A repeat customer is a testament to the success of your business idea and execution. However, apart from giving your brand validation, repeat customers form an important part of sales, not to mention the amount of credibility they lend to your online store. Learning how to induce a customer to visit your store, again and again, is an important skill, one that you should invest time and energy into.

Get Loyal Customers For Your Shopify Store  

The power of loyalty in getting repeat customers on Shopify

If you are a new company, you have to engage your customers effectively. Most new entrepreneurs assume that their customers will come back to their store if the product they sell is good. While nothing can replace a good product, you cannot simply leave it to the customer to find their way back to your store. Remember that the competition in the retail world is extremely stiff, particularly in the online retail space.

Research says that repeat customers constitute about 15% of all online shoppers. Also, the advantage of having repeat customers on your site is that it aligns with your budgeting. Retaining customers is far less expensive than having to acquire new customers. In fact, customer acquisition can cost five times more than retaining old ones, as discussed in various studies. 

Another great reason to keep your old customers happy is that only a customer who is satisfied and pleased with your store will recommend it to people they know. 

The impact of customer loyalty is great on your business, regardless of whether you’re just starting out or are a renowned name in the industry. Here are a couple of reasons why you should focus on repeat business rather than acquiring new ones:

1.  Greater purchasing tendency 

Repeat customers tend to purchase more than newer ones, mostly because they trust you as a seller and also rely on the products or services that you offer.

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2.  New customers are expensive

It has been studied that it costs almost five times more to acquire a new customer as compared to retaining an older one. 

3. It is easier to sell to repeat customers

Loyal customers return to your site to purchase because they trust you as a brand or a name. As a result, they are prone to making a purchase as compared to a new customer who might be doubtful of your credibility. 

4. Repeat customers spread word-of-mouth

Don’t worry if you cannot afford a brand ambassador for your business. Repeat customers are likely to spread the word about your business around, getting you newer customers in the process without you having to extensively come up with eCommerce marketing campaigns. 

How do get repeat customers?

The good news when it comes to customer retention is that there are several methods that you can employ to make an effective campaign. However, it is important that you have a dedicated campaign for this very purpose with its own targets and methodology. Here are some of the best ecommerce marketing strategies you can use to get repeat customers.

1.  Referral Programs

Using a referral program incentivizes your customers to market for you. If you do it well, it could also result in repeat sales. For example, apparel offers a referral program to its customers. For every friend they refer to, they get a discount, which they can reimburse on their next purchase. Once they have that discount code, they will want to come back to make another purchase which makes them feel as if they are saving money.

2. Special Day Wishes

Today’s consumers are looking to spend money at places where they feel a connection. More than just discounts or sales, the consumer is looking to see if they can relate to the brand. Keeping this in mind, it is very important that you actively plan to create a connection with your customers. 

Special day wishes

With eCommerce marketing automation, you can now send out personalized and timely messages to your customers. All you have to do is to set up the automation such that it sends out the right message. A customer who receives wishes on their birthday or anniversary is going to feel as if the brand cares about them. Also, customers are more likely to make a purchase on a special day than others. A well-timed message reminds a customer of their past shopping experience. The chances of them making another purchase go up drastically.

3. Coupon Codes

An important aspect of customer loyalty is competitive prices. If a customer believes that they will get the best deals at your store, then will return again and again. To encourage the idea that your store provides the best discounts and sales, send out coupon codes to your customers. 


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A customer who feels as if their loyalty is being rewarded by coupon codes will feel as though they are part of a small circle of people who get to enjoy exclusive discounts. You can also use this system to decipher where your customers are engaging with your brand the most. Differentiate between codes found on separate platforms and then track the type of code used the most. You can then build your marketing strategy based on this data. Of course, this is only an added bonus. The key here is to make your customers feel special and get them to make new purchases often.

4. Social Media

One of your best and most versatile tools when it comes to getting repeat customers is social media. Leverage a strong social media presence to deepen the bond with your customers and keep them coming back. 


An effective social media practice is to be instantly available to address any and all concerns. From complaints to questions, your social media team should be in a position to respond quickly. Your team should also create the right type of engagement with its customers. Creating a sense of community consisting of your brand and your customers is a very effective way to continue engagement up to your store.

With GenZ and millennials forming a large chunk of social media users, it is important that your brand also engages with them on these platforms. Your strategy on social media networks will have to highlight your products. You can use this opportunity to build a visual narrative around your brand that your audience will want to buy into. 

Use different social media platforms to showcase different aspects of your brand. A social media campaign is not about selling all the time. Creating a compelling story that your customers can relate to is equally important. For example, use Instagram to showcase real-world usage of your product and Tik Tok to create engaging conduct based around the same. There is no limit to where you want your social media campaign to go, and as long as your customers are signing up for the ride, you have no restrictions.

5. Personalized Communication

Apart from email automation, there are several other spaces in which you can add a personalized touch. Chatbots, welcome pages, shopping carts, and wish lists are just some of the places you can automate to have a personalized greeting or message. Recreating the one-on-one experience of shopping in-store is an effective marketing strategy.

Apps that used to get repeat customers

One of the best advantages of having your store on a versatile platform like Shopify is access to a large range of apps that are designed to help you get and retain customers. These apps remove the guesswork out of optimizing your eCommerce marketing campaign. These apps will help you reach your goal of getting repeat customers, even if you do not know much about coding or back-end processes. With an online store, it becomes absolutely important that you flesh out your brand’s communication content, which is where these apps play such a key role.

List of apps to increase repeat customers

Here is a list of some of the best apps available on Shopify to help you get repeat customers for life.

1.  Klaviyo

This email marketing automation app offers single-click integration and collects all the relevant information automatically. The service offers great metrics and allows you to segment your contacts to a high degree. This tool is perfect for those who want to build a robust and extensive email marketing strategy.

2. PushOwl Web Push Notifications

This app acts as an automated cart abandonment protector and uses push notifications to increase sales. With PushOwl’s abandoned cart reminders, you can customize three automated push notifications, and win back the revenue that you’ve lost by recovering orders.

3. Ultimate Trust Badges

This app displays trust badges to ease your customers’ fears and motivate them to purchase your product. You can choose from over 100 fully customizable badges to match your store’s design theme.

4.  Remarkety

This app is perfect for you if you are a small brand and want to hit the ground running. The service comes with ready-to-use campaigns that you can plug into your strategy as soon as you begin selling.

5. Fera Social Proof

You can use social proof and convert your existing traffic- display reviews, testimonials, recent viewers, and customer purchases. Use this information on your social media platforms to remind customers of their previous interactions at your store.

6.  Conversio

This app is ideal for brands looking to increase customer engagement and build brand loyalty. Along with the regular campaigns, Conversio is adept at focusing on follow-up emails, favorable reviews, and feedback requests.

7. Form Builder

This app allows you to hear your customers with ease. From obtaining more newsletter subscribers, building return/registration forms for your store, or even growing your wholesale network, this form maker helps you build unlimited forms with ease and is totally hassle-free.

8. SmartrMail

This is one of the few tools that have mobile-first design integrated into its DNA. With more customers switching to mobile shopping, this service can be extremely valuable.


9. Emma

It is perfect for users with multiple email accounts and is known for beautiful emails. It also offers great metrics that allow you to gauge the data in a quick glance.

10.  Emails, Coupons & Sales Pop-ups

This app genuinely captures the customer’s attention and establishes brand trustworthiness. It combines social proof with an automatic discount coupon box or an email pop-up disguised as a fun game of chance like a spin-the-wheel scenario.


A strategy for customer retention is essential to your store’s bottom line. Any ecommerce business owner must invest in multifaceted strategies to get repeat customers. As a Shopify merchant, you have a wide range and variety of apps that offer different strategies to establish a connection and create a rapport with your customers. Be sure to choose the best apps for you and your business. 


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