With a brand value of more than $700 billion, Amazon is a platform that reaches the higher heavens. Around 300 million consumers flock to the marketplace every day, with more than enough conversions taking place. Obviously, it has become a matter of interest for Shopify merchants to branch out to Amazon and make use of the considerable amount of benefits. This is possible only by a process called Amazon Shopify integration, which essentially requires a third-party Shopify Amazon product feed app to function.

But the number of Shopify Amazon product feed apps, which is what these applications are called, has not reached a big number even now. In 2023, it has become a hassle to navigate through a number of applications online and find one that actually works for this purpose. Most of the applications on the internet use the same keyword and yet have a completely different function altogether.

This is where we come in with our highly curated list of the top 5 Shopify Amazon product feed apps in 2023. We have compiled a list of applications that are actually Shopify Amazon product feed apps and allow Shopify merchants to sell on Amazon.

These apps will help you branch out to Amazon so you can increase your sales and make use of a marketplace that is brimming with business. Moreover, Amazon has highly effective marketing and retargeting tactics that have a global ad spend of more than $20 billion. Thus, your business can make use of these resources, all with the help of a single app. Let us get to them.

Top 8 Shopify Amazon Product Feed Apps In 2023

1. Data Feed Watch Shopping Feeds

Data Feed Watch Shopping Feeds app page
Source: Shopify App Store

DataFeedWatch built the app in 2013 as an all-rounder shopping feeds app that helps in both marketing and selling over 2000 channels. It works with many platforms like Amazon, Google Shopping, Facebook, etc., and is known for its excellent customer support team. Data Feed Watch Shopping Feeds boasts of supporting brand names like Adidas and Decathlon, among many others.

One of the oldest and most used, it is a great choice for the automation of product feeds and offers many related features. Marketing is also a forte for the app, and it can be used on most platforms like Amazon, Instagram, eBay, etc. Its variety of usage is only limited by the fact that it is not solely made for the purpose of managing Amazon product feeds and thus may lack personalization of the platform.

Recommended for users who can afford to spend high for top of the line functions for their business.

Key Features

  • It is known for its automated product feeds that come with different sales channel requirements already set.
  • It has automated pre-validation for Amazon as it checks compliance for products before submitting them to Amazon.
  • You can manage listings in bulk over various channels that update every hour.
  • It automates keyword research and makes text ads for new products on its own.


✅ Completely automates the process of marketing and selling with its product feed management system.

✅Hourly sync of product feed with marketing and sales channels to avoid mistakes in inventory management.

✅ Great communication with the support team, which helps with installation and any technical issues.


❌ There is no free plan for customers to get used to the app first, and the other plans can be expensive for small businesses.

❌ There is no AI functionality within the app, as everything is coded manually.

❌ It is not built specifically for Amazon.


The app has a rating of 4.8 stars from 340 reviews left by its customers, most of whom approve of the app and applaud its customer support team.

Data Feed Watch Shopping Feeds Review 1
Data Feed Watch Shopping Feeds Review 2

Source: Shopify App Store


 It offers a 15-day free trial.

The paid plans are:

Shop Plan – $64/ month

Merchant Plan – $84/month

Agency Plan – $239/ month

2. CedCommerce Amazon Channel

CedCommerce Amazon Channel app page
Source: Shopify App Store

CedCommerce is a major name in the Shopify app market, with dozens of its applications floating around the app store. This particular app was built as a solution to the delisting of Amazon as a sales channel by Shopify in 2021. It is built solely for Amazon Shopify integration and thus has specific features for it. With a friendly user interface, it automates most tasks like inventory management so you can invest your time in other business needs. There is real-time synchronization so that you can expect prompt and smooth functioning of your data feed, along with ample space for personal customization.

Recommended as one of the best in the market with its budget plans, great features, and prompt tech support.

Key Features

  • It offers AI support in product listing, which offers smart ways to manage your inventories and product listings.
  • You can connect products that existed before the integration process with the help of SKUs and other identifiers.
  • It has multi-account and multi-category support for greater reach.
  • It offers Amazon MCF and FBA as fulfillment processes.


✅It has AI customization of product listings.

✅ It offers Amazon MCF and FBA.

✅ It supports real-time synchronization.


❌ There have been cases of errors and bugs in the Free Plan.

❌ It has a steep learning curve in usage.


The app has a rating of 4.8 stars from 874 reviews.

CedCommerce Amazon Channel Review 1
CedCommerce Amazon Channel Review 2

Source: Shopify App Store


It offers a free plan with a limit of 50 orders per month.

The paid plans are:

Beginner – $15/month

Startup – $49/month

Scale – $89/month

3. Reputon Amazon Channel

Reputon Amazon Channel app page
Source: Shopify App Store

Reputon Amazon Channel is one of the few free options available on the market, as they are still in the early stages of their application. They are regarded as a great alternative to paid applications if you want a minimalist approach that covers most of the basic functions required for Amazon Shopify integration. It is fairly new, as it came out in late 2022 and has been available to Shopify customers since then. It is a simple application that is easy to use and is still in development.

Recommended for users who want mostly basic features without incurring major costs.

Key Features

  • The app supports inventory management in near real-time which is a great feature for keeping product listings fairly updated.
  • There is support for all Amazon marketplaces and currencies so you can do business on a global level.
  • Orders are synced automatically in the application so you don’t miss out on fulfillments.


✅ It has a simple and intuitive user interface.

✅ It is free.


❌ It lacks customization features.

❌ You cannot import customer information.

❌ The app is still in the development stage.


It has a rating of 4.3 stars from 9 reviews.

Reputon Amazon Channel review 1
Reputon Amazon Channel review 2

Source: Shopify App Store


It is free for now until the app is in the development stage.

4. Sellbrite

Sellbrite app page
Source: Shopify App Store

Sellbrite is an application with a great idea and design, aiming to make its place as a multi-sales channel product feed app. It has been in the market since 2014 and has undergone major changes to its user interface and feature implementation. It offers both a free trial and a free plan for the benefit of its customers, which has grown into a loyal customer base. While there are some buggy features that can hinder its speed, it makes up for it with a helpful customer support team.

Recommended for SMBs with limited budget and requirements.

Key Features

  • It offers one-click integration with Amazon, making it simpler to install and use.
  • It allows customers to expand on a global level with multi-channel and regional support.
  • You get smart reports for more efficient business management.
  • It automatically syncs inventory between sales channels to remove any capacity for error or overselling.


✅ You can connect multiple Amazon accounts at the same time.

✅ The app offers an unlimited access free trial to get acquainted and make an informed decision.

✅ It automatically syncs inventory among different sales channels.


❌ It is not exclusive to Amazon.

❌ The app is considered slow and buggy by some users.

❌ There is no AI functionality despite the amount of features available.


It has a rating of 4 stars from 181 reviews, many of which had received help from their well-working customer support. Many people found flaws in the app’s execution, though, and had problems with other sales channels.

Sellbrite review 1
Sellbrite review 2

Source: Shopify App Store


It offers a trial period of 30 days with unlimited access. It also has a free plan upto 30 orders per month.

Paid plans are:

Pro 100 – $19 per month

Pro 500 – $59 per month

Pro 2K – $99 per month

5. LitCommerce Amazon eBay Etsy +

LitCommerce Amazon eBay Etsy + app page
Source: Shopify App Store

A fairly new app developer that has made its name in the market with its only application, LitCommerce Amazon eBay Etsy +. It is favored by most of its users as one of the best in the market for integration with multiple channels in a single app. The app houses most major features required of an integration app along with a spreadsheet-style user interface that is much more preferable than most of its competitors. With 20-plus available sales channels along with Amazon, the app functions as a viable tool for Shopify users to maintain their business.

Recommended for larger businessses with needs and budget to function on as many sales channels as they can.

Key Features

  • The app has multi-channel, multi-currency and multi-region functionality for a greater reach for the user’s business.
  • It offers near-instant sync of information over different platforms which is good fit considering the number of marketplaces it offers.
  • Its grid view interface is a feature that boasts of a simple and intuitive user experience.


✅ There are a varied range of plans for all businesses.

✅ It has an easy-to-use interface.

✅ It offers near-instant sync between platforms.


❌ The app can be a bit bug-ridden.

❌ There is no AI functionality.

❌ It is not specifically built for Amazon and thus might lack features or support specifically made for Amazon.


It has a rating of 4.6 stars from 115 reviews, mostly praising its viability and customer support team.

LitCommerce Amazon eBay Etsy + Review 1
LitCommerce Amazon eBay Etsy + Review 2

Source: Shopify App Store


It has a free plan called Free Forever that offers up to 20 listings and 2 channels.

Paid plans are:

Starter – $29 per month

Standard – $69 per month

Advanced – $149 per month

6. Shopify Marketplace Connect

Shopify Marketplace Connect app page
Source: Shopify App Store

Formerly known as Codisto, Shopify Marketplace Connect is Shopify’s own first-party application. It is their solution to integration with various different sales channels, including Amazon, and has a considerably big consumer base. Known for its simple and direct interface and real-time sync capabilities, the app is a big hit among SMBs (Small and Medium-sized Businesses) and big enterprises alike. Its flexible pricing is one of the main reasons for this. While it has had problems with eBay, much like most other applications, it is a great choice for Amazon Shopify integration.

Recommended for businesses on the smaller scale with limited wants and orders.

Key Features

  • The app has built-in currency conversion capabilities to provide a global experience in being able to sell to any marketplace regions.
  • It allows real-time sync of inventory between the different platforms, ensuring accuracy in the price and stock of listings.
  • You get direct usage in the Shopify Admin, complimented by both being made by the same developers.


✅ It is a first-party app by Shopify itself, which presents a multitude of synchronized features and functionality.

✅ It impressively offers real-time sync between various sales channels.

✅ The app is free to install and to use up to a particular limit.


❌ Many users have found it slow and cumbersome at times.

❌ It is limited in its features and approach.


It has a rating of 4.5 stars from 1196 reviews, most of which were about the overwhelming change from Codisto to Shopify Marketplace Connect, most of which was resolved by their customer support team.

Shopify Marketplace Connect Review 1
Shopify Marketplace Connect Review 2

Source: Shopify App Store


Free to install and use until 50 orders.

Note: 1% fee applicable afterward, capped at $99/month

7. Amazon, eBay, Etsy — Salestio

Amazon, eBay, Etsy — Salestio app page
Source: Shopify App Store

Dealing with three channels, Amazon, eBay, and Etsy, the app is extremely good at doing what it is supposed to do. With seamless one-click integrations, it brings everything to Shopify so you can run your business smoothly. It is known for its variety of features and excellent customer support and is on the way to becoming really popular in the Shopify app store. With its automation and conscious limitation of capabilities, it uses its resources well and has been known to handle bulk data with ease.

Recommended for businesses catering to these three marketplaces and having high merchandise volume.

Key Features

  • It boasts of automated functions such as new product export and automated listing creation.
  • It has the capability to make bulk edits and exports.
  • The app offers real-time synchronization of stocks and prices between the four sales channels to avoid overselling or errors.


✅ The app offers real-time sync of inventory.

✅ It has automated processes that heighten the efficiency of the user’s business.

✅ It allows great customizability for the benefit of the merchant’s business needs.


❌ There is no free plan.

❌ It comes with added fees and thus can be expensive for small businesses.

❌ It has a complicated interface, according to many users.


It has a rating of 4.5 stars from 54 reviews.

Amazon, eBay, Etsy — Salestio Review 1
Amazon, eBay, Etsy — Salestio Review 2

Source: Shopify App Store


The app has a 30-day free trial.

Paid Plans are:

Grower – $37 per month

Business – $49 per month

Enterprise – $199 per month

Note: It also charges 0.2% fees on channel orders.

8. Amazon Integration Plus

Amazon Integration Plus app page
Source: Shopify App Store

Amazon Integration Plus lies in the grey area of applications that have great functions and ideas but lack a bit in execution and customer support. It has worked greatly for people with tech knowledge and, thus, deserves to be included in this guide. Having been around for a few years now, the app hosts a multitude of functions like Tax management, product sheets, automatic sync, etc. It is technical in nature and provides a smooth functioning once you get the hang of it.

Recommended for people who want pinpoint managment of data and lots of functions, and has the technical capabilities to handle the app’s sophisticated nature.

Key Features

  • The app supports meta fields, variants, options, attributes, and feed enrichment for better customization of product details when adding new products on Amazon.
  • It automatically syncs inventory over the two platforms to avoid overselling or errors.
  • It allows automatic currency conversion for the benefit of both merchants and consumers. On top of multi-region and currency supports, it truly makes the app viable for global usage.
  • The app has built-in tax management capabilities that solves many accounting problems for businesses.


✅ There is multi suppport for accounts, regions, and currencies.

✅ It has built-in tax management capabilities

✅ There is FBA and Prime support for increased conversions.


❌ It has been found to be complicated for many users

❌ The app has seen a few shutdowns.

❌ Users have found customer support to be slow.


It has a rating of 3 stars from 199 reviews, with many people either unable to understand the app or finding the erratic breakdowns problematic.

Amazon Integration Plus Review 1
Amazon Integration Plus Review 2

Source: Shopify App Store


It has a free to install plan with a 2% fee on import orders and a limitation of 50 orders per month.

Paid Plans are:

Basic – $14 per month

Advanced – $49 per month

Shopify Pro – $89 per month

Amazon Shopify Integration Best Practices

Here are some Amazon Shopify integration practices for you to follow and run your business smoothly.

  • Make sure to follow Amazon guidelines when it comes to shipping and delivery. They are extremely strict about these and have been known to ban accounts frequently.
  • Use conversion tactics like free shipping and prime delivery wherever possible since Amazon is a highly competitive marketplace.
  • Amazon has various functions and tools that help promote and sell products either individually or as a bunch. Make use of these properly.
  • Ensure you have an Amazon return policy in line with Amazon’s for no discrepancies.
  • Amazon has an algorithm of its own, so perform your personal keyword research for SEO optimization of your product details.
Best practices for Amazon Shopify integration


As much as we would like to try everything and see what works for us, there are limitations to our time and money. But that’s a good thing. These limitations will become the boundaries of your search and help make up your mind on at least one application. It simplifies things as all you need to do is to find that one app from the above and soar through Amazon as you do on Shopify.


Why did Shopify delist Amazon as a Sales Channel?

As there has been no official reason given by Shopify, it has been assumed that the action was taken to encourage third-party applications to rise to the occasion and take the load of managing the sales channel off Shopify.

Which Amazon Shopify product feed app is the best?

There are many Amazon Shopify feed applications in the market competing for the position of the best; it ultimately depends on your business needs and affordability. Some prefer apps that have free plans, and some prefer ones with loads of features. Read the blog to find out the perfect app for your business!

What are some free Amazon Shopify product feed apps?

Most Amazon Shopify feed apps have free plans that can be used up to a certain order limit. If you want to go for something completely free, try Shopify Marketplace Connect or Reputon Amazon Channel.