Google Merchant Center data feed specification is used to format your product information into Google Ads. The Google feed software allows you to send your product information from your website to be used for Google Shopping and Google’s e-commerce properties, or as they are collectively known the Google Merchant Center. 

MPN – Google Shopping Feed Specification Guide

This, in turn, increases traffic on said website and boosts sales. A Google shopping feed guide is essential to know how to sign up for the Merchant Center and create primary and supplementary feeds. At the same time, it is equally necessary to use a Google feed specification guide as submitting your product data in the right format is critical for successful ads for your product.

MPN – Product Specification Guide

MPN -Definition

MPN or the Manufacturer Part Number is a unique number issued by manufacturers to each individual product. This number is an identifier and is used to distinguish the product from all other products by the same manufacturer. Moreover, consumers may search for the product by its MPN, so providing the necessary number can ensure that your product is displayed in relevant situations.


The MPN is required for all products without a manufacturer-assigned GTIN. A GTIN or a Global Trade Item Number is a uniquely assigned number and is used to make your product eligible for all shopping programs and other specific features. However, if the product doesn’t have an MPN or is a custom-made product, as in the case of custom t-shirts, custom mugs, et cetera, this attribute is not required.

MPN – Formatting Guidelines

The following format guidelines need to be followed when submitting your product MPN in google feed and are crucial for the Google feed software so that it can appropriately display ads in the necessary situations:

Type: String (Alphanumeric, Unicode, Recommended: ASCII only)

Limits: 1-70 characters

For example G012345OOGLE

Important Guidelines to Follow

Follow the Google feed specification guide to submit high-quality data for your product to the Google feed software

1. Submit any other relevant unique product identifier

Product identifiers help us understand better the product you are trying to sell. When we capture the essence of the product you are selling, we can connect your ads to the appropriate users and make those ads looks richer. As a result, you might be required to submit the brand or GTIN attribute to the Google merchant center feed

  1. The brand attribute is globally used. It refers to the brand of the product and is generally clearly visible on the front of the product packaging or the label.
  2. The GTIN attribute or the Global Trade Item Number on the other hand when available appears next to the barcode on the packaging of your product.
  3. These unique product identifiers, including the MPN, make ads richer and easier to locate.

2. Use the MPN assigned by the manufacturer

Use values only assigned by the manufacturer. The use of values created by anyone but the manufacturer will lead to immediate disapproval of your product which you will find out from your Google merchant center account.

3. Use the correct MPN for each product

It is typically seen that each variant of a product, distinguishable by color or size, has a unique MPN. So it is important to input the correct identifier value for the product you are selling. However, the different sizes of apparel generally have the same MPN and thus, are excluded from this requirement.

4. Compatible and refurbished third-party products 

If you are advertising products manufactured by a third party that are compatible with Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) products or OEM products that are refurbished by a third party, submit the MPN from the manufacturer who actually made it and not the OEM details.

5. Bundles

If the manufacturer has created the bundle, use the MPN of the bundle and not the individual products. Submit the MPN of the main product if you have created a bundle. 

MPN – Examples 

1. Food and beverages 

In the case of food and beverages the product specification should be as follows:

Product: Bio Goat Milk

Title: 1|Bio Goat Milk – 1|

Brand: Tanja’s Goat Farm

MPN: 0614141123452

Condition: New

2. Variants

If your product comes in different colors and sizes, they have different unique product identifiers for each variant and the format will be as follows:

Product: Google T-shirt

Title: google T-shirt green small

Price: 11$

Color: green

Size: s

GTIN: 9504000059422

Condition: new

MPN: 00638HAY

ID: 9876-S-GRN

Item_group_id: 9876

Product: Google T-shirt

Title: Google T-shirt Yellow Small

Price: 12$

Color: Yellow

Size: S

GTIN: 9504000059446

Condition: New

MPN: 00638ANG

id: 9876-S-YELLOW

item_Group_Id: 9876

3. Store Brand and white-label products

Product: White Label Couch

Title: 3-Seater Couch- Brown / Green

Price: 799$

Brand: MyStore

GTIN: 0614141123452


Condition: New

4. Products without an MPN

Some products do not have an assigned MPN. In that case, you can leave the MPN attribute column blank. However, if the product has a GTIN attribute and you do not submit it, your product will be disapproved. If your product does not have an MPN, use the following format:

Product: Customized Black Dress

Title: Black Dress Customized with Your Design – Size M

Price: 32$

Color: Black

Size: M

Identifier_exists: No

Condition: New 

Is_bundle: Yes

MPN: (leave blank as the MPN attribute does not exist as the dress is customized)


Product identifiers are a series of numerical or alphanumerical digits assigned to a product. They help in identifying a particular product. MPN is a manufacturer-assigned identifier used to differentiate different products of the same manufacturer. 

Inputting the MPN in the google feed is vital to ensuring google recognizes your product and makes your product more likely to appear in listings, which have the highest user engagement. Submitting the MPN in the google feed software can drastically affect the visibility of the product. 

It is also important that you strictly follow the Google feed specification guide as inputting a wrong or unformatted MPN can result in disapproval and put your ads in jeopardy. Thus, before selling on Google reviews the MPN available for your product and ensure the identifiers meet the Google merchant center feed guide’s requirements as this will directly affect your sales performance.


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