If you’re managing a Shopify store, you would be familiar with the power of Facebook (Meta) ads. They play a pivotal role in marketing your products to a global audience. However, to truly make the most of this power, you need to be using the right apps. 

To help you out, we have come up with this blog where we will be looking at the best Facebook (Meta) Ads Apps for Shopify that you can use to improve your advertising efforts.

What’s the scoop with these apps? They are multi-functional and help you with different aspects like ad creation and even product catalogue sharing. Some apps even go the extra mile, offering solutions that handle both aspects and more. They simplify ad creation with the help of AI. 

But is it any good for your business? It is. Stats say that the average conversion rate for Facebook ads stands at 9.21% across different industries. Furthermore, these ads have the potential to reach over 2 billion active users. That’s a vast audience your brand can engage with! 

Considering that, why shouldn’t you be making the most of these ads? Well, you should. 

Without wasting any time, let’s proceed further with our list of best Facebook (Meta) Ads Apps for your Shopify store. 

The Top Facebook Ads Apps For Shopify in 2023

Here are the apps with their different aspects. 


Screenshot of Socioh's website homepage, showcasing its offerings as one of the best Facebook ads apps for Shopify
Source: Socioh

Socioh is a digital advertising platform on Shopify for eCommerce businesses. It offers features designed to enhance Facebook (Meta) advertising campaigns. With Socioh, users can create marketing plans, schedule content on a large scale, and resolve Facebook Catalogue issues.


Socioh’s features are extensive and user-centric:

  • A/B Testing: Supports A/B testing, enabling you to make improvements to your Facebook catalogue’s presentation for better effectiveness and appeal.
  • Performance Tracking: Offers a first-party pixel and in-depth analytics for real-time performance tracking and budget optimization.
  • Branded Catalogue: Provides a vast array of designed templates, a comprehensive design tool, and supports multiple currencies and languages for your Facebook (Meta) ads.
  • Rule-based Automation: Enhances efficiency by automating advertising tasks based on predefined rules.
  • Advanced Audience Targeting: Features a robust targeting system, enabling the identification of ideal audiences for your Facebook (Meta) and other ad campaigns based on various parameters.
  • Reliable Analytics: Tracks essential metrics like add-to-carts and sales, along with budget recommendations.
  • Retargeting Options: The platform excels in retargeting by automatically segmenting your Facebook pixel traffic to suggest your best audiences under its ready-to-use campaign suggestions.

User Interface

Intuitive yet comprehensive, Socioh’s interface provides easy access to key sections such as Home, Catalogue, Create Ad, Audiences, and Analytics.


  • Nurture Plan


Ideal for stores with monthly revenue less than $50K.

Access to the full suite of advertising tools.

  • Starter Plan


Tailored for stores with monthly revenue between $50K-$200K.

Includes the complete selection of advertising tools.

  • Growth Plan


Designed for stores with monthly revenue between $200K-$800K.

Comprehensive access to all advertising tools.

  • Free Pixel

Cost: Free

Offers a first-party pixel at no charge.

Includes pixel data and related analytics without the need for a paid plan subscription.

Customer Support

Socioh offers support through email, Facebook, and Twitter, with demo calls available for a more guided experience.

Customer Reviews

With an overall rating of 4.4 from 199 reviews on the Shopify App Store, the platform demonstrates strong customer satisfaction.

Pros and Cons of Socioh 


Numerous customers have praised Socioh’s customer support team for their patience and extraordinary assistance.

Users have found the Facebook (Meta) ad creatives and campaigns, especially during critical sales periods like Black Friday, to be highly effective and aesthetically pleasing.

Socioh is lauded for its compatibility with various e-commerce platforms, making it a favored choice for businesses operating on Shopify and Woocommerce.

The platform is recognized for its ease of use, with features like autopilot for social media posts and seamless integration with Shopify and Etsy.


Some users have also shared frustrations about waiting weeks for a Facebook retargeting ad campaign setup, pointing to potential delays in service.

Users have experienced technical bugs and slow app performance, leading to dissatisfaction and app cancellation.

While some users find the app user-friendly, some find it challenging to navigate, indicating a learning curve that might not suit all users.

Some users find the subscription fee of $149/month steep, especially for small businesses.

Best Suited For

  • eCommerce brands of various sizes aiming to optimize their Meta ad campaigns.
  • Businesses seeking efficient ad management through automation and branded catalogues.
  • Brands focusing on detailed audience targeting and retargeting for enhanced ad performance.

If you fall into any of these categories, you can give Socioh a try.


AdNabu is a dedicated Shopify app designed to streamline product feed management and enhance marketing campaigns. While it doesn’t create Facebook ads directly, it effectively prepares and sends product feeds to Facebook’s Meta Commerce Manager. Here, users can create their ads using the optimized feeds provided by AdNabu. 

One of AdNabu’s highlighting points is its “Built for Shopify” badge, which signifies its commitment to meeting Shopify’s highest standards. 

Beyond Facebook, AdNabu extends its functionality to other major platforms, including Google Shopping, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, Bing Shopping Feed, and TikTok. This empowers merchants to diversify their online presence and target customers across various digital landscapes, not just on Facebook.


  1. Facebook (Meta) Feed URL Generation:
Screenshot showing AdNabu's feature for generating Facebook feed URLs, making it one of the best Facebook ads apps for Shopify.

AdNabu helps streamline product feed management for Shopify stores. It provides a valuable feature for Facebook marketplace advertising: generating a feed URL that contains all product information and details from your Shopify feed that you can upload in Meta Commerce Manager. The generated URL is in line with the specific requirements and accepted standards of Meta Commerce Manager—essentially kickstarting your advertising efforts. 

This allows for a structured data flow and easy management of product listings on Facebook Ads.

Here’s an example of how the product feed would appear on Meta Commerce Manager after you use the URL generated by AdNabu:

The app’s capability to customize UTM parameters such as campaign source, campaign medium, and campaign name, and support Metafields ensures that the data aligns with your strategy and maintains uniformity across Facebook.

AdNabu creates XML files that fit neatly with Facebook’s preferred formats, enhancing product visibility on the platform.

It’s important to note that AdNabu facilitates the initial export of product feeds but does not auto-sync with Meta Commerce Manager. Users should manually set update schedules within Meta Commerce Manager to keep product information current.

2. Multilanguage Feeds:

AdNabu’s multilanguage feed feature allows merchants to create product feeds in multiple languages. This not only enhances the shopping experience for customers worldwide but also improves visibility in international markets. 

Once enabled, you can select from an extensive list of languages to generate a localized feed URL (with customizable parameters) for Facebook (Meta) that resonates with your diverse customer base.

Here’s how your multilingual product feed would look on Meta Commerce Manager: 

3. Multicurrency Feeds:

This feature simplifies shopping for international customers, letting them see prices in their preferred currency.

This helps boost transparency and build trust, making customers more likely to purchase and enhancing their overall shopping experience.

Here’s how a multicurrency feed would look like on Meta Commerce Manager: 

4. Auto-Sync Product Changes:

AdNabu ensures that your product listings are always up-to-date across various platforms, including Facebook (Meta). 

However, it’s important to note that while AdNabu automates the synchronization of product data for your Shopify store, this data needs to be manually input into Facebook’s Meta Commerce Manager using a unique URL provided by AdNabu.

Disclaimer: As already mentioned above, AdNabu’s app does not automatically sync with Meta Commerce Manager. To maintain an updated product feed on Facebook, you can set a schedule in Meta Commerce Manager to refresh the data using the feed URL from AdNabu. 

Be cautious not to repeatedly add new URLs for updates to avoid product duplication or suspension issues. Rather, it’s recommended that you manually update the feed information in Meta Commerce Manager. 

5. Order Count Tracking:

AdNabu allows you to stay updated on your store’s performance with a quick view of the total orders placed on Facebook in the past week. This helps you monitor sales trends and make informed decisions for your marketing strategies.

6. AI-Powered Product Optimization:

AdNabu leverages the advanced GPT-3.5 Turbo model to refine product titles, descriptions, highlights, and details. This feature enhances your product titles and descriptions, making them more engaging and SEO-friendly for higher visibility. 

While you’ll need to manually create Facebook (Meta) ads, having optimized product listings ensures that they are primed for better engagement and conversion rates on the platform.

Here’s an example of how an AI-optimized Facebook (Meta) ad could look after you take help from AdNabu’s AI for titles and descriptions: 

7. Targeted Keyword Optimization

By sourcing keywords from Google’s Keyword Planner, AdNabu fine-tunes your Shopify feed, which is then sent to Facebook’s Meta Commerce Manager. This targeted approach means you can optimize your product listings for better visibility on Facebook, potentially leading to more engaging and sales-driving ads (that you manually create later).

8. Efficient Bulk Editing

AdNabu stands out with its capability to bulk edit more than 50 product attributes, complemented by over 20 smart filters. This feature not only saves time and effort but also becomes particularly beneficial when this optimized feed is shifted to Facebook. 

Once on Facebook, the refined product details help create more targeted and effective Facebook ads, leading to improved ad relevance, better audience engagement, and potentially higher conversion rates for your Shopify store.

9. Blocklist 

This feature allows precise control over your product feed, enabling you to exclude or include products based on collections and types. By customizing your feed, you ensure that only the most relevant and high-performing products are advertised, enhancing the effectiveness of your Facebook (Meta) ads that you create later. 

This strategic selection leads to higher conversion rates and a better allocation of your advertising budget as you focus your efforts on products that truly resonate with your target audience on Facebook (Meta).

User Interface

AdNabu’s user interface (UI) is designed with simplicity and ease of navigation in mind. Key aspects such as Products, Analytics, Settings, Marketplaces, Help, etc., are strategically positioned on the left side of the app. 

This layout allows users to effortlessly access and manage different components of their product feeds.


AdNabu offers a competitive and straightforward pricing structure designed to cater to businesses of various sizes. Here’s a breakdown:

  • STARTER: This plan is free for up to 10 orders per month. If you exceed 10 orders, it’s just $4.99 plus 6¢ per additional order. This plan includes unlimited products, auto-sync, and more.
  • BASIC: At $29.99 per month, you get free services for up to 400 orders, and beyond that, it’s 5¢ per order. This plan adds multi-language, multi-currency, and various feeds to your toolkit.
  • ADVANCED: Priced at $79.99 per month, this option is free for up to 1500 orders, with a charge of 4¢ per order thereafter. It includes AI optimization, metafields, and more.
  • PLUS: The premium plan costs $249.99 per month and is free for up to 6000 orders, with a subsequent charge of 3¢ per order. It offers instant sync, unlimited keywords, and priority support.

Customer Support

AdNabu stands out for its exceptional customer support. They provide round-the-clock assistance managed by certified industry experts adept at resolving a variety of issues. 

Additionally, AdNabu maintains a comprehensive help center offering additional guidance on common topics and best practices. 

Customer Reviews

AdNabu enjoys a strong reputation on the Shopify App Store, with an impressive overall rating of 4.9 stars based on 501 reviews. 

This high rating reflects the positive experiences of numerous users, highlighting the effectiveness and reliability of AdNabu’s services.

Pros and Cons of AdNabu

Improved Tracking and Customization: The ability to customize UTM parameters for Facebook feeds is a clear advantage, allowing for precise tracking and analysis of ad performance.

✅Diverse Features: With capabilities ranging from Facebook (Meta) Data Feed URL generation to  AI-driven optimization for your product feeds, AdNabu is feature-rich. This also makes AdNabu one of the best Facebook (Meta) ads apps for Shopify.

Global Reach: With multilanguage and multicurrency options, your product feeds are primed for a global audience on Facebook, helping you tap into new markets.

Built for Shopify: AdNabu is created to cater specifically to Shopify stores, ensuring smooth integration and functionality.

Customer Approval: A 4.9-star rating from over 502 Shopify reviews speaks volumes about user satisfaction, further indicating potential for a positive impact on your Facebook marketing efforts.

Prompt Support: In case you encounter issues preparing your feeds for Facebook, AdNabu’s responsive customer support can help resolve them quickly.

Learning Resources: A well-stocked help center provides articles and guides that you can use for self-service if you face any issues while generating your Facebook (Meta) data feed URL.


AdNabu doesn’t offer automatic syncing with Meta Commerce Manager, which means users have to manually update their product feed using a unique URL provided by the app.

Best Suited For

  1. SMBs: Perfect for small to medium-sized businesses looking to amplify their Shopify presence and boost their visibility on Facebook with user-friendly features and AI-powered optimization.
  1. Shopify Plus Stores: Shopify Plus merchants aiming to fine-tune large inventories for better performance on Facebook’s marketplace can also benefit from AdNabu.
  1. Shopify Agencies: Agencies that are looking to improve the quality of service they offer to Shopify clients, with the end goal of achieving a standout presence on Facebook, can also look at AdNabu.

Facebook Ads, Google Ads & AI

Facebook Ads, Google Ads & AI by AdScale is a Shopify app designed to optimize and manage advertising campaigns for online stores, with a particular focus on enhancing Facebook ad performance through AI-driven automation and integration.


  • AI-Driven Campaign Management: The app provides AI capabilities to optimize Facebook ad campaigns, adjusting in real-time for the best results.
  • Cross-Channel Advertising: It enables advertising across multiple platforms, including Facebook, enhancing brand visibility.
  • Business Intelligence for Facebook Ads: Uses your store’s data for hyper-targeted Facebook campaigns.
  • Automated Facebook Pixel & Feed Implementation: Ensures better ad performance on Facebook and other platforms through automation.
  • SMS & Email Marketing: The app also helps you increase customer lifetime value (CLV) with personalized SMS & email marketing. It includes features like abandoned cart reminders, new customer welcomes, etc. 

User Interface 

The app’s interface is user-friendly, making ad management accessible for all marketers. It seamlessly integrates with Facebook, automates ad campaign aspects, and aligns perfectly with Shopify stores. This integration means changes in your Shopify store automatically reflect in your Facebook ads.


  • Starter Plan: $150/month, up to $1,000 ad spend/month.
  • Basic Plan: $250/month, up to $2,000 ad spend/month.
  • Growth Plan: $325/month, up to $3,000 ad spend/month.

Note: Pricing is not based on the number of products you can advertise.

Customer Support

AdScale offers phone, email, and customer support, ensuring you have assistance whenever needed.

Customer Reviews

With an overall rating of 4.7 on the Shopify App Store from 389 reviews, AdScale is highly regarded by its users.

Pros and Cons of Facebook Ads, Google Ads & AI


Optimizes advertising campaigns with intelligent algorithms for improved performance and ROI.

Automates tasks such as keyword research and ad optimization, saving time and effort.

Enables advertising across multiple channels, including Facebook, to expand business reach.

User-friendly interface suitable for both seasoned marketers and newcomers.


Presents a steep learning curve for new users due to its complexity.

Limited manual control over campaigns due to AI-driven approach.

Some users find the pricing structure expensive.

Customer service response times need improvement for quicker issue resolution.

Best Suited For

  • E-commerce stores on Shopify aiming to automate and optimize advertising across channels like Facebook.
  • Businesses looking to leverage AI for campaign optimization and effectiveness.
  • Marketers wanting to expand brand reach across multiple platforms, including social media and search engines.

Easy Ads for Facebook Ads

Easy Ads for Facebook Ads is a Shopify app that streamlines the process of creating and managing Facebook and Instagram advertising campaigns using AI technology. The application is created to enhance the ad funnel, optimize for conversions, and simplify performance tracking for businesses.


  • AI-Powered Advertising Funnel: Uses AI to create personalized ad campaigns on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Targeting: Focuses on identifying and retargeting the most relevant audiences specifically for your niche.
  • Done-For-You Campaign Template: Provides pre-designed audience targeting and ad creative templates for quick setup.
  • Performance Dashboard: Offers a straightforward dashboard to review ad performance metrics.
  • Customizable Ad Templates: Allows for the customization of ad templates to better fit brand identity and campaign goals.
  • Advanced Targeting Options: Includes sophisticated targeting capabilities to refine audience selection.
  • Real-Time Analytics: Supports decision-making with live data on ad campaign performance.

Note: A/B testing is not available with Easy Ads, which means users will rely on AI optimization to adjust their campaigns for effectiveness.

User Interface

The Easy Ads for Facebook interface is streamlined and focused, designed for quick navigation and ease of use, allowing Shopify store owners to set up Facebook ad campaigns with minimal clicks and a straightforward process.


  • 7-Day Free Trial: Test the features without any cost.

BASIC Plan – $27.95/month

  • Ad spend paid directly to Meta.
  • Done-for-you Advertising Funnel.
  • Automatic Facebook & Instagram Ads Setup.
  • Hourly Product Feed Sync.
  • 5/7 Live Chat Support.

PRO Plan – $47.95/month

  • Includes all Basic features.
  • Ad spend paid directly to Meta.
  • Enhanced with AI Ad Optimization.
  • Access to Unlimited Funnels.

Customer Support

Customer inquiries are handled through support forms on the Easy Ads website, ensuring users have access to assistance when needed.

Customer Reviews

With an overall rating of 4.1 from 179 Shopify App Store reviews, Easy Ads has been well-received. 

Pros and Cons of Easy Ads for Facebook Ads


The platform’s ease of use is consistently commended by its users.

The automation features of Easy Ads have proven to be a significant time-saver for businesses.

The customer service team is noted for its helpfulness and prompt responses.

The app is lauded for providing a cost-effective solution to ad management.


Some users have experienced challenges with customer support responsiveness and technical issues.

Some have also reported the app’s billing processes and charges after uninstallation.

The lack of A/B testing could limit the extent to which ads can be fine-tuned.

Some users noted that the ad campaigns did not perform as well as manually created ones, with higher costs per click.

There were instances where campaigns were deactivated unexpectedly or failed to gain impressions.

Weekend support is not available, which could impact those on trial periods during key advertising times.

Best Suited For

  • Small to medium-sized businesses seeking a smart ad management tool.
  • Shopify store owners who are looking for an advertising app that integrates seamlessly with their e-commerce platform.
  • Entrepreneurs who require an automated, AI-optimized advertising solution without the necessity of in-depth marketing expertise.
  • Companies that need retargeting capabilities to re-engage with interested customers.

Scalify: Facebook & Google Ads

Scalify is another prominent name in our list of best Facebook (Meta) Ads apps for Shopify. It is a SaaS platform that serves as an ad automation tool, enhancing advertising strategies on Facebook, Instagram, and Google.


  • AI-Powered Advertising: The platform supports the creation of customized Facebook (Meta) ads tailored to individual Facebook and Instagram profiles, streamlining the ad design process.
  • Ad Optimization: Scalify incorporates an algorithm to enhance ad performance and drive sales efficiently.
  • Targeting: Scalify provides advanced audience templates to assist in identifying and targeting audiences.
  • Performance Dashboard: The platform offers a centralized dashboard for monitoring various business operations and key performance indicators.
  • Automation: The system allows for the automation of Facebook ad optimizations, aiming to boost return on ad spend without escalating costs.
  • Scaling: Features are in place to facilitate the expansion of ad campaigns to reach promising lookalike audiences.
  • Retargeting Options: It includes capabilities for automatically retargeting top audiences, helping to capture the attention of interested buyers.

Note: Specifics on A/B testing features for Facebook ads are not directly stated on the Shopify App Store.

User Interface

Scalify offers a user interface that simplifies creating and managing Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns, with a special focus on integration with Shopify stores. It integrates directly with these platforms through the official Facebook API, allowing users to easily launch and test personalized ads, build targeted audiences, and analyze ad performance. 

The setup process is designed to be user-friendly, guiding you through connecting your Facebook pages and enabling the automation and optimization features to enhance your ad campaigns’ effectiveness.


Basic Plan: $49 monthly for unlimited ad spend, account dashboard access, AI ad copies (For Facebook), and scaling capabilities.

Pro Plan: At $99 monthly, this plan includes all Basic features plus extensive Launch, Analyze, and Automate options, feeds, Google Shopping Ads, and full integrations.

Note: Pricing plans are not based on the number of products advertised.

Customer Support

Scalify provides support via online forms, help articles, and a dedicated Facebook community.

Customer Reviews

Scalify has received an overall rating of 4.3 out of 5, based on 90 reviews on the Shopify App Store.

Pros and Cons of Scalify


Ease of use, particularly for beginners in Facebook advertising.

Effective in discovering new profitable audiences while reducing ad costs.

Strong support system and resource availability.

Saves time with streamlined campaign creation and dynamic retargeting.


Customer service experiences can be less than satisfactory.

Issues with billing and application access have been encountered.

Some users faced obstacles with ad generation and audience targeting.

Risk of ad rejection and account issues if the tool is mismanaged.

Best Suited For

Scalify is ideally suited for:

  • SMEs desiring ad automation for efficiency.
  • E-commerce platforms, particularly Shopify stores, aiming to fine-tune ad expenses.
  • Digital marketers in need of detailed performance analytics.

Google, Facebook & Insta Ads

Google, Facebook & Insta Ads by Sixads is an advertising solution for Shopify stores. It provides automated campaign setup and management across Facebook, Instagram, and Google


  • Automated Campaign Setup: Automates the ad setup process across major platforms like Facebook (Meta) to save time and effort.
  • Retarget Traffic: Gives the ability to re-engage past visitors and current customers to maximize conversions.
  • PPC Expert Support: Offers professional support to fine-tune Facebook ad campaigns for optimal performance.
  • Advertising Reports: Provides detailed feedback on your Facebook campaign performance to inform strategy adjustments.
  • Customized Targeting: Enables precise targeting to reach the most relevant audiences for your products.
  • Live Ads: Offers the flexibility to modify Facebook ads in real-time, responding quickly to market or performance insights.
  • Automated Ad Management: Uses automation and machine learning for efficient ad campaign management.
  • Comprehensive Insights: Delivers extensive metrics for a deep understanding of ad impact and customer behavior.

It’s important to note that this app helps you with retargeting your Facebook ads. However, there isn’t anything mentioned explicitly mentioned about A/B testing. 

User Interface

The Sixads platform offers a clean interface that simplifies the connection between Shopify stores and Facebook for ad management. 

Its automated system handles campaign creation, ad personalization, and audience targeting, integrating smoothly with Facebook to optimize advertising efforts and track performance efficiently. The setup is straightforward, aiming to provide a seamless experience for even those new to online advertising.



  • Monthly: $29.99/month.
  • Annual: $179.88/year
    • Automated campaign creation.
    • Facebook remarketing campaigns.
    • Personalized ad visuals & texts.

PRO Plan

  • Monthly: $44.99/month.
  • Annual: $311.88/year
    • Includes everything in Essential.
    • Facebook reach + remarketing campaigns.
    • Powerful video ads.
    • Support via email.


  • Monthly: $89.99/month.
  • Annual: $587.88/year
    • Includes everything in PRO.
    • Google reach + remarketing.
    • Channel performance comparison.
    • Account review by a growth expert.
    • Live chat support.

Customer Support

Offers 24*7 support through live chat and email.

Customer Reviews

Overall Rating: 4.6 based on 3,461 reviews on the Shopify App Store, indicating high customer satisfaction.

Pros and Cons of Google, Facebook & Insta Ads


Merchants find the app straightforward to install and manage.

Users report an immediate increase in traffic and sales.

Provides insightful analytics for better ad control for platforms like Facebook.

A unique feature that can be cost-effective for smaller businesses.


Some users report paying for video ads that were not delivered.

Complaints about Google ads not working and poor support response.

Instances of unresponsive customer service and difficulty reaching support.

Some users have reported technical errors with no immediate resolution, causing frustration.

Best Suited For

  • Small to mid-sized businesses seeking to automate their ad campaigns.
  • Shopify store owners looking to increase traffic with minimal ad management effort.
  • Entrepreneurs requiring a straightforward setup without in-depth technical knowledge.
  • Businesses that would benefit from ad exchange features to optimize ad spend.


Madgicx is an AI-backed advertising app on Shopify that enables advertisers to optimize their Facebook ads. It offers a comprehensive suite of tools designed to enhance ad performance through data-driven decisions and creative analysis.


  • AI Advertising: Madgicx uses artificial intelligence to facilitate crucial decision-making for Facebook ad campaigns.
  • Extensive Audience Selection: With over 100 audience templates, it broadens targeting options for you on Facebook (Meta).
  • Ad Automation: Streamlines ad management for efficiency and increased conversions.
  • Creative Analysis: ‘Creative Clusters’ assess which ads perform best with specific audiences.
  • Centralized Management: Ads Manager 2.0 consolidates media buying and campaign oversight.
  • Detailed Analytics: Offers insights into creative performance and campaign data.
  • Automated Reporting: Simplifies reporting with automated updates on campaign performance.

User Interface

Madgicx’s user interface is tailored for Facebook ads management, providing a clear dashboard that visualizes your entire marketing funnel performance from acquisition to retention. It allows for strategic budget allocation and even detailed performance reporting.

Furthermore, the platform includes Madgicx Cloud Tracking to supplement data after the iOS 14.5 update, ensuring accurate ad performance insights crucial for effective ad scaling decisions.


Madgicx has different pricing plans: 

  • All-in-One with AI Plan: $44/month for a complete AI-driven ad management suite.
  • Cloud Tracking Add-On: $99/month for enhanced Facebook ad tracking and attribution insights.
  • One-Click Report Add-On: $29/month for simplified cross-channel reporting and analytics.

Customer Support

Madgicx provides round-the-clock support alongside responsive email assistance, ensuring users can get help whenever needed.

Customer Reviews

Madgicx has received a mixed overall rating of 3 from 17 reviews on the Shopify App Store, reflecting varied user experiences.

Pros and cons of Madgicx


User-friendly platform, easing the Facebook (Meta) ad management process.

Exceptional customer support.

Positive impact on campaign results and efficiency.

The capability to significantly improve full-funnel ROAS.


Some users have also complained about the app not being able to reflect their Facebook ads account. 

Integration with Shopify may not be seamless.

Some features may underperform or be inconsistent.

Customer support experiences can vary.

The platform may have a learning curve for new marketers.

Best Suited For

Madgicx is particularly beneficial for:

  • Advertisers who want to utilize AI for decision-making in Facebook campaigns.
  • Marketers who need comprehensive data analytics for their ad performance.
  • Businesses wanting a centralized platform for managing multiple aspects of Facebook advertising.

Facebook Ads Audit Hero

Facebook Ads Audit Hero is a Shopify app for businesses using Facebook advertising to identify underperforming campaigns and optimize their ad spend.


  • Campaign Analysis: The app pinpoints Facebook (Meta) campaigns and ad sets that are not profitable.
  • Device Optimization: It also helps you identify the best-performing devices and operating systems.
  • Audience Insights: Highlights which target audiences are most effective on Facebook (Meta).
  • Geographical Data: Provides data on which locations yield a positive ROAS.
  • Demographic Breakdown: Shows which age groups and genders respond best to your ads.
  • Cross-Segment Analysis: It also evaluates the profitability when combining different segments.

User Interface

The Facebook Ads Audit Hero by Storeya offers a user interface that simplifies the analysis of Facebook ad campaigns, providing actionable insights on performance across devices, audience demographics, and geographic regions. 

It integrates directly with your Facebook Ads account to pinpoint underperforming campaigns and identify profitable segments, facilitating optimized ad spending and targeting strategies.


The app is free to install on Shopify.

Customer Support

Support is provided through submission forms for any queries or issues.

Customer Reviews

With an overall 5-star rating from four reviews on the Shopify App Store, users have praised its effectiveness and how it helps in decision-making for ad spend.

Pros and Cons of Facebook Ads Audit Hero 


Rapidly audits Facebook ad accounts to show where money might be lost.

Offers growth and retargeting suggestions.

Includes an alert system for potential ad spend loss.

Users have described it as a valuable app for enhancing Facebook ad performance.


A broader range of features, like retargeting options or A/B testing, is not currently offered.

A limited number of reviews might not reflect a wide range of user experiences.

Without a wide array of automation tools, users may need to adjust campaigns manually based on insights.

The app doesn’t offer any type of AI capabilities for optimizing Facebook product feeds or ads.

Best Suited For

  • Marketers needing quick insights to make informed decisions on ad spend.
  • Companies that prefer a simple tool for auditing ad performance rather than a full-suite advertising solution.

Feed by Feedom

Feed by Feedom is a dynamic feed management app available on Shopify that enhances online advertising for e-commerce businesses. This software simplifies the synchronization and updating of product feeds across various marketing platforms like Meta (Facebook), Google, TikTok, and Pinterest.


  • Hourly Updates: Feed by Feedom offers hourly updates, ensuring that any changes in your Shopify store, like price adjustments, are immediately reflected in your dynamic ads.
  • Broad Platform Support: The software handles large-scale product catalogues efficiently and is compatible with major marketing platforms, including Facebook, Google, TikTok, and Pinterest.
  • Optimized Feed Creation: With Feed by Feedom, you receive a single, optimized feed tailored to meet the recommendations of different advertising platforms for better ad performance.
  • Automatic Replication: Updates to your Shopify store’s products are automatically replicated in your ads, maintaining accuracy and relevance in your marketing campaigns.

User Interface

The user interface of Feed by Feedom is streamlined and intuitive, facilitating efficient management of product feeds for Facebook ads with minimal effort.


Feed by Feedom’s app installation is free on Shopify.

Customer Support

Users can reach out for assistance via support forms provided by the service.

Customer Reviews

The app has 5-star ratings from four reviews on the Shopify App Store. 

Pros and Cons of Feed by Feedom 


Efficient at scaling Facebook ad creation for large catalogues of products.

Users have noted tangible improvements in their advertising outcomes after utilizing the app.

The app has been praised for its ability to automate Facebook catalogues updates, simplifying the advertising process.

Supportive customer service has been highlighted as a key benefit, especially when users need guidance on optimizing their ad spend.


The lack of built-in A/B testing may require users to use additional tools for optimization.

While the app updates feeds, the management of actual ad campaigns is not within its scope.

Businesses with smaller inventories may not fully benefit from the robustness designed for large catalogues.

The app’s focus is strictly on feed synchronization, which may necessitate supplementary tools for complete marketing automation.

Best Suited For

  • Businesses with large product catalogues seeking to automate and optimize their product feeds across multiple advertising platforms.
  • E-commerce stores aiming to ensure their advertising reflects real-time changes in product pricing and availability.
  • Users who value a simplified approach to managing feeds without the need for extensive technical knowledge.
  • Advertisers looking for a tool that supports a centralized feed for use across various channels, saving time and reducing complexity.

Now that we’ve looked at the best Facebook ads apps for Shopify, it’s also important to know how to get your store ready for Facebook Ads. The next section serves as a primer for that and covers the basics that will help you get started.

Getting Started With Facebook Ads For Your Shopify Store

To get started with Facebook Ads for your Shopify store, there are some prerequisites that you need to know:

  • Set Up a Facebook Business Page: This will be your platform to engage with customers and advertise your products.
  • Create a Meta Business Suite Account: This is where you’ll manage all your Facebook marketing activities and data.
  • Create a Facebook Ads Account: Under your business suite, this account is used to run and manage your ads.
  • Integrate Facebook Pixel: Implement the Facebook Pixel on your Shopify to track interactions and optimize your ads. Advanced matching can be enabled here to improve targeting precision.
  • Export Shopify Product Feed: Use an app like AdNabu to generate and upload your product feed to Facebook’s Catalogue Manager.
  • Create a Product Catalogue: Add your product feed to Facebook to create a comprehensive catalogue.
  • Campaign Setup: Finally, you can create your ad campaigns to start reaching potential customers.
  • Optimize with Facebook Events Manager: Utilize this tool to track and prioritize customer actions for better campaign performance.
  • Analyze with Facebook Ads Library: Check your competitors’ ads for strategic insights.

Pro Tip: Use retargeting strategies to re-engage visitors who didn’t make a purchase initially. This can significantly increase your conversion rates by reminding interested users about your products. To know more about Retargeting Facebook Ads for your Shopify store’s growth, feel free to check out this blog


For those seeking to boost their Shopify store’s Facebook ads, we’ve highlighted top-notch apps. Socioh excels in retargeting and ad management, offering a suite of tools to fine-tune your campaigns. Scalify takes it up a notch with AI, helping you craft, refine, and expand your ads with ease. Both allow you to enhance your store’s advertising strategy on Facebook.

AdNabu also features in our “best Facebook (Meta) ads apps for Shopify,” simplifying Facebook feed URL generation for store owners. Its AI-driven optimization and fresh keyword suggestions enhance product visibility on Facebook. Plus, its ‘Built For Shopify’ badge confirms its high standard for Shopify.

Wrapping up, these apps are designed to make your Facebook (Meta) marketing more effective and your life easier. Check them out to see which one could be the game-changer for your Shopify store’s marketing strategy.

Good luck! 


  1. Do I need an app to run Facebook (Meta) Ads for my Shopify store?

No, an app is not necessary to run Facebook (Meta) Ads for your Shopify store. You can directly manage your sales on Facebook (Meta) and Instagram from your Shopify account by connecting the two, installing commerce features, setting up a Meta Pixel, syncing your product catalogue, and creating campaigns in Facebook (Meta) Ads Manager. 

However, apps can offer additional features and automation.

  1. Do these apps automatically create Facebook (Meta) Ads?

Some apps may offer features that assist with ad creation, but typically, you would need to create your Facebook (Meta) Ads manually. They can provide tools to streamline the process, but direct, automated creation of ads is not a standard feature across all apps.

  1. Are Meta Ads Manager and Meta Commerce Manager the same?

Meta Ads Manager and Meta Commerce Manager are different tools with different functionalities. Meta Ads Manager is for creating and managing advertisements on Facebook and Instagram, focusing on ad campaigns and budgeting. 

In contrast, Meta Commerce Manager serves as the hub for online selling activities on these platforms, handling product catalogues and shop management. 

  1. Are Facebook (Meta) Ads the same as Instagram Ads? Can I run the same ads from one ad manager?

Facebook (Meta) Ads and Instagram Ads are managed through the same Facebook (Meta) Ads Manager, which allows you to run campaigns on both platforms simultaneously. Although similar, they have distinct audience behaviors and performance metrics. AdNabu provides localized feed URLs for both platforms, ensuring that your ads are tailored for each.

  1. How do I choose the best Facebook (Meta) Ads app for my Shopify store?

Choosing the best Facebook (Meta) Ads app depends on your specific needs, such as ease of use, feature range, budget, and customer support. Look for apps that offer the right balance of these elements for your business size and advertising goals.

  1. Are these apps suitable for beginners?

Many Facebook (Meta) Ads apps are designed with beginners in mind, offering intuitive interfaces and guidance. Features like rule-based automation and targeted audience selection can simplify ad management for new users.

  1. What are some common issues users face with these apps?

Users may encounter issues like technical bugs, app performance slowdowns, challenging navigation, or delays in campaign setup. Customer service responsiveness can also vary, impacting user experience.

  1. How do these apps impact the Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) of my ad campaigns?

These apps aim to optimize your ad campaigns, potentially improving ROAS through targeted keyword optimization, AI-powered product enhancement, and efficient bulk editing features that refine ad strategies.

  1. What are the costs associated with these apps?

Costs can vary from free plans with basic features to monthly subscriptions based on order volume and feature sets. AdNabu, for instance, starts for free and scales up based on additional services.

  1. Are there any other platforms besides Facebook (Meta) where I can advertise my Shopify store?

Yes, other platforms include Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, Bing, and Snapchat. AdNabu provides feed URLs for these platforms, facilitating cross-platform advertising.

  1. What is a Facebook (Meta) Pixel? Do I need one?

The Facebook (Meta) Pixel is a code that tracks conversions, optimizes ads, builds targeted audiences, and allows for retargeting. It’s crucial for measuring ad effectiveness and is recommended for businesses looking to maximize their advertising efforts on Facebook (Meta).