What are Product Listing Ads (PLAs)?


A brief past of Product Listing Ads Before we used Google Shopping Ads and Product Listing Ads interchangeably, Product Listing Ads aka PLAs were search ads with richer information. Richer information was in the form of product image, price, and merchant name, no additional ad text or keyword wasn’t required. When a search query was relevant to any of the products in the Merchant Center...

What is a Keyword in Google AdWords?


What is a Keyword? Keywords are the building blocks of online Pay-Per-Click campaigns. AdWords has metrics like Ad placement, Location, Language etc to refine an Ad campaign. However, keywords are the driving factor behind targeting audience. This is because Google shows an Ad only when a user searches a query which then triggers a keyword. This blog focuses on helping everyone understand this...

AdWords Blog from AdNabu


Welcome to the first Google AdWords blog from AdNabu. Before we jump in to adwords best practices, tricks and tips, lets explore why AdNabu?. Online Marketing is an exciting industry & has tons of solved and unsolved problems. We are a startup aiming to solve some of them. As a team with work experience in online marketing, deciding on Google AdWords as the initial problem to solve was a no...

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