theme. 

How much is a Shopify theme?

The cost of the theme would depend on how much the theme is and what features it provides. It can cost as little as USD 99 to set up a paid theme and even as high as USD 5k to customize a template. If you are only starting your business, then you could go for the best free Shopify themes.


Now you know why choosing the right Shopify theme is as important as setting up your store correctly online. 

The perfect theme would not only help build customer loyalty but would also attract new customers as well to your store!


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