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Why you should never bid for a Position in AdWords Search?

Many advertisers want their bids to be adjusted so as to achieve a certain position. The position could be 1, 2, 3 or any number. There are many fundamental problems with this approach to campaigns. Worry about your conversions not position. One should make changes to bids by only looking at the conversion ratio of keywords. The average position will be nothing but a result of this change...

Why Is There a Difference Between Average CPC and Max CPC?

Bidding in AdWords is extremely complex. Every time a user searches in Google, an auction takes place between many advertisers who are targeting the search term. How much each advertiser needs to pay depends both on the max CPC bid & the quality score. Let us now study Average CPC and Max CPC in detail. Max CPC Max CPC is the variable you have control on. One can decide the maximum amount you...

What is Cost Per Click in Google AdWords?

What is the cost per click? Cost per click is the price an advertiser pays to a pay-per-click advertising campaign service provider like Google AdWords or Microsoft Bing Ads, for each click the advertiser get on their ad through these PPC platforms. Note: CPC is a measurement of an advertising campaign’s cost on per-click basis whereas PPC is a payment method of an advertisement campaign based on...

What is a Good Average Position for your Business?

Google defines Average Position as “A statistic that describes how your ad typically ranks against other ads.” In other words, Ad Position and Average Position tell where your ads are being displayed on the Google Search Network, Google Display Network or Google partners network. Google provides 8 ad positions on a SERP. Google numbers these ad positions from 1 to 8, 1 being the top-most position...

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