change your Etsy shop name

If you’re reading this blog article, it’s probably because you’ve considered how to change your Etsy shop name. Perhaps the time has come for a name change and you want to know how to do it without difficulties.

We’ll walk you through how to make modifications on Etsy so that your new company may begin with a clean slate.

Etsy shops, like other small firms and online retailers, are always changing until they discover their “brand.”

This is due to the fact that there are numerous people who start an Etsy shop with a single ambition but few successes. They develop and sell a product they have designed themselves, then attempt to gain a fan base for it.

However, once an Etsy store discovers what works for them, they frequently adapt their own “brand,” which has a higher degree of success!

Consider the following scenario: you start selling basic jacket and bag pins, but then develop a brand of pins that focuses on a certain theme (animals, sweets, cuisine, cartoon characters, quotations, etc.). You will want your store to better reflect this brand than it did when you initially began.

It’s also possible that you’ll have to change your name, logo, color palette, email addresses, and even social media handles.

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How to change your Etsy store name?

Once you’ve established your brand, it’s time to start promoting. Word of mouth and internet marketing will take off as more recognized brands emerge among the ranks of new businesses.

Let’s talk about how to rename your Etsy store and what you should consider.

Things to Know Before you Change Your Etsy Shop Name:

The following are the essential guidelines to bear in mind when altering your Etsy shop name:

  • The names of Etsy shops can’t be more than 20 characters long.
  • Etsy shop names can’t have punctuation or spacing.
  • Etsy’s naming rules are quite strict, so many small businesses choose to start with a name that satisfies Etsy standards.
  • Your shop’s name becomes its URL.
  • Once your shop has gone live, you are only allowed to change your Etsy shop name five times.
  • You may alter the name of your Etsy shop as many times as you like before it goes live.
  • Once you change your Etsy shop name to a new one, the old one is no longer available for reuse.

These are all clear Etsy rules that must be followed if you decide to change your shop name.

This is why you should define your shop’s purpose ahead of time while going through the naming procedure. You won’t be able to do so if you choose a new name and wish you could use the old one again.

Furthermore, knowing the brand you wish to represent to your consumers and the shop’s mission is essential in selecting a great store name.

Finally, before making a decision to alter your shop name, go through each of these regulations thoroughly at least once. You won’t want to forget about a rule and encounter issues later as a result.

How to Change Your Etsy Shop Name?

To change your Etsy shop name simple follow these steps:

Step#1: Log in to your Etsy Account and click Shop Manager.

change your Etsy shop name - Step 1

Step#2: Click Settings as shown below.

change your Etsy shop name - Step 2

Step#3: In Settings Menu, Click Info & Appearance.

change your Etsy shop name - Step 3

Step#4: Click Shop Name in Top. Then Choose Change next to Shop name.

change your Etsy shop name - Step 4

Step#5: Enter your new Etsy shop name.

change your Etsy shop name - Step 5

Step#6: Click Save.

change your Etsy shop name - Step 6

There are many restrictions when it comes to the name of your Etsy store. It can contain up to 20 characters, and punctuation or spaces are not allowed. Capital letters, such as “AfterParty” or “AfterShockClothing,” can be used to separate words (both made-up shop names).

You can make that your official Etsy shop name if you find one that you like and that reflects the way you conduct business.

Your shop name is a URL that must always be included in the URL for your Etsy shop: and

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What Exactly Happens When You Change the Etsy shop Name?

When you alter the name of your Etsy shop, it’ll be visible on your webstore.

While it’s uncertain whether customers receive alerts from your store name change, you should notify your consumers and followers on social media.

You may be confused by the modifications you make to your shop if you aren’t clear about them. Customers could believe you closed down if you’re not clear about the changes you make to your store.

Customers will appreciate being informed of changes as soon as they happen. As a result, if you discover that the change has harmed your rankings or negatively affected sales, you can instantly revert to an older version and repair any damage sustained.

Customers may lose trust in you if you are less open.

What happens if I need to change my Etsy shop name again?

You may change the name of your Etsy shop as often as you like before it opens.

You may update your shop name in Info & Appearance up to five times after it opens. Use the same form to submit a name change request if you want to alter it again. Etsy Support will then evaluate the request.

How do I know if an Etsy shop name is available?

A shop name can’t be reused after it has been used in an open shop. On Etsy, searching for a name is ineffective because it might belong to a closed store.

Keep in mind that if it’s a username or a closed shop, the name will not show in the search.

You can’t reuse a shop name on another account even if you close it. Instead, you may reopen your store.

What if the Etsy shop name for which I am the rights holder is not available?

If you own intellectual property rights to your selected shop name and it’s currently not available, you may attempt to contact the member amicably to resolve the problem.

You may also lodge a notification of intellectual property infringement. However, lodging a notice of intellectual property infringement will not allow you to use the business name for your own usage.

How Many Times Can You Change Your Etsy Shop Name?

Before you start your business, it’s critical to figure out what your shop name and overall mood will be.

Shop owners invest months preparing for the appearance, feel, product, name, and aesthetic of their Etsy store before it opens. This is so that they may establish a brand early on.

If you’re not one of those people, and you haven’t quite figured out what your shop’s purpose should be, consider renaming it a few times before releasing it.

Keep in mind that you can only alter the shop name, information, and appearance up to five times once it’s live.

If you use the same shop name twice, it will be removed. Furthermore, if you have already used the shop name once, you are unable to do so again. The old name is no longer available to anybody once you change your shop name to something else, and it must be completely erased from memory.

Why Can’t the Shop Name be Changed in My Shop?

The Shop Manager is what you use to make any significant adjustments to your stores.

A shop Manager is an ideal choice for any type of management. It allows you to manage your shop in a variety of ways, including managing multiple listings, working on new shipping methods, and organizing your store.

Changes that can’t be completed right from your shop, and which generally must be made in the “Shop Manager” settings, are common.

This implies that you won’t be able to change the name or even add information from just your shop. Instead, use the tools at your disposal to make changes from the settings page instead.

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Some tips for Choosing the Best Name for Your Etsy Shop:

Here are some tips for choosing the best name for your Etsy shop. As we already discussed, The name of your Shop should represent your brand, product, and a little about you all at the same time.

Also remember, your shop name cannot include more than 20 characters, and punctuation is not permitted, so think carefully when selecting it.

Tip #1. Collect Keywords & Elements of Your Shop

Consider writing down several elements of your products, personality, branding, or style to help you create a longer list.

This might help you hone in on the terms or elements you wish to incorporate into your name.

For example, if you create watercolors of woodland animals as an artist, you can use aesthetic words such as:

  • Natural
  • Pawprints
  • Watercolor
  • Fauna
  • Flora

From here, you may consider creating a store name such as “PawPrintsPainter” – this is only 16 characters long and satisfies the Etsy shop name criteria.

You could also call it the FaunaShopStop, or anything similar.

You can use this approach to see if you can come up with a shop name and branding that is easy for your audience to understand, no matter how long they’ve been in the industry.

Tip #2. Search Around Etsy For Shops Likened to Yours

You’ll also see a pattern of names or styles that you may utilize as inspiration if you browse around the Etsy site for stores that are comparable to yours.

You should never copyright other people’s designs or names, but getting a sense of what popular retailers use as creative taglines or branding might assist you to get started.

You may discover a lot about your competition by looking at what industry leaders are using as their taglines. For example, if you sell stationery or bookmarks, you might be curious to know what the major planner and stationery companies use for their taglines.

PaperTrail, SticksAndTones, and the like are just a few examples. They might include phrases such as “PaperTrail” or “SticksAndTones” (also fake company names) – anything paper or stationery-related that suggests what you sell.

You’ve done a wonderful job of describing your business if a client can get a decent sense of it without having to click on it.

Tip #3. Go Completely Unique or Crazy

On the other side of this list of suggestions and tactics is to go completely unique and inventive with your name.

Vague or unclear descriptions of store names may attract consumers’ attention and motivate them to visit the shop.

For example, the name ModParty (one of the most popular stores on Etsy) is quite basic and lacks a clear message.

Do they offer party goods or personalized clothing?


ModParty is a well-known vendor of bridal shower favors, decorations, and bridesmaid presents! They’re well regarded in the region and have their own distinct brand.

While the name “ModParty” isn’t entirely out of this world, it is a fantastic approach to set yourself apart from the competition. Instead of including terms such as “wedding,” “bridal,” and so on in the name, they’ve established a new personality all their own!

Tip #4. Consider The Future

Whatever you decide to do with the name of your business, consider the long-term consequences.

Regardless of the rule that you can only change your shop name five times, each shop name should be treated as a long-term brand with which you will link yourself, your social media accounts, and your personal brand for many years.

This helps prevent customers from purchasing from a company with a juvenile name or anything that may appear unprofessional. You won’t get many consumers if you use improper or odd language in your shop name unless your business demands it.

Because of this, thinking about the future is quite essential, and it’s a crucial component of deciding your Etsy store’s fate.

When in doubt, pretend that the name will be the one you want for the rest of your store’s existence.

FAQ on How to Change your Etsy Shop name:

How do you change your name on Etsy mobile?

To change your User name:

  1. Step#1: Go to You > Account settings > Public profile.
  2. Step#2: Click Change or Remove in the Your Name field.
  3. Step#3: Enter your first and last name.
  4. Step#4: Click Save Changes.

Can I close my Etsy shop and open a new one with the same name?

Yes, you’ll need to create a new account with another email address in order to start a second Etsy shop. This is due to the fact that each Etsy account may have only one shop and one email address at any given moment.

How do I hide my shop name on Etsy?

At the top of any Etsy page, click the Your Account link. On the left side of the Your Account screen, look for Settings. Click the Privacy option in the upper right corner of the screen. To choose it, go to the Privacy tab, and select Only You (Private) from the drop-down menu.

Can I delete my Etsy shop and start over?

It’s impossible to restore your Etsy account after you delete it.

Closing your Etsy shop: If you want to close your store and continue purchasing on Etsy, you can do it instead of closing your entire account. You may always open up your business again.

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In this blog article, we explained how to change your Etsy shop name. Perhaps it’s time for a name change and you want to know how to go about it without hassle.

I’m sure that by following my advice, you were able to get a better understanding of how to update the Etsy store name so your new business may begin on a fresh foundation!

If you still have doubts about how to change your Etsy shop name, please leave a comment below. Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog.


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