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Google shopping ads for shopify stores: The Ultimate Guide


Google Shopping ads came into existence in 2012 as a paid channel. Since its inception, it has proved to be very beneficial for both the advertisers and the shoppers. These ads are one of the most clicked ads offered by Google.  These ads account for more than 60 percent of paid clicks for retailers. When any paid channel is considered, it consistently and continuously provides the highest...

Google Shopping Feed Audit: The Definitive guide


What is Google Shopping Feed?  The new generation is all about fast-paced technology usage. Technology makes life a lot easier and that fact is undeniable. Internet, more so, has turned out to be a solution for everything that seemed impossible at a certain time. The reach of anything you do online is more and is always effective and beneficial for your venture. Google is a worldwide search...

Google Shopping FAQs to Get You Started


Formerly known as Product Listing Ads, Google Shopping is one of Google’s widely recognized services. This service allows businesses to list their products over Google’s SERP (Search Engine Result Page), providing companies with the kickstart to showcase their products to targeted audiences. You must have seen Google Shopping Ads, one way or the other while surfing the internet in the...

How to Sell on Google – Right Programs and easy ways to do it


Why do you need to sell on Google?   Google has been the epitome of diversification. From being just a search engine, it has diversified itself into everyday tools such as Google Maps and too many more complex tools to aid businesses.  Google is one of the biggest and distinguished brands, and to understand how Google can benefit your business, it is important to know how it is...

Surface Across Google: A New Way to Get Free Traffic from Google


The chances are that you have, by now, probably heard about the Surface Across Google program that was introduced formally by Google in April 2020. And yes, Surface Across Google (organic Google Shopping ads), in a nutshell, are free product listings ads in SERPs.  Back, in 2019, details of this program were announced by Google, that they would start to showcase merchant feed data...

63 Black Friday Marketing Ideas & Tips Shared by eCommerce Industry experts


The shopping monster of the year is around the corner, celebrating two blockbuster shopping days “Black Friday” and “Cyber Monday”. Make the most of this frenzy jackpot shopping festival, as this is “the time” to max your sales and the impulsive shopaholics are on the edge of their seat to indulge in some insane shopping. What is Black Friday? The most awaited...

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Selling on Google


With the internet becoming our greatest weapon of marketing, it is essential to understand the importance of Google ads. It is a very effective tool for marketing strategies and has been used time and again, since its inception to spread the kind of awareness that is necessary for a brand.  There have been multiple ways by which selling and advertising of products have been carried out...

What is Google Shopping? and How Can it Benefit Your eCommerce Business?


The history of Google Shopping began in 2002 under the name ‘Froogle’ which was a platform where users could compare different products from multiple retailers with ease and this soon became Google Products Search in 2007.  In 2012, this service was relaunched as Google Shopping as we know it today and provided retailers with a paid advertising option on the platform. It is today an online e...

Black Friday 2020 – Google Ads Tips For The Shopping Season


For nearly 6 decades now, Black Friday has marked the onset of Christmas Shopping. It is an opportunity where sellers, as well as buyers, try to make the most of. Black Friday is observed on the last Friday of November every year, i.e., the day after Thanksgiving. On a typical Black Friday, the streets are flooded with shoppers. But the significance of Black Friday is not the shoppers, it is what...

How to Prepare your Online Store for Black Friday to Be Ahead of the Game


As an ecommerce merchant to prepare for the Black Friday fever is to provide low prices and high product availability, but it’s not enough. To make things go smoothly, we highly recommend laying out a plan to meet a situation head-on. And if an issue of preparation is still up in the air for you, just run through our article and check if you're ready.