Did you know that nearly 2% of Google shoppers end up making a purchase after landing on a product page? That might not seem like a huge number, but it underscores how every detail can make a difference. Product highlights in Google Shopping Ads are one such detail.

They can be the difference between a mere glance and a click that leads to a sale. In this blog, we’ll explore what a product highlight is in the context of Google Shopping Ads and why they’re so essential for online merchants looking to boost their sales.

What is a Product Highlight Attribute?

The product highlight attribute, known as [product_highlight], is used to provide concise, bulleted lists that emphasize the most essential aspects of your products. These highlights are crafted as quick-to-scan sentence fragments that answer common questions shoppers may have or focus on the key attributes of the product.

The aim of using this attribute is to present the information in an easily consumable way, helping shoppers make more informed decisions when looking at products on Google Shopping.

Screenshot of a phone's listing on Google Shopping, showcasing the product highlights section.

As you can see, an example of product highlights for a mobile phone. These bullet points succinctly present key features such as the display size, camera specifications, battery capacity, and processor used. 

These highlights help shoppers quickly grasp essential details, helping in their purchasing decision on Google Shopping.

Understanding the product highlight attribute’s role and structure is just the beginning. Let’s now gain further insights into how you can create product highlights for Google Shopping, adhering to the guidelines and formatting rules.

How to Create Product Highlights for Google Shopping Ads?

To create appealing product highlights for Google Shopping Ads, follow these concise and clear steps:

  • Add the Product Highlight Attribute: Incorporate the [product_highlight] attribute into your product data feed.
  • Provide Short Bulleted Lists: Summarize the most essential aspects of your products, focusing on core features, benefits, or responses to frequent inquiries.  
  • Adhere to Minimum Requirements and Best Practices: Respect the necessary standards and best practices for the product highlight attribute. 
  • Submit Your Product Data Feed: Send your product data feed to Google Merchant Center and await approval.

These actions form a straightforward pathway to create engaging product highlights, ensuring that potential customers get a clear and attractive view of your offerings.

Now that you know how to create product highlights for Google Shopping Ads, let’s move on to practical examples. 

These will illustrate how to put these principles into practice for your specific products.

Examples of Product Highlights – Text Feed and XML Feed

Product highlights can be displayed in various formats, like text feeds and XML feeds. Understanding how to craft them properly is crucial for effective product listing in Google Shopping. Here’s how you can frame the product highlights using both formats:

Text Feed Example

For a smartphone with a great camera and performance features, you could use the following:

High-quality 48MP Camera, 6GB RAM for Smooth Performance, Long-lasting 4000 mAh Battery, FHD+ Display, Compatible with Latest Android Updates

XML Feed Example

The same features can be represented in XML format like this:

<g:product_highlight>High-quality 48MP Camera</g:product_highlight>

<g:product_highlight>6GB RAM for Smooth Performance</g:product_highlight>

<g:product_highlight>Long-lasting 4000 mAh Battery</g:product_highlight>

<g:product_highlight>FHD+ Display</g:product_highlight>

<g:product_highlight>Compatible with Latest Android Updates</g:product_highlight>

Benefits of Using Product Highlights

Using the product highlight attribute in Google Shopping can have several advantages for your e-commerce business:

  • More Information: It gives shoppers detailed insights into a product’s core features and benefits, allowing them to make informed decisions.
  • Increased Visibility in Free Listings: Incorporating product highlights can enhance the likelihood of your products appearing in Google’s free listings, expanding your reach without additional advertising costs.
  • Competitive Edge: Standing out from the competition becomes easier as product highlights help you to differentiate your offerings from others in the market.
  • Improved Search Relevance: Product highlights assist users in finding the exact product they’re looking for, increasing the relevance of your product listings.

These benefits collectively contribute to a more effective and appealing product presentation in Google Shopping, leading to potential growth in sales and customer satisfaction.

Now, you might be wondering what mistakes to avoid when working on your product highlights.

Don’t worry. We have you covered. 

In the following section, we’ll go through the best ways to make your product highlights effective, helping you avoid common mistakes.

Best Practices for Product Highlights

Product highlights serve as a key tool in presenting the features and benefits of items to potential customers. Here are some points to maximize their effectiveness:

  • Number of Highlights: 2 to 100 per item, with 4-6 being an often-recommended range.

Example: “Stainless Steel Construction, Energy-efficient Design, Quiet Operation, 5-year Warranty” (4 highlights for a dishwasher).

  • Focus on the Product: Include only product-specific descriptions.


Preferred: “Sleek design with an aluminum finish.”

Not Preferred: “Sleek design, also compatible with our brand’s exclusive accessories.”

  • Language and Professionalism: Maintain proper grammar without unnecessary gimmicks.


Preferred: “Water-resistant design.”

Not Preferred: “WATER-RESISTANT!! Get it NOW!”

  • Avoid Comparisons and Unnecessary Details: Provide information only about the product itself.


Preferred: “Ergonomic design for comfortable handling.”

Not Preferred: “More comfortable than Brand X’s model.”

  • No Links or Promotional Text: Keep the highlights straightforward without promotional distractions.


Preferred: “Available in three stylish colors.”

Not Preferred: “Available in three stylish colors, now on SALE at ourwebsite.com!”

An image showcasing the guidelines for creating product highlights in Google Shopping Ads with Do's and Don'ts

Challenges and Overcoming Them

  • Avoiding Redundancy: Ensure that each highlight is unique without keyword stuffing.
  • Maintaining Language Integrity: Pay attention to grammar, spelling, and proper capitalization.
  • Staying Relevant and Clear: Stick to product-related details only.

Additional Guidelines

  • Relevance over Promotion: Prioritize relevant specifications over promotions.
  • Respect Cultural Context: Consider the cultural context when targeting different countries.
An image showcasing the examples of product highlights in Google Shopping Ads.

By following these principles, you’ll present your products in a clear, professional, and efficient manner without overloading potential customers with unnecessary information.

With the importance of product highlights in Google Shopping firmly established, it’s worth considering how to streamline this process for your online store. If you’re using Shopify and seeking a smooth way to manage your product highlights, our app might be just what you need. 

Excited to learn more? Check the next section.

Adding Product Highlights in Shopify Using AdNabu’s App: A Simple Guide

In just five simple steps, you can create and manage highlights that truly showcase your products. Follow this process:

  1. First, visit the Shopify App Store and search for the ‘Nabu For Google Shopping Feed’ app by AdNabu. Once installed, you will need to configure the app as per your preferences. 
Screenshot of the ‘Nabu For Google Shopping Feed’ app on the Shopify App Store.

2. Then, go to your Shopify admin page and click on “Apps”

Screenshot of the Shopify admin page, with the “Apps” section highlighted.

3. Search for “Nabu for Google Feed” app.

Screenshot showing the search result for 'Nabu for Google Feed' App within Shopify

4. Select a product that you want to edit.

Screenshot displaying the products section within the Nabu for Google Feed app.

5. Scroll down to the Highlights section. Therein, as visible in the screenshot, the merchant will have the option of “Ask AdNabu AI” or they can choose to do it manually.

Screenshot showcasing the Product Highlights section in Shopify, where merchants can ask AdNabu AI for automatic product highlights or choose to do it manually.

6. Once you have selected the “Ask AdNabu AI” option, our app will provide concise and effective product highlights that best represent the product. 

Screenshot showcasing the finalized product highlights created using AdNabu's AI, showcasing how the app provides concise and effective product descriptions.

Note: Please note that to use this feature, the product description should have a minimum of 150 characters.

Does the idea of easily adding and managing product highlights for your Shopify store interest you? With our app, you can effortlessly achieve this and much more and make your products stand out!


  • Definition: The product highlight attribute, marked as [product_highlight], emphasizes essential features in bullet points.
  • Purpose: Helps shoppers quickly grasp key details, aiding their purchasing decisions.

Creating Product Highlights

  • Add Attribute: Include the [product_highlight] attribute in your product data feed.
  • Provide Short Lists: Focus on core features and benefits.
  • Follow Guidelines: Stick to necessary standards.
  • Submit Data Feed: Send to Google Merchant Center for approval.


  • Detailed Information: Offers insights into products.
  • Increased Visibility: Enhances chances of appearing in free listings.
  • Competitive Edge: Differentiates products from competitors.
  • Improved Relevance: Enhances product search relevance.

Best Practices

  • Number of Highlights: 2 to 100 per item, preferably 4-6.
  • Focus on Product: Include only product-specific info.
  • Language Integrity: Use proper grammar, no gimmicks.
  • Avoid Comparisons/Links: Provide information only about the product, no promotions.

Challenges and Guidelines

  • Avoid Redundancy: No keyword stuffing.
  • Stay Relevant: Stick to product-related details.
  • Relevance over Promotion: Focus on specifications, not sales.
  • Respect Cultural Context: Tailor for different countries.

Adding Product Highlights Using AdNabu’s App

  • Find App in Shopify: Search for “Nabu for Google Feed App.”
  • Select Product: Choose the product to edit.
  • Edit Highlights: Use the “Ask AdNabu AI” option or manual editing.


Remember, creating effective product highlights in Google Shopping requires attention to detail and an understanding of the guidelines. Through this comprehensive guide, we’ve walked you through the essentials, including how to create the perfect product highlights and the benefits they can bring to your e-commerce business. It should help you enhance your product listings and attract more customers. 

In case you’re using Shopify and looking for a more streamlined way to manage this vital aspect, AdNabu may be just what you need to make your products truly shine. If you’d like to explore how AdNabu can further assist you, don’t hesitate to book a demo session with us.

With that, good luck with the process, and yeah, happy highlighting!


  1. How Can I Set Up the Product Highlight Feature?

Answer: You can write up to 150 characters for each highlight. If you have more than one, just separate them with commas. Remember to use correct grammar and stay professional. Don’t include promotional words or talk about other products.

  1. Where Will People See the Product Highlights?

Answer: When someone looks at Google Shopping Ads, they’ll see the product highlights as bullet points right under the product description. 

  1. What’s the Way to Add the Product Highlight to My Product Information?

Answer: You can do this in the Google Merchant Center. Use the [product_highlight] attribute to add the highlights to your product data feed. If you need to change the values for specific items, you can do it right in Google Merchant Center or use a special feed to add the highlights.

  1. Are Product Highlights Really Necessary?

Answer: Product highlights are optional, but they can offer some nice benefits. By adding them, you can give shoppers a quick look at the best features of your product, which might help them decide to buy. So, while you don’t have to include them, they could make a difference in your sales.