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Importance of Negative Keywords in Shopping Campaigns


Negative keywords are essential for all Google Ads advertisers. They help regulate the campaigns for desired performance. We have discussed the importance of negative keywords in Search campaigns. We will learn the importance of negative keywords in Shopping campaigns in this blog. Why should you use Negative Keywords in Shopping Campaigns? We know that Search and Shopping campaigns are different...

How to Find Negative Keywords in Google AdWords for your business?


  Identifying the right keywords for your business can often be a tiring task, but nonetheless, it pays off in the long run. When your keywords are set right, they can render higher Click-through Rates and possess a better Quality Score. Finding Negative keywords is a harder job to do as it requires plenty of planning and research. Even though not seen to their true potential, negative...

What is a Negative Keyword in Google AdWords?


When an advertiser doesn’t want to trigger an ad for a word/phrase, the words/phrases are called negative keywords. For instance, Mr. Shawn is running a search campaign for beer mugs using beer mug as the keyword. He offers mugs that are made of plastic, they can also be customized, but they are not free. Mr. Shawn makes a list of negative keywords which includes free beer mugs. This list of...

Why adding just long tail keywords to account alone is not enough?


Long tail keywords are an important part of any successful AdWords campaign. I previously discussed why you should add long tail keywords to your AdWords account in separate Ad Groups. However, simply adding them to the account would not ensure that ads are always triggered by long tail keywords and not by short tail keywords. Let’s look at the following example. Account structure For sake...

Advantages of Single Keyword ad groups?


Single Keyword ad group is a strategy to help you measure the performance of each keyword individually. There are several advantages of single keyword ad group and we will discuss this here. Targeted bids The biggest advantage of single keyword ad group is the ability to bid the exact amount each keyword is worth. Any analysis becomes easier at the ad group level as there is only a single keyword...

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