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How to Use Google Shopping Bidding Strategies


What is Google Shopping Bidding Strategies?  There’s no second doubt about the fact that Google Shopping (previously known as Product Listing Ads) is one of the most reliable platforms to give your eCommerce store the right head start. It counts as one of the most trusted platforms to introduce your brand to a broader section of customers and acquire a strong base online.  Google...

AdWords Conversion Settings for Optimized Bid Strategy


AdWords Conversion Settings go a long way. From choosing the right conversion actions to tracking the conversion actions, it is must for all advertisers do religiously. Conversion data plays a big part in adjusting budgets, bids and measure campaign performance. Track your all conversion actions with  AdWords Conversion Pixel & Tracking Code one of the best apps among the must-try Shopify...

AdWords Bid Strategy Status Explained!


Keywords Bid Strategy AdWords Bid Strategy Status indicates whether automated bid strategies for AdWords campaigns are active or not. AdWords Bid Strategy Status also highlights the reasons if bidding is limited. Know your campaign status in AdWords PS: Bid Strategy Status is applicable only to those advertisers who use AdWords automated bidding. In this article, I have explained different...