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How is the new Enhanced CPC going to change the bidding game?


A little about the basics of CPC and auctions – To understand enhanced CPC (cost-per-click), let’s recap the concept of cost-per-click and how auctions work. Cost-per-click is the bidding strategy in Google AdWords. Google, therefore, charges an advertiser only when a user clicks on their ad copy. The link in the ad copy redirects the user to the landing page. Google rules out the cost for...

What is a Landing Page? What are the different types of Landing Pages?


To understand the idea of a landing page better, let’s first see what it is not. Online pages, including a website’s home page, are simply called web pages. Users will not be able to find highly relevant information with respect to their query in normal pages. These pages are more generic in nature and allow visitors to explore the website and discover content on their own. What is a Landing Page...

Is it True That Cost-Per-Conversion Increases Exponentially As Conversions Increase?


Is it True That Cost-Per-Conversion Increases Exponentially As Conversions Increase? As an advertiser lets say you are targeting all relevant keywords from your account and now want to increase your number of conversions per month. The question here is that if it is true that cost-per-conversion increases? And what would the cost come to be? Most, however, fall into a linear growth model for the...

How to Setup Monthly or Weekly Budget in Google AdWords


Google AdWords by default allows daily budget to be set at the campaign level. But most business would want to set a maximum spend on a monthly/weekly basis. Although there is no straightforward solution to this, we can use automated rules to pause the campaigns if the cost increases beyond a threshold. Monthly Budgets using Automated Rules The following automated rule will run every day in the...

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