AdWords Call conversion Tracking

AdWords Call conversion tracking will help if you are allowing customers to make a business call directly through their smartphones or have mentioned your contact number on your website. If you are not sure if you need to track conversions, check out my previous blog why is it important to track conversions in AdWords. If you wish to learn how to track conversions on your website, visitWebsite conversion tracking for AdWords.

Call Conversion Setup

You have to follow the below steps to setup call conversions:

  1. On top of your Adwords homepage. Click on Tools->conversions

  2. Click on +Conversion button to create a new conversion tracking

  3. Select phone calls of the options displayed
  4. Now select the call tracking applicable in your case. There are 3 different kinds of tracking we can select(as in the image below):

    1. Call from ads using call extensions or call-only ads
    2. Call to a phone number on your website
    3. Click on your number on your mobile website
  5. A form will display on the screen. Fill out the details as described below:

    1. Name

      Fill the unique name for the conversion tracking as you may want to apply a different type of conversion tracking for a different campaign. This will help you recognize it later when evaluating the performance

    2. Value

      Enter the value you wish to assign to each call or in case you are not sure and just want to count the number of calls, select Dont assign a value

    3. Call Length

      To make sure, the customer call is a valid call and hasnt called you by mistake, you can assign a value to the call length(in seconds), so it will be counted as a conversion only if the call lasts for at least that duration. It is generally suggested to keep it to 60 seconds. This way, you can filter calls which are short and probably include no valuable action for you

    4. Count

      If a customer calls you multiple times, count helps you define whether you want to count every conversion or just once. Usually, in this case, your industry type defines this number. If you are collecting leads, it is suggested that you count it once unless you are into a business like teleshopping where each call could be to place an order.

    5. Conversion Window

      If a customer completes a conversion action with in the conversion window after clicking on an ad, conversion isattributed to Google AdWords. Else the conversion is not attributed to the campaign as the user took too long to complete a conversionand might have been influenced by something else. The conversion window can be anything between 1 to 60 days. Though it is suggested to keep it 30 days.

    6. CategoryHelp you define the category which fits your conversion action for better analysis later. You can select any of these: Lead, Sign-up, purchase/sale or others.
    7. Include in conversions

      Includes data from conversion action to the conversions column

Applying call conversion

Once the call conversion setup is done. You will get an option to apply the changes to the relevant ads based on the type of tracking requirement. These can be either applying changes to call only ads or call extension. Both have different steps as addressed in the different sections below.

Applying call conversion to call-only campaign

  1. Firstly, select the call only campaign you wish to apply the call tracking to and click on Ads
  2. Now Click on individual ads to change the setting.
  3. After clicking below form will open up. Here, select radio button On for call reporting. Also, check the checkbox under report conversions to count calls as phone call conversion and the click on conversion action
  4. Select the newly created call conversion tracking by name under the drop down menu. Further save ad to set up the new conversion tracking

Applying call conversion to call extension

  1. First of all, open the campaign you want to apply call conversion to. Click on Ad extensions.

  2. Open call extension type and click on the pencil next to the number you want to edit

  3. Now select the phone number you want to apply changes to. Click on the pencil next to the number selected.
  4. A pop-up window will appear as below. Select radio button On for call reporting and click on advanced settings.

  5. Under advanced settings, click on conversion action under report phone call conversions
  6. Select the new conversion action by name under the drop down and save changes.


Using call conversion tracking can help you track all your calls coming from AdWords. This will give you a clear visual of if your calls are converting into leads/customers and allow you to invest more wisely on campaigns that bring a better return on investment(ROI).


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