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What is Landing Page Optimization all about?

In the blog on what a landing page is, I related your business to a busy airport and your landing to its runway. We will consider the same analogy here to investigate and comprehend how to make landing pages sticky, so that a visitor takes the desired action you want them to, instead of just bouncing back. This Landing Page Optimization blog will guide you to success.

Landing Page Optimization
Landing Page Optimization

We can start with an investigative activity. You are the Chief Architect of your airport and your task on the hand now is to redo the existing runway. Think of 3 vital problems a pilot might be facing while landing an aircraft, and how your new runway can rectify these problems.

  • Low visibility 
  • Distractions on the runway
  • Difficulty in taxiing to the terminal

These problems, in my opinion, are very closely relatable to our actual task at hand, to optimize the landing pages to render better conversions.  Let’s dig deeper into each of the 3 problems and find a few fixes to this fracture.

Low visibility

For a pilot to land the aircraft, he first has to know where the runway is, right?

With a lot of noise all around, it if difficult for a user to get to the landing page in the first place. And if they do, they might not know where they are if the ad text and the landing page are not coherent.

  • Clean layout with a steady design is what catches the eye of a visitor in the first place
  • Ad text and the landing page header should be similar
  • Use subheadings, italics, and bold texts in resonance to the page layout and design
  • Landing page should highlight the company’s details
  • Every detail on the landing page should be centric to the message you want to convey
  • Use testimonials, this shows that you are a genuine seller with a lot of reputation
  • Have mobile and tablet friendly versions of the same landing page
Distractions on the runway

Some sand and pebble spread on your runway, this would crash the flight, true?

If there is are objects to distract the interest of a visitor, they would crash land too. This will flush your visitors and none of your offerings will be of value to them.

  • Use bullets to talk about your product instead of lengthy paragraphs
  • Have minimal outbound links, except for those that redirect them to your product page, omit all others
  • Don’t offer more than one resource (ebook, voucher, free trial etc)
  • Likewise, don’t advertise more than one product/service on a single landing page
Difficulty in taxiing to the terminal

Landed safe and sound, where do I go next?

What kills a good trip is not knowing where to go next. And it is your responsibility to take the visitors to the airport (your business/product page) to show them all your offerings. This is where we win customers or even lose them if not done right.

  • Call-to-action button should be prompt but also informative to the visitor
  • Lay out the steps after the landing page for visitors benefit
  • Mark the path on the landing page which say where they are being redirected to or what they have to do next
  • Post-landing page experience should also be satisfying, be it on the shopping cart of an Ecommerce page or when using the resources like an ebook or a software demo.

There is one last step that always helps, testing. Even when there are hundreds of expert blogs and thousands of well-researched landing page optimization techniques, none of them are of any worth if their impact is not measured. The impact of any changes you make should always be measured. Testing is measuring the outcome of the changes you adapted. It also provides the most relevant insights on what you did right or wrong.


Following these steps would surely improve the quality of your landing page and boost your conversions. Landing page optimization also helps in increasing your Quality Score. And to read more blogs on AdWords basics or advanced topics, pay us a visit.


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