Engagement in adwords/display ads

An engagement in Adwords occurs when a customer takes action on ads. For various ad types, Google has different engagements.

  • Lightbox ads: An engagement for lightbox ads is when users expand the ads.
  • Video ads: For video ads, Google records engagements when users click on a teaser or expand a card.
  • Video app promotion ads: Google counts an engagement for a promotion ad when a user watches the video for 10 seconds or the entire video if it is shorter than 10 seconds or if they click on the video.
  • Showcase shopping ads: For showcase shopping ads, users need to expand the ads and spend at least 10 seconds or click on the ads for Google to count the interaction as an engagement in AdWords.

Engagement columns are available in AdWords statistics tables. They let you measure how users interact with different ads.


Engagement Metrics in AdWords

AdWords have five engagement metrics. Continue reading to learn more.

  1. Engagements: An engagement in AdWords is when users interact with your ads.
  2. Engagement Rate: Engagement rate is the number of times users expanded your ads divided by the number of impressions of your ads.
  3. Average CPE: Average cost-per-engagement is the amount that Google charges you for each ad expansion. Average CPE is available in the Average CPC column for Showcase Ads.
  4. Clicks: Clicks are when users click on your ad and get to your website/landing page.
  5. Free clicks: Free clicks are engagements that aren’t counted as actual clicks. For instance, expanding a lightbox ad, hovering over a video ad, etc. Free clicks report is now available in the clicks column. Learn the basics of tracking everything you do in Adwords

Note: Metrics for Showcase Shopping Ads are available in both ads and ad group pages. Showcase ad metrics aren’t available on products or product group pages.



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