Why Conversion Tracking is absolutely Important for AdWords Campaigns


In an AdWords campaign, understanding which keywords work and which does not is core to the success of the campaign. Most advertisers only have visibility till the click level. They know how many clicks they got and how much they were charged but does not know whether these clicks were of any significance to them. Conversion tracking helps to keep track of clicks which resulted in a conversion. Conversion can be any measurable positive action a user does on your website or via call after they click on your ad. A few widely used conversion actions are

  • Submits a lead form
  • Signs up
  • Completes a transaction
  • Clicks on a particular link
  • Talks to customer support for a certain duration

Once we have enough data on which keywords work better for your website (these keywords will have a higher conversion ratio), We can then optimize the campaigns to maximize conversions instead of just focusing on clicks. It is very common to see some keywords having 3-4 times better conversion ratio than low intent keywords. it is therefore wise to spend more money on these high converting keywords than the ones which have a very low conversion ratio.


AdWords allows advertisers to track conversions in multiple ways. One can import goals as conversions from Analytics or create conversion tags and implement them on the website. Conversion tracking initially might sound a bit technical but there are huge upsides to it. Shown below are the two main ways to track conversions.

Conversion tracking your website

Any significant user action after a user clicks on an ad and gets redirected to a page owned by advertiser can be tracked by website conversions. We have a detailed guide on how to implement website conversions.

Conversion tracking for calls from ads

Users can directly call your business if you use call only ads in your AdWords campaign. Any user who does this does not interact with your website but interacts directly with your support team. Use call conversion tracking guide in such scenarios.


About the author

Salil Panikkaveettil

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