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How to get your google shopping feed approved?


A Google Shopping feed, as per Google, is a list that contains details of products that an online merchant advertises through the Merchant Center. Every product in the feed or the list is assigned an attribute used by the product feed to group products with like qualities. A single feed can be used as many times across multiple Merchant Center features.  There are two main types of data feed...

What is Google Product Feed?


What exactly is Google Product Feed? Google Product Feed is information about all your products that you want to be listed on Google and partner sites. The feed has to be formatted for Google to crawl through easily and return one or more products as results for relevant search queries. The catch though is that you don’t get to choose keywords you want your Product Listing Ads/ Google Shopping...

How to set up Product Feed in Google Merchant Center?


Product feed and Google Merchant Center revision – Before we jump into setting up a Product Feed in Google Merchant Center, let’s quickly brush up on what product feed and Google merchant center are. Google merchant center is where an advertiser stores product feed and product feed is information of an advertiser’s products that contains details like product name, image, unique id...