This guide is for you if you’re thinking of How to Create an Affiliate Program with Shopify Apps. In this blog, we’ll outline the process for setting up an affiliate program, from creating a branded affiliate program add-on to setting up tracking and reporting.Β 

We’ll also provide tips on making your affiliate program as successful as possible and answer any questions you might have. So if you’re ready to start promoting your Shopify products online, read on!

What is an Affiliate Marketing Program?

The affiliate marketing program is a rewarding system where partners promote products for a commission. Customers, advocates, or industry marketers sign up for an affiliate program and send visitors to your Shopify store through links.

For those that are any experience or knowledge about how affiliate marketing functions, here it is:

  1. You can earn money by promoting other people’s products on your Shopify store website.
  2. It’s easy to set up, and you don’t need any previous experience in the affiliate marketing program.
  3. You have many different opportunities to participate in the affiliate marketing program.
  4. You can make money from home, working from the comfort of your own home.

What are the Advantages of having an Affiliate Program?

The benefits of having an affiliate program are many and varied, but some of the most important advantages include the following:

#1: Effectively Increase Sales

Affiliate marketing is a great way to drive traffic and sales to your website. Affiliate marketing is one of the top-4 sources of eCommerce sales in the US, making it a highly successful strategy. As shoppers are drawn in by the low-risk nature of affiliate marketing, they are more than likely to purchase on your website!

#2: Garners Better TRUST in Your Product

Affiliates are more likely to promote your products when their audience trusts them. Establishing trust with your audience is key to success for affiliate marketing. Affiliates are trusted sources of information and guidance, and their recommendations can be very influential.

#3: Improves Your Reach

Increase your brand’s reach by partnering with affiliates with a large audience. Affiliate marketing is an effective way to increase brand visibility and reach online. With affiliate marketing, your store is exposed to a much wider audience than you would otherwise have access to.

#4: Marketing using Multiple Channels.

Generate brand awareness and conversions from multiple channels- you don’t have to restrict yourself to just digital ads or campaigns. Use affiliates to generate leads and sales from various sources, allowing you to target your audience effectively.

#5: Simple to Monitor and Control.

Practical tools for automating your affiliate marketing process – so you can focus on what’s important: creating excellent content! Integrates with Shopify, making tracking and measuring your affiliate marketing efforts easy. Stay updated on your campaign progress in real-time with simple-to-use tracking codes.

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4 Steps to Build your Affiliate Program in Shopify

Looking to start an affiliate program with your Shopify store? This guide will help you with how to create an affiliate program with Shopify apps, market it, and pay your affiliates.

Here we use the social snowball app to illustrate the process. But you can use any affiliate app listed below.

Step 1: Link your Shopify store.

Go to the Shopify app store, search ” snowball: Affiliate marketing, ” and click “Add App.” You will now be redirected to your affiliate program’s landing page, where you can

enter your Shopify URL from our connect store page and start your 14-day free trial.

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Step 2: Sign in to Your Account

After you sign up for Social Snowball, sign in to your account, then you will be able to access your dashboard. This will show you the various metrics like Total Revenue, commission paid, and commission owed. As affiliate sales start coming in, all the metrics mentioned above will become visible on your dashboard.

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Step 3: Customize your Commission Settings

To set up commissions, select “Customize” from the left-sidebar menu. There, you can choose between a fixed or percentage commission for:

1. Your affiliates are the people who join your affiliate program. They will get a commission for bringing successful sales to you.

2. Your affiliate’s audience can use a coupon code/link from your affiliate program to get an exclusive discount when they buy from you.

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Step 4: Integrating with other apps

 After Step 3 is completed, you can stop worrying about it because Social Snowball will turn your clients into affiliates and generate affiliate revenue for you. However, we advise using integrations to ensure everything goes smoothly for the best results.

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 To begin with, you can design a unique registration form to welcome outside publishers as affiliates. Then, we offer many integrations for promoting your affiliate program: a Zapier integration to integrate with pretty much all other apps you use for marketing and messaging, a Klaviyo integration for email flows, a Postscript integration for SMS flow, etc.

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We offer payment integrations, of course, so you can quickly pay your affiliates and keep them satisfied.

5 Best Shopify Affiliate Marketing Apps.

01. Social Snowball

Social snowball is an affiliate marketing app that helps you promote your products on Shopify. It does this by automatically converting all of your customers into affiliates. Once Social snowball has processed all of your customers, it will give them promo codes or links that they can use to promote your products. We like the minimal approach Social Snowball takes to things. For example, their affiliate forms are elementary to fill out. The Social Snowball affiliate payout system has a minimal dashboard that lets you keep track of everything. You can quickly pay your affiliates using one of the six simplified payout methods.

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  1. Become an affiliate to attract more clients to your Shopify Store with the help of Social Snowball.
  2. There is no requirement to spend money on marketing or building a website.
  3. Affiliates get paid a commission on any sales their referrals bring in.
  4. You can collaborate with your affiliates and produce leads for your company with the help of Social Snowball.
  5. With the help of our safe payment gateway, you can pay your affiliates in just two clicks.

Shopify App Store Rating: 4.9⭐

Price: 19$ per month*/ Free 14-day Trial Available

02. UpPromote

Are you looking for an affiliate marketing solution that is reliable, efficient, and easy to use? Look no further than UpPromote. Our all-in-one affiliate and influencer marketing solution offers a robust management system that easily tracks your campaigns and orders. We know you’re getting the best possible results with our reliable tracking process. Don’t wait any longer – start building your successful affiliate marketing business with UpPromote today!

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  1. Grow your affiliate team by empowering them with the right tools and support.
  2. Manage your affiliates effectively by tracking their performance and setting goals for them.
  3. Empower your affiliates to do more with less by giving them the right tools and training.
  4. Stay ahead of the competition with UpPromote’s powerful, easy-to-use affiliate management system.

Shopify App Store Rating: 4.9⭐

Price: 21.99$ per Month*/ Free 14-day trial Available

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03. Automizely & AfterShip

Do you want to create an affiliate program with Shopify apps for free? Then this is the right choice for you. Automizely & AfterShip is an affiliate marketing app that helps you to reduce acquisition costs effortlessly. It’s based on your email outreach campaign and tailored to your business. For example, you can set up automated emails for different customers or sales channels. You can also use the tool to send out custom rewards so that you can offer discounts and coupons to your customers.

In addition, Automizely & AfterShip gives you access to an overview of all your email campaigns. You can see the number of subscribers, open rates, clicks, and views of your emails, which will help you to make more informed decisions about the proper marketing channels for your business.

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  1. Increase your reach by partnering with passionate influencers promoting your products to their dedicated audiences.
  2. Receive commissions on sales generated through referrals from influencers and gifts and discounts for referred customers.
  3. Monitor affiliate campaign performance and sales generated through your partnership with AfterShip – an intuitive dashboard makes it easy to track all essential data.
  4. Use data to help you measure the health of your referral campaign to understand better how it is performing and what needs to be done to improve it.

Shopify App Store Rating: 4.9⭐

Price: Free

04. Refersion

Are you wondering how to create an affiliate program with Shopify apps? Look no further than Refersion! Their app is designed to make the entire process easier by integrating with Shopify, so you can manage your affiliates, track sales, and pay them all in one go. Their wide range of Shopify integrations makes tracking sales from any 

channel easy. So what are you waiting for? Download the Refersion app today and start making waves in affiliate marketing!

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  1. Simplify affiliate management by integrating with Shopify – no coding required.
  2. A wide range of Shopify integrations makes tracking sales from any channel easy.
  3. Customizable affiliate commissions at the product level make it easier for you to manage your affiliates and pay them out properly.
  4. Easy to launch and use, making the entire process easier for you to get started with affiliate marketing today!

Shopify App Store Rating: 4.7⭐

Price:99$ per Month*/ Free 14-day trial Available

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05. Affiliatly

Affiliatly is the one-stop shop for affiliate marketing. We offer a wide range of features essential for a successful affiliate program, all at an affordable price. We have everything you need to make your business thrive, from easy tracking to scalable growth. With our app, the process of how to create an affiliate program with Shopify apps is a breeze. Plus, our lowest price policy ensures you never compromise on quality or cost. So what are you waiting for? Get started today and see the excellent results for yourself!

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  1. No need to spend time coding or managing affiliate programs – Affiliate integration is handled automatically and quickly.
  2. Comprehensive tracking capabilities include real-time click data, generated commissions, and more.
  3. Easily create custom emails to send notifications about affiliate activity, referral orders, and more.

Shopify App Store Rating: 4.6⭐

Price:16$ per Month*/ Free 90-day trial Available

FAQ About How to Create an Affiliate Program with Shopify Apps:

1. Does Shopify have an affiliate app?

Yes, Shopify does have an affiliate app! This allows you to easily connect with affiliates and earn commissions for sales that you drive through your links. The app is easy to use and lets you manage your campaigns from one platform, so there’s no need to juggle different accounts and track multiple setups. Additionally, the app provides live tracking of referrals and clicks so that you know exactly where your traffic is coming from.

2. Can you create an affiliate program on Shopify?

Yes, you can create an affiliate program on Shopify. This type of program allows merchants to promote products through a commission system. You will set up an account and create custom links that point back to your website. Once complete, you can add products to your shopping cart and promote them using keyword-targeting tools and marketing tactics.

3. Can you be an affiliate for an app?

Yes, you can become an affiliate for an app. This means you will promote the app and earn a commission on sales generated by your referrals. There are many different ways to go about this, including setting up your blog or website and promoting the app, posting links to the app on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, or creating video tutorials on how to use it.

Be sure to research which apps are best suited for you before getting started so that you can generate the most revenue possible from your efforts. You could also sign up with a marketing agency that specializes in affiliate marketing so that they can take care of all of the work for you.

4. How do I create an affiliate link for an app?

You can create an affiliate link for an app by following these steps. 

1. Access the affiliate dashboard. If you don’t already have an account, you can create one.

2. Select the “Create affiliate link” menu on the bottom left. Dashboard for affiliates

3. Then, from the Affiliate program app  website, paste any URL you’d like to link to and click “Create Link.”

5. How do I become an affiliate of Shopify?

Becoming an affiliate on Shopify is a straightforward process that can be completed in just a few minutes. First, you must create your merchant account and add the relevant products or services you would like to promote. 

Next, set up your affiliate program by creating links between the products or services provided by Shopify and the commissions earned from sales made through those links. You will also need to provide promotional materials (like Landing Pages) for affiliates to use when promoting your product or service.

Finally, start generating traffic to these pages by building link networks and working with marketing agencies specializing in SEO/PPC campaigns. Once everything is set up and running smoothly, you should be ready!

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Thanks for reading! This blog taught you how to easily create an affiliate program with Shopify apps. By following the simple steps outlined in this blog, you’ll be well on creating a successful affiliate marketing strategy.

With an affiliate program, you’ll be able to earn commissions on sales generated by your customers through your links. So, are you ready to get started? Let us know in the comments below!


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