So, you have an excellent product that you know will empower your customers in real ways. All the pilots you ran, and the freebies you distributed have returned with superb feedback. But, that’s not enough, is it? Do you want an effective medium to mount your offerings on a platform that can instantly boost sales? 

Now, there is nothing wrong with that thought, especially with Shopify around. In case you have not heard, with over a million online stores, Shopify is pretty much the most effective way of launching your product in the market today.

How can you make the most of this innovative platform – Allow us to tell you! 

How to Achieve Peak Sales on Shopify?

1. Get Your Store Ready and Optimize it for On-the-Go Buyers

Where words fail, numbers speak! In 2018 alone, almost 80% of adults surfed the internet through their smartphones in the United States. Such a trend is not unique to America. Why is this number important? Because now you know that most of your buyers prefer shopping on their mobile devices. 

So, if you want to capture peak sales on your Shopify Store, make sure it is:

  • Easy to navigate
  • Fast-loading
  • Colorful

But, most importantly, make sure it is mobile-responsive. When your Shopify Store is not mobile-friendly, you run the risk of isolating various potential buyers because they cannot smoothly transition from one page to the next. And who’s better than a Shopify expert to do the job at your disposal? 

Peak sales on Shopify

Remember, a responsive template must not open on a user’s mobile phone as it does on their laptop. A bigger screen will carry a different layout, which may not work when accessed on a smartphone screen.

The comparative template above shows how a non-responsive template will require your potential customer to zoom in and out a lot while surfing. 

2. Offer More Products

You don’t need multiple products to offer a range of options to your customers. You can innovatively fragment the one product you have. For instance, you want to sell paintings by established and upcoming artists on your Shopify Store. While it’s great that you’ve carved a niche for yourself, you should try to fragment your offerings into different categories within that niche.

So, instead of becoming an online store selling nothing but paintings, you can branch out by offering prints of the very same painting in poster art format. Considering that you have the necessary copyrights and painting prints ready, you can devise various collaterals from the same product. 

By offering your customers more options with high to low price ranges, you will expand your target market. More people will fall within your brand fold without you having to compromise on your brand identity. 

Of course, you can also step out of your comfort zone and try your hands on a series of new products to boost sales. But, should you choose to stick to your product niche, diversifying within it is not a tough nut to crack. And, doing so will boost sales on Shopify for you. Just in case you are wondering if it’s double the effort, it’s always a good idea to outsource and delegate

3. Personalize Your Customer’s Journey

Several studies reveal the power of personalized communication. What’s more, your customers are already expecting it! Various brands approach them every day with tailored recommendations and, in return, enjoy high engagement rates. 

You can achieve personalization by showing visitors the content they prefer on your Shopify Store. Several brands are already getting good and fast at offering dynamic suggestions to every single potential customer who enters their online store. 

It is a fact that personalization increases virtual footfall, which eventually boosts sales. A study by Econsultancy concludes that 80% of brands witnessed a rise in conversions as soon as they incorporated personalization in their e-marketing strategy.

Simply put, successfully delivering personalized experiences will not go unrewarded and will also help boost customer loyalty in the long run. 

Here are a few tips for personalizing your customer’s journey:

You must study your visitor’s behavior and combine it with marketing automation to offer them a unique experience based on whichever page of your Shopify portal they are on. Offer discounts, seasonal promotions, product recommendation based on:

  • The country they are shopping from.
  • The page they are on (cart review, product description, shipping, payments, etc.).
  • Whether they are a repeat customer or not (you can provide a unique coupon code for a visitor who has come back twice in a month).
  • Value of the shopping cart.

Also, keep in mind that personalization in the form of product recommendations or deals and discounts works when you provide them at the right time. No point offering hefty discounts on Christmas decorations a week after Christmas! 

4. Communicate Via Email

Tell your target audience about your Shopify Store through email marketing to improve sales. To some people, this medium may seem a little pass? but indeed it works! While social media is also great for engaging your audiences in a dialogue around your brand, it is limited to a particular demographic.

Email marketing, on the other hand, reaches even further and is a powerful way of getting your message across to different people at any given point in time. Engagement through this medium also does not rely on SEO practices. And, once you have a high-quality email list of your leads and clients ready, you can nurture them to conversion.

However, to garner all the benefits of email marketing, you must share pithy and personalized content with your readers and hire an experienced email marketing assistant to do the job. Something that will pique their interest and compel them to visit your store through the email marketing route. 

5. Effectively Use Paid Ads

Of course, you want organic virtual footfall in millions at your Shopify Store. And, investing in sponsored ads is one of the many ways to get there. We understand you may be short on budget, especially if you are a new brand, but spare funds for sponsored ads on Google or other social media platforms to capture your audience’s attention.

Spreading the word around about your Shopify Store along with a well-designed ad will improve sales. About 65% of netizens click on Google Ads in the USA alone when they want to buy an item online. You must capitalize on this opportunity because your competitors already are. Plus, depending on the industry you operate in, investing in sponsored ads may very well be all you need to boost visitor rates.

Once you have got them scrolling through your pages, ensure conversion through personalization, ease of payment, deals, and discounts. Remember that you have won half the battle once you manage to direct a steady stream of customers to your Shopify Store. 

Quick Recap

Achieve peak sales on your Shopify Store by following these hacks:

  1. Tip 1 – Make your store user-friendly and mobile-responsive.
  2. Tip 2 – Offer more products or innovatively fragment your offerings into different related products.  
  3. Tip 3 – Give every single visitor a tailored experience to boost engagement and conversions.
  4. Tip 4 – Leverage email marketing to redirect a potential customer to your Shopify Store.
  5. Tip 5 – Invest in sponsored ads.

As more people turn towards online shopping on Shopify, brands will become more aggressive in holding their attention. How you stand out within that crowd will depend on how meticulously you follow the tips listed above.

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