If there’s one factor that didn’t change in the many updates Google rolled out over the past few years, it’s keyword research. Finding the right keywords remains crucial to building a successful ad campaign or generally strengthening any content to show up high on the search engine results list.

The keyword research process, however, has gone through its own facelift. It remains consistent that accurate keyword and regular keyword research is crucial for inbound marketers of an eCommerce business to create, maintain, and optimize digital marketing campaigns of all types.

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Firstly, what is the keyword? It’s a word or phrase that accurately covers everything your product, service, or eCommerce site boils down to. They also double up as queries users type into search engines to find related links. A keyword list can be as short or as long as you want it to be, depending on your research strategy.

There exist different types of keywords and keyword phrases. Short tail keywords are made up of 3 or fewer words. They’re also called head keywords and are, more often than not, high-ranking and extremely common. Long-tail keywords are highly-specific phrases used by users who know what they’re looking for. These are less competitive but are more conversion-driven than the short tail. Mid-tail keywords are what most strategies focus on, as they’re the midpoint between the head and long-tail keywords.

The ideal keyword strategy focuses heavily on mid-tail keywords, with a few long-tail and head keywords thrown in for good measure.

The matter is not just about using keywords directly in copy but using keyword research to identify and build on popular user search queries to form strategies and business plans. Keywords are a door to a user’s mind in that they tell any business what a user wants to learn more about- topics, trends, and interests.

eCommerce SEO ideally involves a lot of keyword research because it helps identify where and how user interest is spread and how a business can capitalize on this, whether in their products, marketing, or reach. It also helps to identify how well or badly a business ranks in the search results for the most relevant keyword to its products or services. This, in turn, is crucial in pinpointing where a campaign is failing and whether strategic measures need to be taken to improve rankings on the Search Engine Results Page (SERPs).

What are the current top eCommerce keywords?

By 2021, global eCommerce sales will have grown to nearly 250% since 2014, potentially crossing the $4 trillion mark. Needless to say, eCommerce keywords are likely some of the most researched terms on the internet.

eCommerce has different facets and nuances, but Google Ads can help find eCommerce-related keywords that are relevant to your business, products, and services.

The current top eCommerce keywords are those with high search volume. These indicate that thousands of users are searching for them or related terms every month and that the interest brewing around the keywords could possibly be leveraged by a business. Google Ads allows marketers to find these keywords and view their volumes, competition levels, and costs per click (CPC).

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Google Ads offers a Keyword Planner to find keywords from search queries and divide them based on search volume, monthly searches, and competition. For eCommerce businesses, Keyword Planner can identify words or phrases relevant to your service to use in any and all forms of digital marketing.

Keyword planning is key to effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of content. No matter what kind of content-blog posts, articles, on-page SEO for category pages, whitepapers, or even meta descriptions- keywords and keyword research can make or break your digital marketing campaign.

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Keyword implementation can be done through many strategies. Businesses could look for the top keywords in their niche to use in content. However, this doesn’t always guarantee high rankings on search pages, especially if your business is smaller and has no chance of pushing out the biggest players in the industry. In this case, finding niche keywords might work better, as it will help target users who know specifically what they’re looking for but want to know where to find it.

List of top eCommerce Keywords

2DHL ecommerce23500008
3DHL ecommerce tracking26370003.5
4ecommerce website69900025
5what is ecommerce6177009
6ecommerce platforms60630035
7best ecommerce platform60600020
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11free ecommerce website53310020
12dhl ecommerce tracking number2730003
13wordpress ecommerce48240013
14ecommerce jobs722001.1
15dhl ecommerce distribution center220009
16ecommerce definition6118008
17squarespace ecommerce9180013
18how to start an ecommerce business54180018
19ecommerce store70170025
20ecommerce website builder51150040
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22dhl ecommerce us261400 
23best ecommerce website builder43130040
24ecommerce marketing33130018
25director of ecommerce013000
26ecommerce sites61110018
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28ecommerce websites59110025
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31ecommerce stores46110017
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33ecommerce site65100020
34ecommerce news3690018
35wordpress ecommerce themes5390015
36best ecommerce platform 201946900 
37ecommerce software5590030
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48apple ecommerce287002
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50ecommerce or e-commerce14700 
51best ecommerce websites5060025
52ecommerce meaning6160020
53ecommerce trends4860010
54ecommerce website templates4360013
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58ecommerce manager salary16000
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Why do you need to research top eCommerce keywords for your business?

The power of keyword research lies in understanding your target market and demographics. However, things can work the other way around, too- keyword research can identify the target audience among a host of other benefits:

Need #1: Hemin on target audience and demographics.

By looking at a keyword dump relating to your business and industry, a business can ring-fence a demographic, psychographic, or basic group of people to advertise their products or services. This sets the tone for upcoming advertising and digital marketing strategies. It also positions your content to match user queries and ranks on search engines.

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Need #2: Drive organic traffic to your website.

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising has its uses, but nothing can take away from the genuineness and trust that an organically appearing link can generate in a user’s mind. Ranking for a top keyword indicates to a user that you’re trustworthy, and the lack of the ‘ad’ symbol next to your headline will work in your favor because it seems like your business is so relevant (which it is!) that it’s made it to the list all on its own.

Need #3: Create a content strategy.

Before putting any content out there, it is crucial to building a content strategy that outlines the types of content, how often they will go out, what they will talk about and what kind of traffic they will aim to bring in. Looking for the top eCommerce keywords will help you zone in on topics or general frameworks to create content, which you can customize to suit your purposes. Right from web page content to social media captions, keywords can determine what to write about, when to write about it, and whom to aim it at.

Need #4: Revisit existing content.

If you’re a new business or haven’t paid much attention to SEO, chances are your content isn’t as powerful as it can be. This could be due to weak writing, lack of head keywords, or even broken hyperlinks. Using the top eCommerce keywords, you can create a content-to-keyword strategy that maps your content to a specific high-volume keyword, automatically making them much stronger in terms of page authority, organic traffic, and any other important business metrics.

Need #5: Write compelling product descriptions.

Every eCommerce business knows that a product description on their stories store can make or break a sale. This is why there’s been a surge in firms going to content companies for fresh product descriptions that are accurate and search engine optimized. Keywords can help identify trending products and product categories, so leverage them even in 50-word descriptions to make the most of their power.

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Need #6: Find related keywords.

The beauty of top eCommerce keywords is that each word or phrase opens up a new avenue of related keywords that define your business even more, even if you hadn’t thought of it. Every keyword list must have a variety of keywords to drive traffic from all possible angles- so a list of head keywords is simply not enough. However, head keywords can lead to related search queries and a more comprehensive list of matching keywords.

Need #7: Optimize individual pages.

Businesses can’t afford to cut corners when it comes to making each web page of a site an SEO-friendly one. A top eCommerce keywords list can be further divided based on pages so that each page has content either centered around one main top keyword or contains related keywords based on one head keyword from the list. Digital marketing strategies are hit when only the home page ranks because organic traffic is more likely to come to other pages for specific services, products, or categories on your website or eCommerce store.

How to create a list of top eCommerce keywords for your business on Google Ads

Before actually diving into Google’s default method and other options, it’s important to evaluate what your head keywords are. These are a set of short keywords that focus heavily on your business, products, and services overall. Within these are the more general and slightly niche ones- be wary of which ones you take and how many you take of each.

For example, ‘online store,’ ‘online business,’ ‘eCommerce business, and ‘shopping cart’ are in the top 4 in the list of popular eCommerce keywords. These may fit your eCommerce business, but they’re way too broad to be useful in diverting traffic to reaching goals.

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Instead, zeroing in on keywords like ‘shoes online if you’re a shoe retailer or ‘buy t-shirts online’ if you sell clothes might be much for fruitful in your keyword strategy and as keywords on their own.

Method #1: The default way to create a keyword list

Step 1. Sign in to your Google Ads account and click the ‘tools’ icon in the upper right corner.

Step 2. Navigate to ‘Planning’ and hit ‘Keyword Planner.

Step 3. In the ‘Find new keywords’ search box, either type

Your head keywords or similar phrases that match what you are advertising

The URL of a specifically targeted web page, or your entire business website

Step 4. Click on ‘Get Started’ to see the table of results.

Step 5. To download selected keywords based on your metrics, tick the checkbox next to the keywords you want to include.

Step 6. Click on ‘Add to Plan’ to save these keywords to your account for building campaigns.

Step 7. Download the plan as a .csv if required to build offline strategies.

Method #2: The AdNabu way to create a keyword list

Creating an account and setting it up might be easy, but it gets harder to maintain and use these saved keywords correctly on Google Ads. Many businesses don’t have the time or the resources but desperately need this feature to promote products and services- for them, it’s ideal for getting in touch with an SEO or Google Ads expert like AdNabu to correctly finesse the system and leverage every keyword to its maximum potential.

By signing up on AdNabu for free, businesses can learn and understand how to work with Google Ads and the Keyword Planner or can allow the team to set up and monitor every aspect for a hands-free experience. Not only does this help to increase conversions by more than 30%, but it also reduces the chances of wasting hard-earned money on wrong strategies and unnecessary processes. The company can also create multiple ad campaigns toward business goals and identify the best-performing ones with the potential for high investment returns.

Google Ads Keyword Planner allows users to download a massive list of related keywords once a head keyword is entered, along with the domain or country you want to target.

The terms on the datasheet might be confusing, so here’s a breakdown of a few key subheadings:

Keyword (by relevance): these are keywords related to your entered head keyword ranked by most to least relevant.

Average Monthly Searches: This range indicates the average number of times the corresponding keyword has been searched for in a month.

Competition: This column indicates how easy or difficult it would be to rank for that keyword based on the number of advertisers that showed up for it.

Top-of-page bid (low range): The lower range of bids that have been paid by advertisers in the past to rank on the top of the page.

Top-of-page bid (high range): The higher range of bids paid in the past to rank on the top of the page.

Top Page bids are important for PPC advertising but not so much for organic keyword ranking.

Best practices in creating a list of top eCommerce keywords for your business

Like with any other tool out, there are ways to use Google Ads’ Keyword Planner, and there are ways to further finesse it to deliver the results you’re looking for.

Best Practice #1: Target specific keywords.

Using Keyword Planner, you can zero in on keywords that are as specific as can get to your business, products, and services. It’s always important to find the right broad and long-tail keywords because these bring a huge amount of relevant traffic to your site or destination URL, as they most closely match what a user is specifically searching for.

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Best Practice #2: Use negative keywords.

These keywords are those that are highly irrelevant or at least the least relevant to your business and services. Setting negative keywords helps to streamline your keywords list and ensure that ad spending is not wasted on irrelevant keywords that may match one of your key phrases but in the wrong manner. For example, a luxury clothing dealer would list ‘used luxury clothes’ and ‘second-hand luxury’ as negative keywords because otherwise, it’ll drive irrelevant traffic to their website.

Best Practice #3: Optimize landing pages.

All elements on the destination landing page need to be improved and optimized to increase conversions. Once a user clicks through a link on a search engine, a landing page is where they reach, and if this isn’t convincing, then no keyword strategy will be powerful enough to convert a lead.

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Best Practice #4: Don’t use a stagnant keyword list.

Even though your business goals and target audience remain the same for at least a year, user search queries don’t- they’re dynamic. Keywords need to be updated at least once every six months with the latest search terms and queries so that your content continues to target the right market. On that note, a short keyword list is also stagnant, so consider adding in as many (relevant) head, mid-tail, and long-tail keywords as possible on the regular.

Best Practice #5: Go beyond the popular searches.

Focusing on popular keywords is good, but it isn’t enough. These usually have high volumes and high competition, so it’s quite a struggle to rank among so many competitors. Since they’re popular, they are also the most expensive. However, mid-tail and long-tail keywords are extremely effective in boosting conversion, sometimes even more than popular keywords, because they’re specific and unique.

Best Practice #6: Look for semantic keywords.

Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) is a method the Google search engine uses to identify exactly what a user is talking about when they enter a keyword to provide more relevant results. Common semantic keywords can be seen in Google’s drop-down when a search term is entered. Finding these semantic keywords can add to your keywords list to provide more context, give your content more relevance, and rope in more leads.

Best Practice #7: Place keywords in the right areas.

Just as keyword use is important, it’s equally crucial to use these keywords in the right parts of your content. Content optimization is a different ball game, but a few quick measures would be to put keywords in the page’s title and SEO title, in the meta description, in links, and in an alternative text for images.

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Things to look out for a while creating a list of top eCommerce keywords

Consideration #1: Keywords change by season or trends.

For eCommerce stores, trends and seasons are crucial selling periods. Keywords are even more important during these times of the year because they boost leads and traffic. Consider outlining trend-specific and season-specific keywords to use during these times only so you drive relevant traffic and make your presence known, especially when countless other businesses launch sales simultaneously.

Consideration #2: Don’t ignore low-volume keywords.

The 411 on low-volume keywords is that you can’t ignore them. These keywords sometimes gain popularity all of a sudden; this is when the leads start rolling in. While investing in and bidding on low-volume keywords is wise, don’t put all your eggs in one basket and divert a heavy chunk of money to this because they are niche keywords that can be hit and miss.

Consideration #3: Google’s keyword algorithms change.

SEO in 2021 is not what it was in 2006 and isn’t what it will be in 2025. Google continuously updates or changes its algorithms to ensure users find the most relevant content on their search pages. Marketers must, therefore, keep a watchful eye out for changes like these and be ready to create a new SEO strategy on the fly or risk being buried at the bottom of the page.


Performing regular SEO audits, inspecting page elements, and ensuring the links work fine is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to leveraging keywords and keyword research to make your web page SEO-optimized. However, keywords are crucial to any eCommerce business, and the top eCommerce keywords can open up new avenues in customer acquisition and lead generation.


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