Are you wondering what is a conversion tracking pixel and how it can help your business? Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered!

In this blog post, we’ll explain the basics of conversion tracking pixels and how they can help you track your website’s success. We’ll also provide tips on setting up and using conversion tracking pixels to improve your business. So stick around!

What is a Conversion Tracking Pixel?

A conversion tracking pixel is a small piece of code that is added to a website or an advertisement to keep track of the number of times it has been clicked.

This helps in measuring the effectiveness of the online marketing campaign and optimizing it accordingly.

It also allows you to identify the areas where more effort should be put in to increase the conversion rate.

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Why should we use conversion tracking pixels?

Why use Conversion tracking pixels - What is a Conversion Tracking Pixel

Conversion tracking pixels are a great way to measure and track the success of your online marketing efforts. You can optimize your campaigns by understanding which ads, calls-to-action (CTAs), or pages generate the most conversions. Additionally, conversion tracking pixels help identify and fix any issues causing users to abandon your website or convert less often than expected.

what is a conversion tracking pixel?

One of the best benefits of using conversion tracking pixel is that it’s an ongoing processโ€”you never have to stop measuring and optimizing your campaigns just because you hit a boundary goal, target number, or

ROI. Instead, a continued analysis will allow you to fine-tune your strategy as needed for more people to click on your ads and take action.

How does conversion tracking pixel work?

Conversion tracking pixels are small pieces of code you add to your website or blog to track the number of clicks and visits generated from ads, videos, or other forms of content. This Data can then be used to measure your online marketing campaign’s success (or failure) and adjust future strategies accordingly.

There are a few different conversion tracking pixel platforms available today, but whichever platform you choose, make sure that it is compatible with Google Analytics so that all information is easily collected and analyzed.

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Conversion tracking can be used to track the following:-

  • Website actions-Purchases, sign-ups, and other activities that customers execute on your website are examples of site actions. Google Ads knows how to track conversions on the website or leads reaching the Thank You page after conversion.
Website actions - What is a Conversion Tracking Pixel
  • Phone Calls– Calls to your number, calls to a phone line on your website and clicks on a phone line on your mobile website. See how phone call conversion tracking works.
Phone calls - What is a Conversion Tracking Pixel
  • App installs and in-app actions: Installs of mobile apps on Android and iOS, as well as purchases and other activity inside those apps. Mobile app conversion tracking is a topic that you may learn more about.
App installs - What is a Conversion Tracking Pixel
  • Import– When a customer clicks an ad and creates a contact form online before signing a contract in your office, this is considered an “online activity that ends offline.” 
Import - What is a Conversion Tracking Pixel
  • Local actions are recorded when individuals engage with an advertisement tailored to a specific place or shop. Read more about local conversion processes.
Local actions - What is a Conversion Tracking Pixel

Each conversion source is handled differently in the conversion tracking procedure, although it generally falls into one of these four groups when it comes to offline conversions:

  • You add a conversion tracking tag or code snippet to your website or mobile app code. A temporary cookie is placed on a customer’s computer, mobile device, or browser when they click on your ad from Google Search or one of the selected Google Display Network sites. The system identifies the cookie (using the code fragment you inserted) and saves a custom conversion when they finish the activity you specified.
  • Some conversion tracking methods don’t need a tag. You use a Google forwarding number to track the call from one of your ad managers and record information like call duration, call start and end time, and caller area code. Local actions will be recorded as conversions. App downloads, in-app purchases, and conversion actions from Google Play will be registered automatically as conversions.

Security and privacy policy for website tracking

Security and privacy policy in Conversion Tracking Pixel

Google’s security standards are rigorous. Only pages where advertisers used the specified tags are included in Google Ads data collection.

Please make sure that you inform visitors about the data you capture on your websites and obtain their consent for it where necessary.

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What Can I Use to Replace Conversion Tracking Pixels?

You can replace the conversion tracking pixel with AdNabu’s Google Conversion Pixel.

Google Ads Ad tracking app of AdNabu allows you to add a conversion code for your store without coding. Instead, you need to go along with these steps:

  • Install the app
  • Connect your Google Account.
  • Select the Google Ads Account (if you have multiple accounts).

Features of AdNabu’s Tracker for Google ads and FAQs relevant-

  1. Should I manually create a conversion pixel code? -No. There is no need to add manually. AdNabu will automatically create the pixel.
  2. What happens to the old pixels? – If you have added them manually in your store settings, please disable them.
  3. Are there any coding requirements needed? – There is no coding requirement. Adding conversion pixel is as easy as installing the app. There are no additional steps involved.
  4. What are the prerequisites for using this app? – You need to have an active Google Ads (AdWords) account
  5. Does this app support multiple Google Ads accounts or an MCC account? – Yes. We support numerous Google Ads accounts & MCC accounts.

Track Your Google Ads Conversions Quickly & Accurately with Our Conversion Tracking App, ๐Ÿ‘‰ Install Now

FAQ about Conversion Tracking Pixel:

What is the purpose of conversion tracking?

Conversion tracking is a feature that allows you to track the actions of your website visitors and see how many of those actions result in sales. This can help you to ascertain which aspects of your website are effective in generating conversions and make necessary changes or improvements.

Additionally, conversion tracking data can be used to measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, determine where traffic is coming from (by country, for example), and more. Understanding your audience can optimize your content strategies, web design elements, and more. So consider adding conversion tracking to your online business strategy today!

What are the benefits of conversion tracking?

  • Conversion Tracking can help identify which pages on your website are performing well and how you can improve upon them.
  • Additionally, conversion tracking helps you understand the types of visits your website receives and whether these represent the type of visitor that usually converts. By understanding what makes your visitors want to make a purchase or engage with your content, you can create more effective marketing strategies for future campaigns.
  • Finally, conversion tracking provides valuable feedback about customer experience so that improvements can be made quickly and efficiently.

Which Data is shown through the Conversion Pixel?

– The Conversion Pixel shows the most critical data to your business.

– It is represented by a red color and is positioned on the right side of your website’s header.

– It is used to track the most critical conversions and your website’s progress in conversion rate.

Is there any downside to using a conversion tracking pixel?

While there are some downsides to using a conversion tracking pixel, most experts believe it’s worth the effort. A conversion tracking pixel is a small code snippet that you add to your website or app and then use Google Analytics to track how many visitors convert from one page or campaign into another.

Most people find this a valuable tool for understanding where their visitors are coming from and what buttons on your site/app are converting best. This information can help you make changes to your marketing strategy based on what works well and what doesn’t work so well. Additionally, if you’re not already using Google Analytics, adding a conversion tracking pixel will give you more comprehensive insights into your website/application performance than ever before.

Track Your Google Ads Conversions Quickly & Accurately with Our Conversion Tracking App, ๐Ÿ‘‰ Install Now

Conclusion On Conversion Tracking Pixel

Now you have read about- what is a conversion tracking pixel, how this small piece of code helps track the conversion of your website visitors into customers, and how it is beneficial to identify the areas of your website that are most effective in converting visitors into customers.

how this given data can then be used to improve the design and layout of your website, as well as the marketing efforts being put in place. So, what are you waiting for? Install a conversion tracking pixel today and start tracking the progress of your business growth!


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