How to Setup Multi Currency in Your Shopify Stores?


Having over 10,00,000 businesses, running around 175 different countries, Shopify is an eCommerce platform that needs no introduction.  It provides businesses with a chance to sell across different geographies without worrying about opening retail outlets around different landscapes.   Further, when you sell your products across multiple geographies, you understand the chances of...

Top 19 Ways to Make Your Website More Credible and Persuasive


Do you intend to take your business online in the near future?  Or perhaps, you already have a business and are finding it hard to drive traffic to your site and convert. Building a credible and persuasive website should be among your main goals. Why? Studies reveal that brand authenticity is one of the top qualities that would lure customers to a brand.  On top of that, even employees...

How to Set Up Taxes for Your Shopify Store?


From small-scale startup businesses to independent bands, Shopify has a strong base of over 500,000 businesses that use the platform every day. Providing businesses with an opportunity to scale their operations with reliable customer support and a wide variety of in-shop features, Shopify is the face of eCommerce businesses today. Before 2018, e-vendors were required to charge & provide...

7 simple tips to boost your eCommerce conversion rate


If you are in the eCommerce space, then you cannot afford to have the “you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink” attitude. With over 1.74 billion websites on the Internet, you need to stand out if you want to compete!  Basically, you cannot just lead the customer to the water, you have to make him drink, that is, ensure a successful conversion on your site. And by...

5 Tips to Achieve Peak Sales on Shopify Store


So, you have an excellent product that you know will empower your customers in real ways. All the pilots you ran, and the freebies you distributed have returned with superb feedback. But, that’s not enough, is it? You want an effective medium to mount your offerings on – a platform that can instantly boost sales.  Now, there is nothing wrong with that thought, especially with Shopify...

How to use customer data to personalize marketing campaigns and customer journeys


Almost every merchant sends promotional material to its subscriber list, through email, SMS, web push, or even Facebook Messenger. However, not every merchant gets it right. Many merchants see low CTRs and lower conversions. Consumers are responding to generic marketing messages poorly and in fact, are even put off by them.  The answer to this issue is pretty simple. There’s only one thing...

63 Black Friday Marketing Ideas & Tips Shared by eCommerce Industry experts


The shopping monster of the year is around the corner, celebrating two blockbuster shopping days “Black Friday” and “Cyber Monday”. Make the most of this frenzy jackpot shopping festival, as this is “the time” to max your sales and the impulsive shopaholics are on the edge of their seat to indulge in some insane shopping. What is Black Friday? The most awaited...

The Ultimate eCommerce Guide to Successful Flash Sales in 2021


Irresistible deals always feel good. Something that you have been eyeing for suddenly falls to a bargain of a price and you just know you have to click on buy! Add a countdown to this offer and you’ve added the thrill factor that is known as flash sales. They speak to the buyer’s psyche in the perfect manner, because they create a sense of urgency better than any other kind of sales. When you...

How to Prepare your Online Store for Black Friday to Be Ahead of the Game


As an ecommerce merchant to prepare for the Black Friday fever is to provide low prices and high product availability, but it’s not enough. To make things go smoothly, we highly recommend laying out a plan to meet a situation head-on. And if an issue of preparation is still up in the air for you, just run through our article and check if you're ready.

5 Digital Adoption Challenges Ecommerce Business Owners Should Be Aware of


To put it simply, digital adoption is the state in which a company’s digital assets are used optimally for delivering exceptional customer service, enhancing employee engagement, and boosting overall business value. An excellent example of this is automobile manufacturing. Remember when human hands put cars together? Over time, machines took over specific steps, and workers were trained to...