campaign status in adwords

Google Ads campaign status is an indicator of the current state of a campaign in AdWords.  The “status” column has this information.

The status column also holds information about the campaign and its bidding strategy.

AdWords campaign status tells if your campaigns are running or they are stopped performing due to some errors like budget limitations.

How to check Google Ads Campaign Status?

  1. Log in to your Google Ads account.
  2. Click on “campaigns” on the page menu on the left.
  3. Look at the “status” column next to the “daily budget” column.

Different Google Ads Campaign Status

There are six different Google Ads campaign statuses. I have explained the meaning and fixes of the statuses below.

Eligible: Eligible campaigns are active and can show ads. If Google marks your campaign “eligible” and your ads aren’t showing, this might be due to various reasons. You can check ad statuses from the page menu on the left.

Paused: Paused campaigns are inactive because the AdWords user paused them manually. Ads in these campaigns don’t show. And while campaigns are paused, they don’t pile new costs. To resume a paused campaign, click on the status icon.

Removed: Removed campaigns are also inactive because the user deleted them manually.

Pending: Pending campaigns are inactive because their scheduled start date is still in the future. To adjust the start date and end date of campaigns, select a campaign and check the settings option on the page menu on the left.

Ended: Ended campaigns are inactive because their scheduled end date is passed.

Limited by budget: Limited by-budget campaigns are active campaigns. But ads aren’t showing as the budget is limited. You can adjust the daily budget of campaigns by clicking on the pencil icon next to “daily budget”.

The table on the “campaigns” page has a “bid strategy type” column with bid-related information that might affect the campaigns’ performance.

Learn more about bid strategy status.


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