The Google Product Category attribute is used for categorizing an object or a product. Each group is picked from the Google taxonomy. The entire list of goods and their types can be found here. Placing items in product categories is intended to help potential buyers find their way through your company.

Google product category – Google Shopping Feed Specification Guide

A necessary product data to Google needs to be added to publish and use your products in Smart Shopping campaigns. Use this Google merchant center feed guide to design your shopping ad product details. It makes it more essential so that you can choose the correct product category. Otherwise, consumers can have difficulties in selecting what they want.

Google product category – Definition

The feature of the data feed is completely optional to use the commodity type. This feature allows Google to recognize the company and align it with the quest of a future client. With the most precise details and characteristics for each object, the clicking rate in campaigns can also be increased. The more specifically the queries, the more likely the correct results are shown. This enhances both current and expected CTR (click-through rate).

  1. A product group from Google’s constantly evolving product taxonomy is automatically applied to all products. Providing good quality, on-topic titles and details, as well as reliable packaging, brand, and GTIN information can help ensure that the goods are classified correctly.
  2. The google_product_attribute in the google feed parameter is available and can be used to circumvent Google’s automated categorization in particular circumstances.

Required / Optional

Optional for each product. In the following situations, Google will only allow overrides of a product category:

  1. US tax calculation. You should circumvent Google’s automatic classification for goods sold in the USA to make sure your product has the right US tax rate.            
  2. Execution of category-specific attribute requirements.  
  3. Additional fields include more product categories (for example, clothes & accessories, mobile phones, or software). Use this attribute to eliminate categorization criteria if Google assigns your product to one of these categories incorrectly.
  4. Targeting of Google Ads campaigns. You can use this attribute to reassign items within your campaign framework if you have identified any of your ad campaigns based on Google item categories. 

Formatting guidelines for Google product category

Follow these Google feed software formatting guidelines to ensure we understand the data we send.

1. Type – Predefined 

2. Google product category: the ID or the full path of the product category

3. To prevent the garbled text in the .txt version,

use one of these methods

  • Change your browser encoding to Unicode UTF-8.
  • Download the .txt version: right-click on the link, and then click Save Link As
File formatExample entry
Text feeds2271orApparel & Accessories > Clothing > Dresses
XML feeds<g:Google product category>2271</g:Google product category>or<g:Google product category>Apparel &amp; Accessories &gt; Apparel &gt; Dresses</g:Google product category>


Guidelines for Google product category

Follow these Google feed specification guides, to make sure you submit high-quality data for your products.

  1. Use only a predefined Google product category. Choose to select Only the ID or the entire product category path can be submitted. Use the product type attribute for creating its own product category
  2. Use the one category that best describes your product. Pick the group depending on the key feature of the company. However, if an MP3 player has certain functionality, such as a clock, its primary purpose is as an MP3 player. And you’d have the type of MP3 players: Electronics > Audio > Music players> MP3 player (233). Player type.
  3. Use the most specific category possible. For example, for an MP3 player charger, use the MP3 player accessories category: Electronics > Audio > Audio Accessories > MP3 Player Accessories (232). Don’t just use Electronics (222)
  4. Use categories published after August 2011. Should not use terms previously released in August 2011. For the new prices, use the links above.


Best practices for Google product category

There are best practices that will allow you to improve your product data on performance beyond the basic requirements. 

  1. Use the latest categories. Google Advertising is focused on the new categories of offers for shopping promotions. We will convert this into the current edition while you are free to apply every type of update released after August 2011. Therefore, it will not match what you send if you use out-of-date categories.

Examples for Google product category

1. Apparel products 

  1. Product – Skater Dress,
  2. Title- Skater Dress-Black,
  3. Google product category– Clothing & Accessories > Clothing > Dresses

2. Mobile phones  

  1. Product – Google Nexus 6,
  2. Title– Google Nexus 6 – 32 GB – Midnight Blue – With a contract,
  3. Google product category– Electronics > Communications > Telephony > Mobile Phones,
  4. gtin -00723755006386,
  5. Brand– Google.

3. Software subscription 

  1. Product – Google Security Software Basic Edition,
  2. Title– Google Security Software Basic Edition (1-year subscription),
  3. Price – 29.90 USD,
  4. Google product category – software > Computer Software > Antivirus & Security Software,
  5. Brand– Google,
  6. gtin – 00723755006386,
  7. Shipping Charge – 0.00 USD



Your country region should be properly selected, and you need to make sure that your product details are protected according to your country and region. The product will be rejected or disapproved, and the reason will be mentioned in the diagnostic tab of your Merchant Center account if you do not follow the above relevant criteria. 

For many other categories, the Google product category in the Google feed is important. It is suggested to use the product category attribute even where it is not necessary as these are the common guidelines that should be followed. Google product data attribute is the most intuitive and simple product data feed platform on the market. This management optimizes the details of the product and helps to increase the value of and help to fit into customers’ quests.

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