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How is the new Enhanced CPC going to change the bidding game?


A little about the basics of CPC and auctions – To understand enhanced CPC (cost-per-click), let’s recap the concept of cost-per-click and how auctions work. Cost-per-click is the bidding strategy in Google AdWords. Google, therefore, charges an advertiser only when a user clicks on their ad copy. The link in the ad copy redirects the user to the landing page. Google rules out the cost for...

What is Cost Per Click in Google AdWords?


What is the cost per click? Cost per click is the price an advertiser pays to a pay-per-click advertising campaign service provider like Google AdWords or Microsoft Bing Ads, for each click the advertiser get on their ad through these PPC platforms. Note: CPC is a measurement of an advertising campaign’s cost on per-click basis whereas PPC is a payment method of an advertisement campaign based on...

Should You Ever Pause Keywords That Are Under Performing Or Not?


Often we are in the dilemma to pause keywords that are under performing or not. We face this scenario day in and day out. You have 100s of ad groups, most of them are converting at a good conversion ratio. But there are some ad groups which have a lower conversion ratio. What should you do in this case? We are assuming in this post that you have a good campaign structure with single keyword ad...

Why Is There a Difference Between Average CPC and Max CPC?


Why Is There a Difference Between Average CPC and Max CPC? Bidding in AdWords is extremely complex. Every time a user searches in Google, an auction takes place between many advertisers who are targeting the search term. How much each advertiser needs to pay depends both on the max CPC bid & the quality score. Let us now study Average CPC and Max CPC in detail. Max CPC Max CPC is the variable...

How Often Should You Change Keywords Bids or AdGroups?


A good marketer or marketing software would constantly change keywords bids and of ad groups based on past performance of these campaigns to achieve marketing objectives. There are 2 phases with different strategies for bid changes. Experimenting before you change keywords bids – In this phase, you are trying out a new campaign and you hardly know the conversion ratio. Your objective here...

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