In the online shopping world, the words you select play an important role. They’re the bridge connecting shoppers to your products. So, if you’ve been wondering which keywords can help your online store shine this year, you’re in the right spot. 

In this blog, we present the top 500+ e-commerce keywords for 2023. And to help you cater to the diverse world of e-commerce, we will also highlight specific keywords for prominent industries. By understanding and utilizing these, you can enhance your business’s visibility and get to know what the audience is actually looking for. 

What Are Keywords? 

Before we look at the top e-commerce keywords for 2023, it’s vital to understand what exactly we mean when we say “keywords” and why they’re so crucial.

A keyword is essentially a word or phrase that encapsulates the essence of your product, service, or e-commerce site. Think of it as a label or tag that helps search engines understand what your content is about. Beyond being mere labels, keywords are the actual terms or phrases potential customers type into search engines when they’re searching for products or information.

Based on their composition and the specificity of information they offer, keywords are broadly classified into three types:

  1. Short Tail: These are brief, usually up to 3 words. Think “shoes” or “red dress.”
  2. Mid-Tail: These sit in the middle, not too short, not too long. For instance, “men’s running shoes.”
  3. Long-Tail: These are longer and very specific. Like “blue men’s running shoes size 10.”

Now that we’re clear on keywords, let’s get to the next part: the list of top 500+ e-commerce keywords. 

What Are The Current Top E-Commerce Keywords? 

Here’s the list of the top 500 e-commerce keywords that people are using for shopping in 2023: 

2what is ecommerce79170000.7
3ecommerce website79100003
4dhl ecommerce tracking38100000.05
5ecommerce business6287001.3
6ecommerce definition7857000.3
7ecommerce website builder6142007
8ecommerce website design6038007
9ecommerce platforms7538004
10ecommerce platform7738004
11what is ecommerce business7633000.7
12ecommerce seo7333004.5
13ecommerce meaning7332000.9
14how to start an ecommerce business6331001.8
15ecommerce website development32280012
16dhl ecommerce api v4628001.4
17ecommerce store7827002
18ecommerce marketing6127005
19magento ecommerce5127006
20how to start ecommerce business6725001.8
21ecommerce jobs1525000.2
22best ecommerce platform792500 3
23ecommerce solutions6924009
24ecommerce trends4323003
25examples for ecommerce5022000.8
26wix ecommerce3721002.5
27ecommerce web design6120009
28ecommerce agency3020007
29ecommerce software562000 5
30build ecommerce website6819007
31goodwill ecommerce2018000.2
32free ecommerce website7918004
33ecommerce websites7018003.5
34wordpress ecommerce5918004
35best ecommerce platforms7918003
36ecommerce business for sale331800 1.4
37ecommerce fulfillment51180013
38best ecommerce website builder6218004
39ecommerce marketing strategy5217003.5
40ecommerce online store8317002.5
41ecommerce website builders6717007
42b2b ecommerce631700 12
43ecommerce sites6116002.5
44ecommerce site7616002.5
45amazon ecommerce714002.5
46retail ecommerce ventures714000.3
47ecommerce website templates3614002.5
48ecommerce marketing agency26140014
49ecommerce seo services3914009
50ecommerce dropshipping681400 1.3
51what is an ecommerce business7713000.7
52seo for ecommerce7413004.5
53headless ecommerce52130010
54ecommerce business ideas3413001
55ecommerce website designer5812007
56define ecommerce7912000.3
57best ecommerce websites5912003
58b2b ecommerce platform46120020
59ecommerce kpis3512001.8
60seo ecommerce7512004.5
61apple ecommerce4512000.2
62dhl ecommerce distribution center 711001.8
63ecommerce hosting5411006
64starting an ecommerce business6511002
65whats ecommerce7411001.2
66ecommerce consulting1411003.5
67shopify ecommerce6711003
68website ecommerce7711003.5
69godaddy ecommerce3811003
70ecommerce warehouse511007
71website design ecommerce5611007
72ecommerce solution6510009
73ecommerce website development company4810009
74ecommerce templates4810002
75ecommerce consultant1110003.5
76ecommerce website developer42100012
77ecommerce tdcj2210001.6
78connective ecommerce010001.7
79qnet ecommerce2210007
80ecommerce template4810002
81ecommerce analytics239008
82ecommerce apple219000.2
83ecommerce design649003.4
84ecommerce website developers4290012
85ecommerce companies459001.6
86ecommerce fulfilment5290013
87ecommerce web hosting499007
88dhl ecommerce369001.6
89best website builder for ecommerce629004
90ecommerce growth859003
91ecommerce developer88008
92holiday ecommerce sales54800
93ecommerce conversion rate798003.5
94ecommerce web design company3480018
95how to start a ecommerce business618001.8
96dhl ecommerce us tracking5480000.06 
97ecommerce shipping428006
98best ecommerce sites618002.5
99ecommerce web828007
100squarespace ecommerce378004.5
101ecommerce news588001.7
102create ecommerce website 808006
103ecommerce tools23800 2.5
104ecommerce consultants148003.5
105ecommerce photography138003.5
106best ecommerce website618003
107starting ecommerce business678002
108ecommerce manager28001.1
109ecommerce email marketing4180010
110wordpress ecommerce themes367001.3
111create an ecommerce website797006
112seo for ecommerce website747006
113ecommerce brands197002
114ecommerce b2b67 7002
115magneto ecommerce307007
116builder ecommerce site627006
117how to get into ecommerce677001.4
118software for ecommerce617003.5
119magento ecommerce development services2070013
120ecommerce digital marketing707003.5
121web hosting ecommerce507007
122ecommerce or e-commerce57005
123how to do ecommerce697001.9
124ecommerce personalization4670011
125best ecommerce platform for small business317004.5
126yotpo ecommerce marketing5700
127top ecommerce companies387001.4
128ecommerce stores587002
129ecommerce payment processing4370011
130square ecommerce517001.8
131ecommerce accounting1870017
132ecommerce statistics727002.5
133ecommerce blog16700 2.5
134ecommerce strategy247004.5
135ecommerce fulfillment services4070016
136free ecommerce website builder787006
137what does ecommerce mean7570018
138free ecommerce website templates317002.5
139ecommerce cms17700 5
140ecommerce services647003.5
141what is the ecommerce business777000.7
142ecommerce consultancy147003.5
143ecommerce site builder677006
144ecommerce web site design606007
145dhl ecommerce solutions186001.2
146what is an ecommerce website756001.3
147ecommerce seo strategy696003.5
148logo ecommerce126001
149ecommerce merchandising66009
150b2b ecommerce software3360016
151ecommerce designer366007
152remote ecommerce jobs16000.2
153ecommerce payments356007
154b2b ecommerce solutions3160016 
155wordpress ecommerce theme576001.3
156top ecommerce platforms756002
157ecommerce seo expert 4060017
158ecommerce automation21600 5
159ecommerce management96001.1
160what is ecommerce website756001.3
161ecommerce integration66006
162website with ecommerce826003.5
163ecommerce web design services4560019
164ecommerce payment gateway3960010
165ecommerce logistics436004.5
166ecommerce web designer486009
167ecommerce marketing services146009
168types of ecommerce546000.6
169ecommerce marketplace316002.5
170tiktok ecommerce39600 3.5
171best ecommerce hosting42 6006
172ecommerce app246002.5
173what is an ecommerce store776001.1
174naics code for ecommerce46009
175ecommerce developers436008
176wix ecommerce pricing41600 1.7
177ecommerce website examples526001.4
178ecommerce business examples366000.7
179ecommerce shopify616003
180best ecommerce site616002.5
181buy ecommerce business316001.8
182open source ecommerce376002
183ecommerce naics code56000
184ecommerce host496006
185amazon ecommerce business5600 3
186how to build an ecommerce website646003
187ryder ecommerce by whiplash66003.5
188ecommerce web design agency356009
189ecommerce metrics306001
190webflow ecommerce66005
191ecommerce inventory management1450020 
192how to build a ecommerce website645003
193ecommerce logo115001.3
194ecommerce marketing strategies545003.5
195ecommerce development365007
196ecommerce specialist65002
197email marketing for ecommerce4450010
198ecommerce packaging5500 3
199ecommerce accountant1750017
200mobile ecommerce685002
201what is an ecommerce platform505001
202ecommerce accountants18500 17
203ecommerce web development services4450011
204ecommerce manager salary85000.6
205building an ecommerce site675006
206ecommerce web developer3050015
207create a ecommerce website775006
208ecommerce website template455002.5
209best ecommerce695001.7
210ecommerce search engine optimization695007
211average ecommerce conversion rate805004
212ecommerce director35000.6
213wordpress ecommerce plugins425002.5
214what is a ecommerce business765000.7
215ecommerce advertising415006
216ecommerce open source465002
217ecommerce website hosting495007
218enterprise ecommerce platforms750018
219ecommerce remote jobs05000.2
220top ecommerce sites495001.8
221ecommerce shopping cart335004
222build ecommerce site805006
223ecommerce account1650017
224ecommerce jobs remote05000.2
225b2b ecommerce platforms2650020
226ecommerce business plan265002.5
227omnichannel ecommerce115008
228ecommerce sales855001.4
229ecommerce with facebook335001.8
230ecommerce types63500 0.6
231que es ecommerce195000.8
232ecommerce industry825001.9
233future of ecommerce295003
234best ecommerce businesses385000.9
235free ecommerce platform305003
236ecommerce branding135002
237ecommerce apps75002.5
238ecommerce customer service3150018
239ecommerce wordpress themes365001.3
240online ecommerce store835002.5
241ecommerce order fulfillment4945015
242ecommerce blogs124502.5
243ecommerce website designing55450 7
244ecommerce inventory management software845019
245wholesale ecommerce7450 3
246email marketing ecommerce4045010
247trending ecommerce products534500.9
248building an ecommerce website64450 7
249ecommerce development company4245011
250ecommerce marketing automation6450 12
251ecommerce course294501.9
252facebook ecommerce454501.8
253ecommerce customer journey244508
254ecommerce growth strategy114506
255analytics for ecommerce234508
256ecommerce website designers3245016
257ecommerce chatbot254508
258ecommerce website design services314509
259ecommerce shipping solutions5145012
260ecommerce seo agency414509
261headless architecture ecommerce4345020
262accounting for ecommerce1945017
263how does ecommerce work544501.1
264blog ecommerce164502.5
265netsuite ecommerce145020
266e-commerce or ecommerce34505
267ecommerce web developers4545018
268seo for ecommerce websites714506
269ecommerce customer experience164509
270ecommerce designers47450
271dropshipping vs ecommerce64500.8
272ecommerce strategies184504.5
273ecommerce development agency424508
274ecommerce seo consultant4745018
275enterprise ecommerce platform745018
276ecommerce insurance1345018
277ecommerce products654501.3
278ecommerce web site builder634508
279ecommerce ppc management845035
280ecommerce ideas404500.45
281what is dhl ecommerce1245013
282small business ecommerce264504
283how to build ecommerce website584503
284ecommerce amazon34502.5
285top ecommerce websites494501.7
286ecommerce marketplaces454502.5
287how to start ecommerce64450
288cms ecommerce84505
289erp ecommerce845019
290i heart you ecommerce business64501.3
291drop shipping ecommerce754501.3
292ecommerce shop744502
293ecommerce merchant account1145014
294ecommerce for sale244001.4
295average conversion rate for ecommerce734004
296ecommerce funnel17400 3.5
297retail ecommerce314003
298ecommerce website builder free784006
299free ecommerce store794003.5
300ecommerce drop shipping674001.3
301global ecommerce704002.5
302ecommerce api74007
303ecommerce payment414007
304personalization in ecommerce3240011
305b2b ecommerce trends2240010
306ecommerce experts9400 6
307shopping cart ecommerce374004
308ecommerce define734002.5
309ecommerce for small business35400 4
310marketplace ecommerce494002.5
311ecommerce fraud184006
312free ecommerce platforms304003
313best ecommerce seo company3240014
314ecommerce fuel34003.5
315b2b ecommerce solution3340016
316ecommerce courses294001.9
317ecommerce personalization platform3040018
318ecommerce seo experts4040017
319start an ecommerce business67400 2
320ecommerce conversion rate optimization4240013
321ecommerce for b2b574008
322ecommerce content marketing214009
323average conversion rate ecommerce74400 4
324headless ecommerce platform1940017
325ecommerce advertising agency244008
326design ecommerce624003.5
327ecommerce seo audit44008
328pdp ecommerce14003
329ecommerce shopping carts374004
330ecommerce tracking494001.2
331ecommerce erp640019
332ecommerce website seo71400 6
333ecommerce website design company3440011
334ecommerce stats794002.5
335ecommerce website cost334003
336best ecommerce website builder for small business504005
337best ecommerce software714005
338best ecommerce website design52400 4
339ecommerce promotion strategy544005
340ecommerce marketing agencies2140015
341what ecommerce platform57400 1
342how to start a ecommerce business without money294001.7
343ecommerce payment processors4940011
344ecommerce fraud prevention2240030
345dropshipping ecommerce594001.3
346build an ecommerce website674007
347shipping for ecommerce44400 6
348salesforce b2b ecommerce04008
349ecommerce best practices173503.5
350ecommerce product photography243503.5
351en route to dhl ecommerce or awaiting processing1350
352ecommerce future273503
353ecommerce cloud603507
354dtc ecommerce283504
355ecommerce fulfillment service4835016
356quickbooks ecommerce43508
357free ecommerce703503
358ecommerce books53500.3 
359ecommerce stores for sale323501.5
360fashion ecommerce333503
361ecommerce sales tax303501.9
362best hosting for ecommerce42350 6
363ecommerce flippers233501.5
364how to make an ecommerce website603503.5
365salesforce ecommerce7350 6
366is ecommerce legit03501
367ecommerce ppc1235030
368ecommerce training313502.5
369ecommerce landing page153504
370enterprise ecommerce solutions935020
371ecommerce salary123500.5
372ecommerce web builder67 3508
373dhl ecommerce tracking number513500.04
374reddit ecommerce63501.8
375best ecommerce seo6835011
376ecommerce magento293506
377enterprise ecommerce1935018
378ecommerce development services383507
379ecommerce credit card processing4435015
380top ecommerce website593501.7
381ecommerce development companies3235011
382ai ecommerce133504.5
383health ecommerce1235011
384ecommerce marketing company2835015
385marketing for ecommerce63350 4.5
386ecommerce filters93506
387the future of ecommerce283503
388cheap ecommerce website263504.5
389ecommerce seo best practices603502.5
390ecommerce crm123509
391ecommerce resume153500.5
392ecommerce businesses503501.6
393ecommerce platform comparison68350 3.5
394ecommerce on facebook43350 1.8
395ecommerce best743501.7
396ecommerce warehouse management53509
397online ecommerce773504.5
398ecommerce expert153506
399free ecommerce template293502.5
400ecommerce podcast103502.5
401ecommerce automation software73508
402how to make money with ecommerce253500.9
403google ecommerce513502
404order management system ecommerce18350 18
405best free ecommerce website builder413503.5
406ecommerce fulfillment companies2835019
407magento for ecommerce32350
408ecommerce for services253502.5
409ecommerce reddit13501.8
410free ecommerce templates303502.5
411ecommerce integrations23506
412search in ecommerce1035016
413ecommerce development solutions243508
414ecommerce experience143502.5
415ecommerce search engine335016
416ai in ecommerce253504.5
417ecommerce filter53506
418b2b ecommerce examples24350 5
419cms for ecommerce83505
420personalization ecommerce4235011
421ecommerce business meaning783000.6
422template ecommerce453002
423inventory management for ecommerce18300
424what’s ecommerce783001.2
425how to make ecommerce website633003.5
426digital marketing and ecommerce523002.5
427ecommerce accounting software26300 20
428ecommerce tips333001.5
429ecommerce seo tips603001.2
430how to get started in ecommerce673001.6
431lightspeed ecommerce243004.5
432xborderpay ecommerce23001.4
433seo for ecommerce site743004.5
434ecommerce small business353004
435ecommerce manager jobs03000.2
436what is ecommerce marketing593001.2
437ecommerce builder653006
438ecommerce fraud protection2230035
439ecommerce email marketing agency2130010
440cloud ecommerce423007
441ecommerce payment solutions4230012
442ecommerce website designing company4230011
443how to ecommerce673001.5
444ecommerce podcasts93002.5
445inventory management ecommerce1530020
446what is b2b ecommerce623002.5 
447build ecommerce web site683008
448marketing automation ecommerce830012
449digital marketing for ecommerce713003.5
450ecommerce web designers4730016
451wix ecommerce vs shopify313001.1
452ecommerce saas123003.5
453ecommerce returns133007
454ecommerce analytics tools930012
455artificial intelligence in ecommerce243004.5
456ecommerce digital agency313009
457biggest ecommerce companies44300 2
458squarespace ecommerce pricing353002.5
459ecommerce insights163003
460ecommerce website design companies1530011
461payment gateway for ecommerce3930010
462ecommerce web builders673008
463ecommerce website free793004
464ecommerce search11300 20
465ecommerce software development930011
466intuit ecommerce service133003.5
467ecommerce software solution5430015 
468ecommerce seo companies3230012 
469ecommerce sitemap5300 3
470stripe for ecommerce343004.5
4713pl ecommerce fulfillment36300 20
472ecommerce website development services403006
473ecommerce shipping software223009
474content marketing for ecommerce213009
475is ecommerce worth it23001.3
476ga4 ecommerce263005
477ecommerce conversion optimization42300 14
478ecommerce def783002.5
479best ecommerce solution783004.5
480integrated ecommerce13006
481ecommerce copywriting93002.5
482design ecommerce website513007
483ecommerce payment gateways4330010
484ecommerce product manager23004
485ecommerce template free243002.5
486ecommerce manager job description63000.7
487google analytics ecommerce403004
488ecommerce examples503001
489ecommerce app development company1430011
490ecommerce careers103000.3
491dhl ecommerce facility43001.7
492b2c ecommerce573003
493how to start an ecommerce business on amazon243001.6
494ecommerce company qnet133008
495ecommerce fulfilment services3530016
496search engine ecommerce330016
497director of ecommerce33000.6 
498ecommerce ads73006
499definition of ecommerce783000.3
500ecommerce ppc agency330035

We’ve just provided a comprehensive list for your reference. But why stop there? For those who want to dive deeper and gain an edge in the market, we have something special.

We’ve compiled a thorough spreadsheet containing the top 1000 e-commerce keywords, complete with detailed attributes. This means more insights, potential traffic, and even more opportunities to connect with your customers!

You can get the spreadsheet here.

 But hang on. It doesn’t stop here. We have something more to offer. 

Top E-Commerce Keywords By Industry 

While the general e-commerce keywords list above offers an overview, honing in on specific industry-related keywords can help you fine-tune your online store’s strategy.

If your business caters to particular categories, we have just the thing for you. We’ve created a single Excel sheet that compiles the top keywords for these specific industries:

  • Clothing
  • Home & Garden
  • Health & Beauty
  • Sporting Goods
  • Pet Products

Selecting these industry-specific keywords is more than a simple task. It’s a strategic decision that can help you align with your customer’s needs and distinguish your business in a competitive marketplace.

Download the Excel Sheet for Top Industry-Specific E-Commerce Keywords here.

This organized collection of keywords will help you understand the different nuances of each industry, providing you with the insights you need to make your business stand out.

But what if there’s a way to go beyond understanding and selection? A way to not only know which keywords to use but also to have them customized precisely for your business needs? That’s where our innovation comes in.

Take Advantage of AdNabu’s AI for Better Keywords

Finding the right keywords is crucial in e-commerce. AdNabu’s tool makes it even easier:

  1. Get High-Ranking Keywords from Google: AdNabu brings you new and winning keywords straight from Google’s Keyword Planner. These keywords help increase sales and bring more customers to your Shopify store.
  1. Reach Customers Worldwide: With support for over 30+ languages, AdNabu helps you connect with customers worldwide.
  1. Save Time with Automation: AdNabu’s AI does the hard work for you. It helps with keyword research, creates attractive product titles, and lets you focus on running your business.
  1. Boosted Visibility: When product listings are keyword-rich, your ad rank automatically shoots up, increasing ad visibility and placing you above your competitors.
  1. Targeted Reach: When you target specific keywords and queries, your ads will reach your target audience, enhancing the effectiveness of your campaigns.

How to Utilize the Keyword Suggestions Feature?

  1. Connect Your Account: Make sure your Google Ads account is linked to the Google Shopping Feed app.
  1. Select the Product: Click on the product you want to edit.
  2. View & Apply Keywords: Click on the keyword suggestions to view the top 10 keywords suggested by Google and incorporate the best ones into your titles and descriptions.
A screenshot displaying the appearance of top e-commerce keyword suggestions within our Google Shopping Feed app.

With these simple steps, you can elevate your Google Shopping Feed’s performance and make the most of our keyword suggestion feature. 

Things to Consider While Selecting Keywords for Your Online Store

Now that you’ve gathered the top e-commerce keywords and have access to the right tools, you may wonder how to implement them strategically. Here’s what to consider:

Consideration #1: Stay Updated with Algorithm Changes

Search engines often change their algorithms, and utilizing a top e-commerce keyword research tool can keep you ahead of these shifts, ensuring that your strategies remain aligned with the current SEO landscape.

Consideration #2: Balance Between High-Volume and Low-Volume Keywords

Top e-commerce keyword research involves finding a perfect balance between high and low-volume keywords. High-volume keywords can drive traffic, while low-volume ones can target niche markets effectively.

Consideration #3: Seasonal and Trend-Based Planning

Since e-commerce keywords often change with seasonal shifts and emerging trends, planning your keywords around these variations can keep your store’s content relevant throughout the year.

Consideration #4: Utilize Long-Tail Keywords

Long-tail keywords are essential in connecting with customers looking for precise products. Incorporating them into your strategy can enhance your reach and specificity.

Consideration #5: Monitor Keyword Performance

Using a top e-commerce keyword research tool to assess and monitor the performance of your chosen keywords continually enables prompt adjustments, ensuring alignment with your business goals.

Consideration #6: Explore top paid e-commerce keywords 

Don’t miss out on top paid e-commerce keywords. They can be a game-changing strategy for your online store. Some benefits of paid e-commerce keyword strategies are immediate visibility on search engine results pages, the ability to control your budget and ROI, targeted marketing based on customer demographics, and the flexibility to test and experiment with various aspects of your advertising campaigns. With this approach, you can optimize your store’s reach and engagement, aligning with the unique needs and interests of your audience.


With this blog, you’ve gained access to over 500 top e-commerce keywords and insights into specific industries. This information is here to guide you in connecting with your audience more effectively. Should you want to explore further and take your keyword game to the next level, our tool is available for your use. 

We hope this knowledge sets you on the path to a successful 2023 for your online store.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Where do the top e-commerce keywords listed for 2023 come from, and how reliable are they?

A: All the e-commerce keywords mentioned in this blog have been carefully compiled using data from AHREFS, a leading SEO tool. This ensures that all the keyword data is reliable and authentic. 

Q: How often are the top e-commerce keywords updated on the site?

A: We understand the ever-changing nature of the e-commerce landscape, so we update the top e-commerce keywords data every 2-3 months. This helps align our list with current trends and provides valuable insights for your online store.

Q: What is AdNabu’s keyword feature, and how does it assist in finding high-ranking keywords?

A: AdNabu’s keyword feature leverages Google’s Keyword Planner to fetch authentic high-ranking keywords directly. These keywords are specially provided to increase sales and attract more customers to your Shopify store. By using this feature, you can easily find winning keywords to elevate your Google Shopping Feed’s performance.