Google Ads Keyword Status tells whether keywords are active or not. If keywords aren’t performing well or not performing at all, keywords status tells us why.

We can categorize Google Ads keyword status into three based on what they indicate.

  • Independent statuses that we can control – Campaign paused; Campaign removed
  • Status about keyword approval process – Eligible
  • Dependent statuses impacted by other factors – Low search volume; Below first-page bid estimate

How to check Google Ads Keyword Status?

  1. Log in to your Google Ads account.
  2. Click on “Keywords” on the page menu on the left.
  3. Look at the “status” column which tells the current status of the keywords.

Different Google Ads Keyword Status

There are seventeen different keyword statuses in Google Ads. Below are the explanations of each status.

  • Campaign Paused: Because you paused the campaign, the keywords are inactive. These keywords can’t trigger ads.
  • Pending Campaign: If you schedule your campaign to start on a date, keywords are inactive until the time that campaign is active.
  • Campaign Removed: Because you removed/deleted the campaign, the keywords are inactive.
  • Campaign Ended: Keywords are inactive because the campaign is ended and is now inactive.
  • Ad Group Paused: If you pause an ad group, keywords in that ad group become inactive and stop showing ads.
  • Ad Group Removed:  If you remove an ad group, keywords in that ad group become inactive and stop showing ads.
  • Paused: You paused that keyword. Hence, it is inactive.
  • Removed: You removed that keyword. Hence, it is inactive.
  • Approved: Google reviewed and accepted the keyword. Showing ads is eligible.
  • Eligible: Eligible status of a keyword means that the keyword is active and can show ads.
  • Under Review: Google is still reviewing your keyword. The keyword is inactive and can’t trigger ads before getting approved.
  • Below First Page Bid Estimate: Keyword is active. It is showing ads. But the ads aren’t seen on the first page of Google Search Results.
  • Disapproved: Google disapproved ads that violate the guidelines and advertising policies. You will find more details of the violation when you hover over the status bubble.
  • Site Suspended: Keywords can be inactive if the website linked to the ad groups of these keywords is violating advertising policies.
  • Low Search Volume: Google disapproves keywords that are predicted to have low search volumes. Google considers these keywords irrelevant to users.
  • Rarely Shown Due to low-Quality Score: If keywords have a low-Quality Score, those keywords are ineligible to show ads. Learn how to improve your Quality Score.
  • Few Page Matches: If a keyword matches only a few pages of content in the Display Network, Google suspends that keyword temporarily.

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