What are Products in Google Shopping?


What is a Product? Things that are produced and marketed to be sold are called products. This is the standard marketing definition. Products could be goods, services or an idea that satisfies a demand, want or a need. A product can either be tangible or intangible. But in the context of Google Shopping, the definition of products is a little different. A good that is tangible and can be sold are...

What is Google AdWords?


What is Google AdWords and Internet Marketing? I will be discussing what is Google AdWords and about PPC and internet marketing in this blog. Pay-Per-Click Marketing or PPC, in short, is an online advertising model which is aimed at driving traffic to websites of businesses. An advertiser pays the host or the publisher when their ad gets a click. A few popular PPC Advertising service providers...

How to Find Negative Keywords in Google AdWords for your business?


  Identifying the right keywords for your business can often be a tiring task, but nonetheless, it pays off in the long run. When your keywords are set right, they can render higher Click-through Rates and possess a better Quality Score. Finding Negative keywords is a harder job to do as it requires plenty of planning and research. Even though not seen to their true potential, negative...

What is a Single Keyword Ad Group?


What is a Single Keyword Ad Group? Single Keyword Ad Group or SKAG, in short, is literally what the name suggests, it is an AdWords best practice where each ad group is assigned just one keyword. If you are already following this technique, awesome, you can skip to the advantages of SKAG blog. But for those who still are new to AdWords and need some insights on setting up ad groups efficiently...

The ultimate guide to improve your Quality Score by AdNabu.


Quality Score is an essential component of every successful PPC campaign. Its value has increased exponentially in the recent times due to higher competition, so has the difficulty in achieving it. We are all well aware of the basics of Quality Score in AdWords, but interestingly a lot more lies submerged about which Google doesn’t emphasize enough on. Quality Score benefits an advertiser...

What is Quality Score in Google Ads?


What is Quality Score? Quality score is one of the most important metrics which decides how much higher or lower one should have to pay in an auction for a keyword. A high score enables an advertiser to pay less than his competitors for the same search query. Quality Score is a number given to every keyword in Google Ads based on its performance in keyword auctions.  It can vary from 1 to 10...

What is Click-through Rate in Google AdWords?


What is Click-through Rate? Click-through Rate (CTR) is an important metric not just in AdWords, but in pay-per-click advertising in general. Click-through rate is the ratio of the number of clicks and impressions. It is expressed in percentage. Let’s say an ad get triggered 10 times, and it got clicked 3 times. The CTR of this ad is (3/10), i.e., 0.3 or 30%. Note: Click-through rate is a key...

What is a Match Type in Google AdWords?


In the previous blog, we got a basic insight on what a keyword is in Adwords, and we also defined what a match type is. In this blog, we will discuss more match types in Google AdWords. What is a Match Type? We know that only when a search query matches a keyword defined by an advertiser, an ad is triggered. But it is also true that a search query need not always match the exact keyword. A...

What is a Negative Keyword in Google AdWords?


When an advertiser doesn’t want to trigger an ad for a word/phrase, the words/phrases are called negative keywords. For instance, Mr. Shawn is running a search campaign for beer mugs using beer mug as the keyword. He offers mugs that are made of plastic, they can also be customized, but they are not free. Mr. Shawn makes a list of negative keywords which includes free beer mugs. This list of...

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