Google Shopping Ads are now on Google Display Network.

Google Shopping is one of the most used advertising platforms used by e-commerce advertisers to promote their products. And to retain the big number of advertisers, Google very regularly updates the features of Google shopping ads. Google Shopping ads had already made their way to Google Image Search, YouTube, and third-party retail sites partnered with Google. The expansion of Google Shopping Ads to the Google Display Network was just a matter of time.

Retail Shopping on Display –

Google launched the pilot named Retail Shopping on Display in April this year. Google handpicked a few partners to test this project.

The partners chosen for the pilot of this project can avail of the option of targeting their shopping campaigns to Google Display Network. Google also announced that starting Monday, May 29, these selected pilot accounts will have Google Display Network enabled for shopping campaigns by default. However, partners can opt out of the project at their will.

For this pilot, Home Decor and Fashion websites have been selected. Google hasn’t specified the particulars of these websites yet. For obvious reasons, Google sent an email to advertisers with businesses closely related to Fashion and Home Decor intimating them about the pilot. and inviting them to join it.

Joel Wollner of UpClicks Media uploaded the first look of the Display Network option. Find the screenshot below.

It looks fairly easy, advertisers will just have to tick the box to enable Google shopping ads on Google Display Network.

Googles Q1 2017 reports clearly suggest that advertisers are spending generously on shopping ads. Google has seen a 32% growth on shopping ads spend as compared to 12% of text ads in Q1 2017.

Now that the pilot is live, we are waiting for more information from Google on retail shopping on display. We soon will find out how shopping ads look on the display network. Stay tuned for more updates.


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