“Artificial intelligence is the future, not only for retailers but for all of humankind.” – Masayoshi Son, CEO of SoftBank.

The online shopping industry has experienced a major change in recent years. Since there are more online marketplaces and more people using mobile devices, retailers are constantly looking for new strategies to improve the customer experience and stay ahead of the competition.

Let’s talk about artificial intelligence (AI). Due to its ability to analyze huge quantities of data and make predictions using that data, AI has the potential to drastically change how retailers conduct business. With uses ranging from predicting inventory to improving the shopping experience, AI is quickly becoming an important tool for e-commerce businesses.

Shopify’s AI powered tools and features simplify business management and streamline procedures for online retailers. The addition of AI technology by Shopify has made online shopping easier and more effective, aiding online retailers in growing their businesses.

Shopify has emerged as a market leader by leveraging artificial intelligence, aligning with the expansion of e-commerce. Recently Shopify introduced its AI feature that helps users generate product descriptions via AI.

According to a Grand View Research report, the global artificial intelligence market is projected to reach USD 1,811.8 billion between 2023 and 2030, with a compound annual growth rate of 37.3%. Therefore, it’s not surprising that Shopify has capitalized on the potential of AI to enhance user experiences.

As we approach the midpoint of 2023, there is a greater availability of AI-powered Shopify apps than ever before. In this blog post, we’ll explore 7 top Shopify AI apps that can assist merchants in expanding their businesses.

These apps deliver results by boosting sales, improving operations, and providing insights into customer behavior. Let’s dive in without delay!

7 Shopify AI Apps

Nabu for Google Shopping Feed

(Shopify Rating – 4.9⭐/5)

adnabu ai product feed management app

 Looking to boost your Google Shopping Feed performance? Well, we’ve got just the thing for you! Say hello to AdNabu. A product feed management app that streamlines your marketing efforts.

When it comes to leveraging the power of AI for your Shopify store, AdNabu has got you covered. We proudly utilize GPT-3.5 Turbo, the very same language models that power ChatGPT, to provide you with AI-generated suggestions that are unparalleled in creativity and factual accuracy.

One of the key areas where AdNabu’s AI can make a significant impact is optimizing product-related elements. You have the power to enhance your product titles, product details, product highlights, and even target specific age groups and genders with AI-generated suggestions. By leveraging AdNabu’s AI capabilities, you can effortlessly optimize your product content to appeal to your target audience better than ever before.

As a Shopify merchant, you are well aware of the significance of product titles for your Google Shopping Ads. Your Shopify title plays a vital role in influencing customer clicks on your ad and even affects its ranking.

Take a moment to review the images below, which will give you a better understanding of how our AI technology assists users in generating text. When I needed to create a title for my product, I wanted a quick and effortless solution. And with just one click, there it was, right in front of me!

AdNabu’s AI generates cool and absolutely unique titles that are packed with relevant keywords, attracting more clicks when your ad is displayed on people’s screens. You too can leverage this feature to make your tasks more time-efficient. Well-written and effective product titles are instrumental in capturing more sales, increasing your conversion rate, and boosting click rates.

Having personally tested out the AI feature myself, I wholeheartedly encourage other merchants to utilize this app. Trust me, you’ll thank me later for this recommendation. Go ahead and give it a try to witness the amazing magic of AdNabu’s AI firsthand!

Before using AdNabu's AI optimization
Before using AdNabu’s AI
After AdNabu's AI optimization feature
After using AdNabu’s AI

Let’s move on to the next section and get those items flying off the virtual shelves!

Features and Benefits of AdNabu:

Discover the power of AdNabu’s AI-driven features to maximize ad visibility and skyrocket sales. Let’s have a look! 👇

Drive More Sales with New Keywords

With AdNabu, you can unlock the power of new keywords to maximize your product impressions and clickthrough rate. Get ready to reel in those potential customers!

Improve Your Click-Through-Rate

Our modern AI technology optimizes your product listings to give them the best chance of success. You may attract clicks from audiences who are actively looking for your products using AdNabu. Be prepared to see a record-breaking increase in traffic!

Avoid Error-Free Listings

We are mindful of how difficult dealing with listing mistakes can be. Because of this, AdNabu’s algorithm is designed to act as your individual error checker. It carefully double-checks the data displayed in your Shopify store to ensure proper formatting and that no attributes are missing.

By upholding the strict standards of Google Merchant Center, you’ll improve your chances of dominating your rivals and spend less time fixing errors that could have been avoided.

Disclaimer: AdNabu is not responsible for the amazing results you’ll have using our ground-breaking AI solution. Get ready for a thrilling and profitable journey ahead!

Poorly Written Product Title on Google Search Ads
Poorly Written Product Title
Well-written Product Title on Google Search Ads
Well-written Product Title

Reviews for AdNabu:

At AdNabu, we believe the best way to showcase the power of our Product Feed Management solution is through the words of our satisfied customers. Here are some testimonials that speak volumes about the impact AdNabu has had on their businesses:

adnabu reviews
adnabu reviews

Pricing and Plans for AdNabu:

➼ Starter Plan –

The best part is that you get to use the AI optimization feature for free in the Starter plan. The Starter plan is absolutely free to install and use. You won’t pay a dime as long as your order count stays under 10. If you exceed 10 orders in a month, there’s a small fee of $4.99 plus 6 cents per order.

➼ Basic Plan –

  • It costs $29.99 per month.

The Basic plan also includes an AI optimization feature to enhance performance and efficiency.

➼ Advanced Plan –

  • The plan costs $79.99 per month.
  • The Advanced plan also includes the AI optimization feature.

➼ Plus Plan –

  • The plan costs $249.99 a month.
  • The Plus plan includes the AI optimization feature.

➼ 14 Day Free Trial –

  • The AI optimization feature is included in the free trial, providing users with access to advanced optimization capabilities capping off with a 24/7 customer support.

AdNabu can supercharge your store. It’s a risk-free opportunity to experience the power of our platform firsthand.

Loyalty Lion

(Shopify Rating – 4.4⭐/5)

loyalty lion shopify ai app

Using LoyaltyLion, online store owners can enhance customer engagement and loyalty. This app analyzes user data and provides personalized suggestions to promote repeated usage, leveraging advanced artificial intelligence technology. By utilizing Loyal Lion, you can strengthen customer connections and drive sales.

Features and Benefits of LoyaltyLion:

LoyaltyLion offers a wide range of features that can help you increase customer engagement and loyalty. This app provides several important benefits:

➼ You can seamlessly integrate the app within minutes, even without technical knowledge. It allows you to create a fully customized loyalty program for your Shopify store.

AI feature with LoyaltyLion
LoyaltyLion’s AI Product Recommend Feature

I personally tested out Loyalty Lion’s AI feature, and I must say, it can hugely benefit Shopify Merchants by providing their customers with personalized recommendations. This app utilizes AI to analyze customer data, allowing it to suggest amazing things that customers can obtain using their loyalty points. The AI even has the ability to select items that it believes the customers will absolutely love. The most exciting part is that these fantastic suggestions are presented right at the checkout stage.

Imagine this scenario: a customer is purchasing a pair of incredible blue jeans, and the AI recommends a matching bracelet that complements their style perfectly. It’s like receiving a special bonus gift tailored just for them.

After thoroughly testing the AI feature, I wholeheartedly encourage every Shopify Merchant to give this app a try. It provides an opportunity to experience the power of AI firsthand. Trust me, you’ll be amazed at how well it understands customers’ preferences and helps them discover exactly what they desire. So, go ahead and check it out for yourself!

➼ The app boosts consumer satisfaction by giving out points that customers can redeem at your business. This encourages them to establish a meaningful relationship with your brand.

➼ By allowing your current customers to promote your brand, the app lowers acquisition costs. You can reduce reliance on expensive acquisition channels and expand your business through customer advocacy.

LoyaltyLion uses advanced AI algorithms to analyze customer data and offer customized suggestions that keep customers interested in and dedicated to your brand. This app employs machine learning to comprehend user behavior and preferences before making recommendations specifically catered to their requirements.

For instance, if a customer frequently purchases a certain kind of product, Loyal Lion suggests additional items comparable to their prior purchases. This approach keeps customers interested and motivates them to continue shopping at your store.

Reviews for LoyaltyLion:

Here are some reviews of LoyaltyLion, which serve as an excellent means to assess the true effectiveness of the app through firsthand experiences shared by customers.

loyaltylion reviews
loyaltylion reviews

Pricing and Plans for LoyaltyLion: 

LoyaltyLion has three tiers of pricing plans: Classic, Advanced, and Plus.

➼ Classic plan:

Price: Starting at $399 per month

Suitable for businesses with up to 2,000 monthly orders

➼ Advanced plan:

Price: Starting at $729 per month

Suitable for businesses with up to 4,000 monthly orders

➼ Plus plan:

Price: Starting at $1,650 per month

Suitable for businesses with up to 10,000 monthly orders

➼ Free trial:

Duration: 14 days. AI feature can be accessed in the free trial.

Mode Magic 

(Shopify Rating – 4.9⭐/5)

modemagic shopify ai tools

ModeMagic transforms the sales experience for Shopify store owners by acting as an all-in-one sales engine. It enables rapid and effortless sales growth by optimizing on-site conversions and streamlining your tech stack. No code setup is necessary to utilize this app, allowing you to bid farewell to a cluttered setup.

After thoroughly exploring the ModeMagic app and trying out its remarkable AI feature, I highly recommend giving it a shot, especially if you’re a Shopify merchant. This app utilizes advanced AI technology to create tailored shopping experiences for your customers. It diligently analyzes their behavior and preferences, generating personalized recommendations to enhance their shopping journey.

One of the most significant advantages of this app is its ability to tackle the issue of cart abandonment. We all know how frustrating it can be when customers leave their carts without completing a purchase. However, with the AI-powered functionality of ModeMagic, this problem is mitigated.

Let me provide you with an example: Imagine a scenario where a customer is browsing your online store and decides to abandon their cart. In such cases, the app’s AI steps in and displays a message to the customer, notifying them that they have items in their cart that they might miss out on buying. It encourages them to return to their cart and complete the purchase.

This feature proves to be immensely helpful in reducing the instances of cart abandonment, a challenge faced by many online businesses. By implementing this innovative solution, you can witness swift and effortless sales growth.

Speaking from personal experience, I have seen the benefits of this feature firsthand, and I must say, it is truly impressive. As soon as I left the checkout page to explore something else, a message popped up, saving me from missing out on some fantastic products. By utilizing ModeMagic, I have received personalized recommendations that perfectly align with my interests and preferences.

As a Shopify merchant, incorporating this app into your store can greatly benefit your customers by providing them with highly relevant and customized recommendations. It is a valuable tool to enhance their shopping experience and ultimately boost your sales.

AI feature with ModeMagic

Through the power of AI, ModeMagic creates personalized shopping experiences for customers. By analyzing customer behavior and preferences, the app generates targeted recommendations, enhances the shopping journey, and minimizes cart abandonment rates. This innovative solution facilitates swift and effortless sales growth.

Features and Benefits of ModeMagic:

➼ ModeMagic offers a range of features to boost sales and drive conversions.

➼ AI-powered merchandising showcases tailored merchandise to every shopper.

➼ ModeMagic uses AI to predict a shopper’s intent algorithmically.

➼ Automatically surfaces bestsellers and suggests frequently bought together items.

Reviews for ModeMagic:

Many Shopify store owners have already seen impressive results using ModeMagic. Here are a few testimonials from satisfied customers:

modemagic reviews
modemagic reviews

Pricing and Plans for Mode Magic: 

➼ Freemium plan:

Free of charge

Limited to first 50 orders per month. The AI feature is available across all pricing plans.

➼ Starter plan:

$49 per month

Use ModeMagic for up to 150 orders per month

➼ Scale Starts From the plan:

Price starts at $299 per month

Tailored plans for larger businesses or ambitious growth targets


(Shopify Rating 4.9⭐/5)

wiser ai powered apps shopify

Wiser utilizes cutting-edge AI technology to personalize customers’ shopping experiences for businesses. By analyzing customer data and behavior, the app offers personalized recommendations for frequently bought together items, recommended products to upsell, and more.

This empowers businesses to provide a more relevant and enjoyable shopping experience to their customers, leading to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Features and Benefits of Wiser:

➼ Wiser is an app for business owners to improve sales and enhance the shopping experience.

➼ AI technology powers Wiser to offer personalized recommendations to customers.

➼ Provides additional AI-powered recommendations like “You may also like” and “Also bought” products.

➼ AB testing enables testing and optimization of sales strategies.

AI feature with Wiser

After personally testing out the Wiser app and exploring its AI feature, I must say it can hugely benefit Shopify Merchants by providing their customers with personalized recommendations. The app utilizes AI technology to enhance the shopping experience and make it more convenient for customers.

Imagine this: customers are browsing through products on your Shopify store, and Wiser suggests additional items that they might also like. It’s like having a dedicated shopping assistant that says, “Hey, you might really love these products too!” This feature significantly increases the chances of customers finding products that truly match their preferences.

I was amazed by how the AI analyzes customers’ activities on the app and suggests products based on their interests. It’s almost as if the app knows exactly what they are looking for! With Wiser, you can provide your customers with a much better chance of discovering and getting excited about those relevant products that truly float their boat.

To provide your customers with exceptional shopping experiences and discover products that genuinely match their preferences, check out the Wiser app. From my personal use of the app’s AI function, I can tell for certain that it is a worthwhile investment for Shopify Merchants. Don’t hesitate to give it a shot!

Get ready to discover and immerse yourself in those amazing, relevant products!

Reviews for Wiser: 

Many Shopify store owners have already seen impressive results using Wiser. Here are a few testimonials from satisfied customers:

Wiser Testimonial
wiser reviews
wiser reviews

Pricing and Plans for Wiser:

➼ Startup plan:

– Suitable for businesses with 0 to 50 monthly store orders.

– Installation is free.

– AI Recommendations, AI Frequently Bought Together, and Bundles are included in the free plan.

➼ Growth plan:

– Costs $99/month.

– Designed for businesses with 201 to 500 monthly store orders.

– AI Recommendations and AI Frequently Bought Together + Bundles are included.

➼ Premium plan:

Costs $199/month.

Designed for businesses with 501 to 1000 monthly store orders.

AI Recommendations and AI Frequently Bought Together + Bundles are included.


(Shopify Rating 4.9⭐/5)

octane.ai shopify ai

Octane is a Shopify AI tool that enables you to create quizzes that assist your customers in finding the right products. However, what makes Octane even more impressive is its utilization of AI to offer personalized recommendations to your customers. This not only boosts conversions but also enhances the overall shopping experience.

By analyzing the quiz responses, Octane’s AI technology can identify patterns and trends that result in more accurate product recommendations. This guarantees customers the ultimate shopping experience when they shop on your Shopify store.

Features and Benefits of Octane.ai:

➼ Octane offers a variety of features and advantages for Shopify store owners, including AI capabilities.

➼ AI product recommendations are available, providing personalized suggestions based on user information.

➼ Octane’s flexible design allows you to customize every quiz aspect, including images, fonts, layout, and CSS.

AI feature on Octaine.ai

I personally tested out Octane, an app designed for Shopify store owners, and I must say it can hugely benefit merchants by providing their customers with personalized recommendations. The app offers an amazing range of features, and I was particularly impressed by its AI capabilities.

One of the standout features of Octane is its AI product recommendations. It’s like having a personal assistant who suggests products tailored to each customer’s preferences. As a merchant, this feature can significantly enhance the shopping experience for your customers.

When I was browsing through a product on my store, I noticed a section below that showcased personalized recommendations. These recommendations were specifically tailored to each customer’s taste, which I found to be quite remarkable. It’s a powerful way to engage customers and encourage them to explore additional products.

Thanks to the AI-powered suggestions, I witnessed a direct impact on my sales. Customers ended up adding more items to their carts based on the personalized recommendations. The AI accurately understands individual preferences, helping customers discover products they may not have found otherwise.

After thoroughly testing the AI feature of Octane, I would highly encourage fellow merchants to give this app a try. It’s an opportunity to provide customers with personalized recommendations and enhance their shopping experience. Trust me when I say this, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the positive impact it can have on your sales and customer satisfaction.

Reviews for Octane.ai: 

Octane.ai is a powerful app that has helped many businesses drive conversions and boost their average order value (AOV). Here are some testimonials from happy customers:

octane.ai reviews
octane.ai reviews

Pricing and Plans for Octane.ai:

➼ Octane: Monthly cost is $50, based on annual store revenue.

➼ Octane Plus: 

The monthly starting price of $200, based on annual store revenue.

Octane Plus offers additional features to enhance your online store.

➼ Try Octane.ai with a 14-Day Free Trial. The AI feature is available across all plans.

⭐AI Background Remove & Generate

(Shopify Rating – 5⭐/5)

I personally tested out this app, and I must say it can hugely benefit Shopify Merchants by providing their customers with personalized recommendations. This particular app utilizes AI technology to effortlessly remove and generate the ideal background for product images.

In just a matter of seconds, I was able to make my items shine by incorporating a backdrop that perfectly complemented them. The impact on consumer engagement and conversion rates was significant, allowing me to effectively capture the attention of potential buyers and convert them into customers.

This app is a game-changer for Shopify merchants, enabling them to enhance the overall shopping experience and increase sales by offering tailored suggestions to their customers.

Start by uploading the image that needs modification on AI Background Remove & Generate

Start by uploading the image that needs modification

AI Background Remove and Generate
The image that is going to be modified
Toggle on "Background Removal" with AI Background Remove and Generate
Toggle on “Background Removal” and the background disappears
Change the background to anything you like in AI Background Remove and Generate
Change the background to anything you like, like a mountain 😉

Features and Benefits of AI Background Remove & Generate:

➼ I found the most enjoyable feature of this tool was how it boosted my ability to create visual material with ease. Manually tweaking and searching for backdrops had consumed several hours of my time, but the app eliminated that need and made everything quicker and effortless. Ultimately, the saved time and energy were what made it so great.

➼ Using BRIA Visual Generative AI, I was able to create a stunning visual display that captured the eye of my intended audience. The best feature for me was the capability to add more pictures to my products, allowing me to switch the backdrop as needed depending on the event or sales pitch.

It was incredible how easy it was to use this technology to make an impressive and attractive presentation.

Pricing and Plans for Octane.ai:

AI Background Remove & Generate offers three different pricing plans: Basic, Pro, and Premium.

➼ The Basic plan is absolutely free of cost wherein you could see the AI feature there in the app, the Pro plan at $8.99/month, and finally the Premium plan at $19.99/month.

➼ AI Background Remove & Generate does not offer any free trial.

➼ The AI feature is available across all the plans starting from the free plan to the Premium plan.

Reviews for Octane.ai:

AI Background Remove & Generate Testimonial
AI Background Remove & Generate Testimonial

⭐AI Search, Filter & Recommend

(Shopify Rating – 4.9⭐/5)

AI Search, Filter & Recommend Shopify page

AI Search, Filter & Recommend says hi! Thanks to their intelligent AI search, the customers will get instant access to the products they want, hassle-free!

But that’s not all! They also offer product recommendations that will connect the shoppers with the products they’ll absolutely love. Their AI-powered system knows exactly what the customers are looking for, and it helps maximize the order value by suggesting complementary items that they won’t be able to resist.

It’s like having a personal shopping assistant for each and every customer!

Features and Benefits of AI Search, Filter & Recommend:

➼ Their search bar is powered by AI, making it extremely user-friendly. It provides helpful search suggestions as you go on typing, so you can quickly find what you’re looking for. It even takes care of those irritating typos and understands synonyms, so you won’t miss out on any relevant results. Plus, it’s clever enough to filter out common stopwords, saving you time and frustration.

➼ I personally tested out this app, and I must say it can hugely benefit Shopify Merchants by providing their customers with personalized recommendations. Whether customers are browsing the home page, going through the collections, checking out individual products, or even adding items to their cart, this app offers a wide range of recommendation settings to enhance the shopping experience.

I was pleasantly surprised by the recommended products displayed in the image below. The AI-powered feature suggested different products tailored specifically to each customer’s preferences, based on their various activities on the page. It’s like the app knows exactly what the customers like!

The app even goes beyond individual products and suggests items that are frequently bought together or those that can complement an entire outfit as a whole. This feature adds value to the customer’s purchase journey by providing additional options that they might have overlooked otherwise.

After testing out this incredible AI feature, I am convinced that more Shopify Merchants should utilize this app. It’s truly amazing how accurately it can understand customers’ preferences and deliver recommendations that match their tastes.

By incorporating this app into their Shopify store, merchants can significantly enhance customer satisfaction and drive sales.

AI Power-packed search bar
AI Power-packed search bar
Product page AI recommendations
Product page AI recommendations

Pricing and Plans for AI Search, Filter & Recommend:

➼ AI Search, Filter & Recommend offers three different pricing plans: Regular 1, Regular 2, and Plus.

➼ The Regular 1 plan starts at $19/month, the Regular 2 plan at $29/month, and finally the Plus plan at $59.90/month.

➼ AI Search, Filter & Recommend offers a 14-day free trial.

➼ The AI feature is available across all the plans.

Reviews for AI Search, Filter & Recommend:

AI Search, Filter & Recommend Testimonial
AI Search, Filter & Recommend Testimonial
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  • Is it difficult to set up AI-Powered Shopify Apps?

AI-Powered Shopify Apps are built to be user-friendly and simple to set up with a minimum of specialized technical knowledge.

  • What Shopify App with AI features is best for my online store?

Before deciding, consider your particular objectives and goals, check user reviews and ratings, and test the app. This will help you choose the best AI-powered Shopify App for your online store.

  • What do Shopify apps with AI support look like?

AI-powered Shopify apps are applications that automate and improve many operations of an online store using the Shopify platform.

  • How can I set up Shopify applications using AI?

The Shopify App Store is where you may download apps with AI capabilities. Search for the app you want, click “Get,” and then browse through the installation guidelines.


Remember, the success of your Shopify store relies on staying ahead of the curve and embracing new technologies. Don’t hesitate to explore these Shopify AI apps and unlock their full potential for your online business.


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