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How to Prepare your Online Store for Black Friday to Be Ahead of the Game


As an ecommerce merchant to prepare for the Black Friday fever is to provide low prices and high product availability, but it’s not enough. To make things go smoothly, we highly recommend laying out a plan to meet a situation head-on. And if an issue of preparation is still up in the air for you, just run through our article and check if you're ready.

Facebook Ads Vs. Google Ads: Which Is Better for Your Business Objectives?


Are you planning to advertise your business online, but cannot decide what platforms to use? In choosing the right channel to promote your company, products, or services, you need to consider several factors, like maximum visibility, costs, and return on investment (ROI). At present, the leading platforms in online advertising are Google Ads and Facebook Ads. Which one should you choose? In...

AdWords Campaign Status Explained


AdWords campaign status is an indicator of the current state of a campaign in AdWords.  The “status” column has this information. The status column holds information about the campaign, and it’s bidding strategy as well. AdWords campaign status tells if your campaigns are running or they are stopped performing due to some errors like budget limitations. How to check AdWords...

What Are Product Listing Ads (PLA Ads) and How Do They Work?


What are Product Listing Ads or PLA’s? Product Listing Ads is a service provided by Google. It allows customers to search for, view, and compare products. Now it is known as “Google Shopping Ads”. This feature saves users from the need to create unique product advertisements. Why? It helps in incorporating the pictures, title, and description along with the price for every product in your ad...