How to Create Multilanguage Google Shopping Feed For Shopify Stores?

Retailers worldwide are racing the marketing world with the single intention of building their businesses and staging their brands at an international level. Multiple strategies have been cued to achieve these business targets, but the Multi-language feed stands prominent in the list.

Shopify Google Shopping Feed

What is the Multilanguage google shopping feed feature?

Suppose you plan to sell your products Internationally or are already into international marketing. In that case, the Multilanguage google shopping feed feature is an apt marketing strategy for further building your business. 

This feature will exclusively showcase your products to different nationalities in the native language and other foreign languages in your Google Shopping Ads.

Installing a Multi-language feature in your online store is easy.  Hundreds of multi-language feature apps in the market could help you translate your product information into multiple languages of your choice. However, your Google shopping feed requires a primary language, and the ads showcased on google are displayed in the same primary language.

Shopify Google Shopping Feed

You can also create separate feeds for each language you choose. Since this is a manual inputting task, you need to make sure to input the correct countries in the feeds and pair them with relative native languages. For accurate and easy feed creation, you can refer to the country and language pair mentioned in Google.

Our Multi-language feed feature in the Easy Google Shopping App is easy to use and helps you create multiple feeds for multiple languages. The user-friendly feature makes it easier for consumers worldwide to search the content and infer product information in their preferred languages. This also automatically improves the reach and increases the conversion rates.

Benefits of multilanguage Google Shopping feed feature  for your Shopify store

1. Increased Reach: Aforesaid, the multi-language feature enables customers all over the world to view your product information in their preferred languages. Thereby increasing the reach of your site and multiplying the conversion rates.

2. Multi-language query: Creating answers to the most frequently asked questions in multiple languages increases the reach of your product and site to more people globally. More people tend to understand your product better and get all their doubts regarding the product clarified successfully. This boosts your reach and increases your sales instantly.

3. Reduces Bounce rates:  Offering your products and website content in multiple languages reduces the probability of visitors skipping your content after viewing only one page of your site. More people incline towards buying your products when you market the products in multiple languages.

4. Improves Conversion rates: When people from distinct nationalities understand your site content and products, they are more likely to shop your products and help increase conversion rates.

5. Competitive advantage: Not only does the multilanguage feature reach your products to potential customers, but it also helps you stay in the competition among retailers marketing similar products. This competitive behavior helps you to establish your brand and products on the online platform in an improved manner.

6. Improves SEO results: When you produce your content and products in multiple languages with relevant keywords and other SEO requirements, it automatically boosts your page and shows your products at the top of the search results in all the chosen countries.

Shopify Google Shopping Feed

How to use the Multilanguage google shopping feed feature in Nabu Google Shopping Feed App?

Our Easy Google Shopify app’s Multi-language feature is simple to set up. There are a few settings to be enabled manually, after which our app will take over and do the final hocus-pocus on its own. Let’s learn how to enable the multi-language feature in the Google Shopping app in detail.

What steps should be followed to use the Multi-language feature?

Here is a detailed guide on using the Multi-language feed feature in the Easy Google Shopping Feed app.

1. log in to Your Shopify store.

2. Click on the “Apps” menu on the sidebar.

3. Select the “Google Shopping feed” App from the list of installed apps.

4. Go to “Settings” and go to the “feed” option to select your target countries.

5. From the Multi-language feed option, and enable multi-language feed and select languages. 

6. Now your feed is created, you can verify it from the products menu.

7. Click on the Update Feed button to send your multi-language feeds to your google merchant center.

The multilanguage google shopping feed feature is one of the most important features a Shopify business should not miss, and it can be easily enabled in the Shopify store! Therefore, try this feature out in your Shopify business and check the results out for yourself!

Shopify Google Shopping Feed

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