Do you want to know how to change your Shopify store name, as well as the potential drawbacks?

In this blog article, we’ll talk about how to change your Shopify store name as well as some of the things to think about when doing so.

What is a Shopify Store Name?

Shopify Store Name

When you create an account with Shopify, you must select a store name.

You can also choose a name for your store that will be used to generate your Shopify subdomain automatically in the format https: //

Internal purposes only, such as logging into your Shopify account and configuring and managing your online store, should be used for this sub-domain.

You may use this sub-domain as the public-facing URL for your online store, but we don’t recommend it.

To develop credibility and trust, we recommend that you use your own unique domain to build a sense of consistency and familiarity for your customers.

However, if you insist on keeping your myshopify sub-domain as your customer-facing URL, you will be unable to alter your store name. Instead, you’ll need to start a new Shopify store and attract customers to it..

You can change your Shopify store name for aesthetic reasons if you use or plan to use your own custom domain, but neither your custom domain nor myshopify sub-domain will be affected.

Can I change my Shopify store name?

Yes, you may totally modify the Shopify store name. However, before you register any domain, think about it carefully because the company name you use on your business is so important.

Here’s some information that I’d suggest you think about:

  • Consider how long your domain has been active.
  • Take a look at how much money you’ve made as a result of it.
  • What kind of traffic information do you have?
  • What is the size of your list?
  • What are your prospects saying about it? What kind of responses did you get to your list?
  • Why did you pick it?

If your company has been in existence for some time, but it acquired a negative reputation among consumers when they encounter problems with data loss, visitors seeing the error 404, or a website not found.

It’s more likely for you to start from scratch in order to expand your business with a new name, while also informing the person who was on the early list about the shift.

As a result, the information in your store will be lost since you won’t be able to move data from one site to the other. As a result, scroll down our post here if you’re ready to lose all of the vital information above.

When should you change the Shopify store name?

To improve your Shopify store’s exposure, you should utilize the greatest Shopify theme. Another important element that contributes to the Shopify store expansion is the name of your business.

Your brand is your business’s most important asset. It establishes a distinct presence among all the rivals by evoking an emotional response in consumers.

It also serves as a connection between you and your consumer, conveying a significant message about your business.

So, what can you do to impress a buyer just by the name? How can people remember your store name and want to return again?

If a name has an intensely emotional or sense-related connection with a person, the path to their name will be more difficult to overcome. If it’s not an emotional experience, our brains will put it into our short-term memory and we’ll get rid of stuff that we don’t revisit.

As a result, the most effective Shopify company name is one that creates a strong emotional connection between you and your consumer. It appears to be a difficult task.

Here are three times when you may want to look for how to alter the Shopify store name and select a new store name.

1. Your name is unclear, confused, and hard to pronounce

One of the most typical issues you might encounter is that your clients are unable to properly pronounce or spell your name. As a result, it could have a detrimental influence on your brand recognition.

Your name, owing to the historical and linguistic diversity, may have unusual spelling and/or be tough to pronounce for customers of that language.

It occurs when you operate an internet business in a foreign market, particularly if you’re selling online.

Do not utilize a perplexed Shopify company name.

Additionally, your logo design must be highly legible and apparent. This is most effective when you utilize block letters and a horizontal layout, which may be customized for website headers.

2. You’re following a short-term trend

A trend could influence your business. In fact, recognizing the trend and adopting the name of your company has the potential to be extremely beneficial.

However, short-term trends frequently develop entanglements with specific groups or preconceptions that are rapidly changing. If your Shopify store’s sales don’t match the target customer, you should rename it after a while.

3. Your Shopify store name is similar to competitors

The resemblance between your business name and others is another indication that the Shopify store needs to be renamed. Customers may become perplexed if you use a name that someone else owns or resembles your concept.

Furthermore, if you purchase a name before it is registered, you may run into difficulties when attempting to obtain a company license with an already-owned domain. As a result, make sure your name is distinctive and sets you apart from the competition.

Furthermore, using a similar Shopify name may have a negative influence on your search engine SEO score. To prevent this from happening, use a different Shopify SEO software to improve your ranking.

How to change your Shopify store name?

You may change your Shopify store name in a couple of simple ways:

  1. Using the Shopify mobile app
  2. Using the Shopify admin site

Method #1. Change Shopify store name via the Shopify mobile app (iOS or Android)

1. Open the Shopify app on your phone or tablet and tap the Store button in the lower right corner.

Change Shopify store name via the Shopify mobile app

2. On the Taskbar, select Settings.

Change Shopify store name via the Shopify mobile app

3.Select the General tab.

Change Shopify store name via the Shopify mobile app

4. In the Store details area, you’ll see your current store name in the Store name field. Change your old shop’s name to something new.

Change Shopify store name via the Shopify mobile app

5. To save your modifications, press the SAVE button at the top.

That’s all there is to it. It was simple, right?

Method#2. Change Shopify store name via the Shopify admin website

1. Log in to your Shopify admin on your desktop computer.

2. On the left navigation menu, click Settings.

Change Shopify store name via the Shopify admin website

3. Click “General” in the upper right corner.

Change Shopify store name via the Shopify admin website

4. The Store name field will display your current store name. Replace your present store name with a new one.

Change Shopify store name via the Shopify admin website

5. To save your changes, click the Save button in the top right corner.

That’s it; you’ve completed the process. Your Shopify store name has been updated successfully.

Some final things to consider

However, your Shopify username and the. URL that you use to sign in is two things that you can’t modify.

If you made a custom domain your store’s URL (Online Store>Domains in the left-hand menu), and your custom domain as your primary domain, then that original URL will never be seen by the public because you would be the only one who sees it.

If you want to keep your actual store name and the account you’re creating now, it will need to be a new one.

If you want to do this, here’s some information on how to duplicate your store so that you can open a new account without losing what you’ve accomplished.


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