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Google Shopping Feed Best Practices for Shopify Stores


Google Shopping feed is a spreadsheet/ a file that comprises all the products present over your eCommerce store and are advertised over through Merchant Center. This spreadsheet works with different product attributes that combine your products for Google to populate them over search results.  Still, confused? Let’s try again! Your Google Shopping feed is like a folder that comprises...

How to Create an Error Free Google Shopping Feed for Shopify?


Google Shopping is one of those eCommerce platforms that has shaped the presence of multiple companies, startups, and brands. The online platforms that allow businesses to top the Google search results without fighting their way off the organic listings have been one of the latest trends in the market.  However, this great opportunity for businesses is not easy either! When selling your...

Google Shopping Feed For Shopify: The Definitive Guide


Losing money online in your business can be a frustrating experience, yet companies tend to operate at a loss. One of the main reasons these businesses do so is due to the lack of optimizing their Google Shopping campaigns or feeds.  One of the most important things you must do with your Google campaigns on platforms like Shopify is to optimize them accordingly so your products appear online...