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Advertisements have been one of the oldest forms of introducing a brand and its expertise to the masses. Long gone are the days that included banners, flyers, and billboards (yes, we know that it still exists in the present) but, the present has changed the ways and means of marketing. google shopping softwares

Today, the digital presence of brands has penetrated the roots of marketing to its core. Every business, large or small, is rushing to operate their businesses in a dual nature format (brick & mortar store along with a successful eCommerce store). 

Now that we are talking about online shopping and its prospects, why not discuss the largest platform that has helped businesses scale their operations!

Yes, we are talking about Google Shopping business.

Wondering what it is? Lets have an overview of the basics of Google Shopping software.

Basics About Google Shopping Software

What are Google Shopping Ads? 

Google Shopping Ads (previously known as Google Product Listing Ads) is the kingpin of modern digital advertisements. 

Ever noticed the ad section over SERP (Search Engine Results Page), the advertisements displayed above the organic results! 

Yes, that is where Google Shopping Ads comes to play.

Google Shopping Ads are one of the most reliable ways to provide businesses with a medium for serving as an effective channel of marketing their products. 

However, the competitive rush to secure the spot over SERP makes it challenging to master if you lack the right software.

Lets have a look into some of the benefits of using software to manage Google Shopping Ads.

Benefits of Using google shopping softwares to Create and manage Google Shopping Ads 

When you use software to create and manage your Google Shopping Ads, one of the significant benefits you reap over your campaigns is automation. Further, the use of software over your Google Shopping Ads can be your chance to shoot your brand to immense exposure and increased revenue. 

One of the major highlights of these tools is that it allows retailers of every shape and size to execute their business operations without worrying about their expertise around Google Shopping. 

Yes, we know the thought of automation, and improved performance has you excited over discovering the different software you can use for your campaigns.

Wont wait for you to wait anymore. Check out our curated list of the 30 best Google Shopping software that will be taking your business to new heights. Using apps centred for Google Shopping can help boost productivity and make your job easier.

30 Best Google shopping softwares

1. AdNabu for Google shopping

AdNabu for Google shopping

One of the best tools for Google Shopping, AdNabu, helps your eCommerce store create an optimized, keyword-rich product feed. The platform works on a wide range of dynamics, allowing product-specific suggestions and improved feed suggestions with Metafields.

Key Highlights:

  1. Easy integration with Google Shopping
  2. Automated optimization of feed management
  3. Responsive customer support
  4. Intuitive dashboard 

2. AdWords Robot

As the name suggests, AdWords Robot is a tool that allows automation of your ad campaigns to yield maximum ROI on ad spend. The platform enables eCommerce vendors to draw relevant prospects from multiple platforms. Further, AdWords Robot also optimizes negative keywords, product feeds, segmenting, and pricing. 

Some of its key features are: 

  1. Automated product listings
  2. New remarketing possibilities
  3. Enhanced campaign profitability
  4. Allows users to make use of Dynamic Search Ads 

3. Google Shopping by Shopify

google shopping shopify app

Yes, you can turn out to Shopify for help over your Google Shopping. Shopifys Google Shopping application acts like an API that allows users to integrate their shopping feeds from the Merchant Centre Accounts with Shopify. 

Some of the highlights of the Google Shopping app by Shopify are:

  1. Comes integrated with your Shopify store
  2. Allows automatic conversion tracking from Google Ads account
  3. Intuitive & user-friendly UI
  4. Responsive customer support

4. Intelligent Reach

A tool that is focused on improving your product visibility over different virtual platforms, Intelligent Reach is a tool that covers vendors of every shape and size. This platform helps users come up with a perfectly tailored data feed for multiple channels. 

Listed below are some of the highlights of Intelligent Reach: 

  1. Makes use of advanced technology and product optimization
  2. Support over multiple websites Google, eBay, Amazon
  3. Its cloud-based nature makes this a reliable e-commerce software
  4. Allows segmenting & testing content experimentation.

5. 405ads

An online digital marketing company that tends to provide eCommerce vendors with reliable development and strategic marketing campaigns, 405ads covers different aspects of eCommerce development. It can help you start your business from scratch and also provide PPC management. 

Some of its characteristics are:

  1. Easy Adwords management
  2. Intuitive Dashboard
  3. Real-time analytical insights 
  4. Responsive customer support

6. DataFeedWatch

As the name suggests, DataFeedWatch is a tool that allows easy creation and optimization of product feed. This platform covers users over different marketing aspects, ranging from search ads automation to price watch insights. 

Lets have a look at some of its lucrative features:

  1. Allows users to have a clear understanding of the performance of products over multiple channels
  2. Automatic inventory update
  3. Intuitive dashboard 
  4. Enable the possibility to create text ads

7. Sales & Orders

One of the most exciting tools in the list, Sales & Orders, is designed for the growth of the eCommerce industries. This platform allows self-management of different ad campaigns with a plethora of tools to manage keyword performance, a feed tool, and a dashboard, among others. 

Some of the highlighted features of Sales & Orders are:

  1. Allows for building and managing campaigns on four different channels: Google Shopping, Bing Shopping, Facebook, and Instagram in a free starter plan
  2. It comes with a support
  3. Provides a set of their features and tools within the platform
  4. Improved ROI on campaigns  

8. Channable

Channable is one of those multi-purpose tools on this list that has you covered over almost every aspect of feed management. Launched back in 2014, this platform helps vendors with feed creation and management via easy optimization of the product feed. Further, it’s easy integration with several platforms allows easy export of feeds to different channels. 

 Key Highlights:

  1. Allows easy export of products to multiple channels worldwide
  2. Provides improved focus to advertised products
  3. Regular update of product feed
  4. Intuitive dashboard with interactive UI

9. Adaplo

Quite an exciting tool with its name being the definite of two combinations, ad and aplo, signifying simple in Greek. The platform tends to make advertisement easy for eCommerce vendors with its tools that help create and manage online campaigns. 

Some of its highlighted features are:

  1. Counts for a sophisticated & granular structure for your account 
  2. Allows seamless campaign analysis and management
  3. Real-time update on campaigns over feed changes
  4. Optimizes campaigns according to analysis 

10. AdScale

AdScale runs around the process of automating advertisements using AI functionality. This tool allows businesses to automatically create and optimize ad strategies over several social media platforms. 

Created by a team of expert digital marketers and mathematicians, AdScale seeks to automate the tedious process of strategizing ads. 

Key highlights:

  1. Makes use of advanced AI algorithms
  2. Intuitive dashboard
  3. Maximises ROI on ad spend
  4. Cross-channel analytics

11. Blue Winston

A web-based tool that automates Adwords, Blue Winston markets itself as an innovative product ads tool. It allows businesses of varied shapes and sizes to strategize different ad formats, from text to Google Shopping. Further, Blue Winston also helps eCommerce vendors to set up pilot campaigns for free. 

Some of its significant features are: 

  1. Automates keywords creation using an XML product feed
  2. Makes use of API AdWords
  3. Synchronizes the listed prices and products at an interval of 6 hours 
  4. Multilingual chat support

12. FeedSpark

A tool that is dedicated to taking proper care of your feed, FeedSpark tends to provide the feeds of eCommerce vendors with a premium treatment. The platform aims to provide businesses with many functionalities, ranging from data optimization to reduction over CPC. FeedSpark has its users covered!

Some of its main characteristics:

  1. Offers a wide range of premium feed template
  2. Allows automation (if needed)
  3. Markets your products at the right time
  4. Uses advanced technologies for optimization    

13. Godatafeed

Godatafeed is an intuitive platform that provides your eCommerce store with the power to sell more with improved product feed management and optimizes the product attributes for your feeds. Further, Godatafeed also helps eCommerce vendors get their listings approved faster and regularly sync their feed updates.

Key Highlights:

  1. Enhanced channel standards
  2. Offers improved ROI over campaigns
  3. Enhanced digital reach
  4. Allows you to clone/ customize feeds 

To learn about GoDataFeed competitors, check this blog.

14. Feedonomics

Another great feed optimization tool for Google Shopping, Feedonomics helps users with the functionality to quickly secure information like a feed file or custom site from a wide variety of shopping platforms. 

This feed optimization software allows ease in campaign scalability over feed technology. Further, it also provides a free site audit for your eCommerce store. 

Some exciting features of Feedonomics are:

  • Enhanced reach
  • Easy optimization of feeds
  • Responsive customer support
  • Tailored solutions

15. Feedoptimise

As it is evident from the tool itself’s name, Feedoptimise helps you get your product feeds in shape. This application allows vendors with a plethora of feed management services over Google Shopping, ranging from data feed creation to automated campaigns’ automated profitability control. 

Feedoptimise provides its users with:

  1. Daily updated feed 
  2. In-depth analysis and real-time performance analysis
  3. Allows management of bidding over Google Shopping
  4. Cross-platform availability  

16. Emarketing

Emarketing is a multi-purpose platform used for running campaigns over the likes of Facebook, Amazon, Instagram, and Google Ads. This tool focuses on adding automation over the entire campaign management process and allows insights on comparison with competitors. 


  1. Supports multiple ad platforms
  2. Automated support with easy setup
  3. Real-time and in-depth analysis of campaigns
  4. Dedicated customer support

17. AllFetch

AllFetch is a rather exciting tool covering its users on all fronts of Google Shopping, ranging from product design to payment gateway. This platform works as an API, connecting your Merchant Centre Account with the Content API for automation over product feed. 

Key highlights:

  • Improved ROI
  • Real-time Feed Optimization
  • Responsive customer support
  • Intuitive UI

18. Pricing Assistant

As the name suggests, Pricing Assistant is an application that revolves around the prices of the products over your eCommerce stores. This tool helps your eCommerce business with two of its devices that revolve around pricing and management. 

The first tool revolves around monitoring and optimizing campaigns, whereas its second offering helps you manage campaigns over Google Adwords. 

Some significant highlights of Pricing Assistant are:

  1. Helps matches products automatically concerning competitions assortment
  2. Keeps you updated over prices in different marketplaces
  3. Automated reporting functionality
  4. Responsive customer support 

19. EKM Systems

One of the ideal tools on our list is that EKM Systems takes an entirely new approach for eCommerce vendors, helping users create their stores from scratch. This platform comes with everything to get you started, ranging from domain registration to payment gateways. 

Some of EKM Systems significant highlights are:

  1. Helps in developing professional-grade eCommerce store from scratch
  2. It offers a plethora of services
  3. Reliable customer support
  4. Intuitive dashboard

20. Adference

A diverse tool specializing in helping users over platforms like Amazon and Google Shopping, Adference focuses on automating your bidding and campaign experience for Google Shopping and search. Similar to the Google automation model, Adfrence takes your preference into account and helps you automate your bid strategy. 

Some of its significant features are:

  1. Offers automated Google Shopping campaign management 
  2. Automates your bid adjustments as per desired goals
  3. Makes use of Adference Conversion API for improved conversions
  4.  Helps in advanced analytics & research

21. Adtail

Adtail is a marketing agency that holds its excellence around providing digital marketing services to its clients. This tool helps users develop tailored campaigns over different social platforms, based on their needs, size, and the goals they want to achieve. 


  1. It offers a plethora of services
  2. Allows optimization using technology 
  3. Improved CPC management based on several metrics like CPA and ROI
  4. Tailored assistance 

22. Cobiro

Cobiro is a tool that helps businesses of varied sizes improve their online presence with Google marketing. This platform provides its users with a platform that allows them to manage, optimize, and automate the Google Shopping campaigns over one unified platform. 

Some of the applications functions are:

  1. The seamless and easy onboarding process
  2. Helps users with complete automation of keywords planning and bidding
  3. Supports multiple integration modules
  4. Allows customers to set their budget

23. Adfix

A tool that is majorly focused on providing companies with success over online advertising, Adfix helps users find the right audience to market their products. Adfix helps eCommerce business to find the right mix between campaign strategy and online ad placements. 

Some of the tools significant highlights are: 

  1. Seamless optimization of campaigns
  2. Supports with campaign strategy recommendations
  3. Real-time reporting around campaigns
  4. Transparent and easy solution

24. LovelyAds

LovelyAds is a tool that focuses on simplifying the process of ad creation over multiple platforms. Majorly focused on Amazon and Google Shopping, this software helps simplify the process of campaign creation. Further, this platform assigns users with a dedicated support team for autonomous operations. 

Its major highlights are:

  1. Helps segment product catalogs by brand typology 
  2. Configures your product feed for enhanced appeal
  3. Helps with automated set up of conversion codes
  4. Intuitive dashboard

25. SteerFox

Another intelligent software designed to advertise and optimize multiple campaigns over different platforms, SteerFox focuses on helping eCommerce vendors with campaigns of all shapes and sizes. Its multi-platform adaptability caters to provide your campaign with enhanced performance for your business.


  1. Multi-channel support: Yahoo, Google Ads, Bing Ads, Facebook, Google Shopping, and Twitter campaigns
  2. Provides users with a free audit 
  3. Real-time optimization of keywords and bids
  4. Responsive customer support

26. Entropy

One of the unique tools in the list, Entropy, seeks Artificial learning to power its ads. This tool allows businesses to manage and create their Google Ads and Facebook campaigns with a better and improved inflow of quality traffic. 

Its major highlights are:

  1. Sets up automatic bids for individual products
  2. Saves bandwidth by optimizing campaigns 
  3. Provides a tailored solution to cater to different clients
  4. Intuitive dashboard

27. Dynamic Creative

An online advertisement platform for the retailing sectors at large, Dynamic Creative helps eCommerce vendors with improved presence with easy creation and management of Google Search and Shopping. 

Further, this software also helps display campaigns and vouches for over 17 years of experience in the advertising field, delivering excellent results over the desired budget spend.


  1. Allows businesses to tap into customized machines learning
  2. Responsive team of analysis experts 
  3. Crafted with unique ad creative technology
  4. Regular analytics report

28. StoreYa

A platform offering multiple marketing tools for your eCommerce business, StoreYa helps you in ways, more than one. It allows businesses over latitudes like advertisements, selling, insight, and on-site promotions, helping them scale their reachability over multiple online platforms. 

Its functions are:

  1. Allows users to set up and optimize their Google Ads account
  2. Intuitive dashboard to help with various analytic and reports
  3. Several advertising methods for better performance 
  4. Improved conversion factors for businesses

29. Whoop!

An application that majorly revolves around bid management, Whoop! is software that bends data-integrated bidding and machine learning to help you apply strategy over customized biddings and improve your long term gains. This tool allows users to use their methods on item levels easily.


  1. Intuitive and easy dashboard for transparent campaign performance
  2. Advanced bidding strategies with machine learning analytics
  3. Query sculpting for bidding over search queries
  4. Multi-level comparison over generated reports

30. Heraldbee

Available over Shopify. Heraldbee is another reliable application that helps in Google Shopping automation with its functionality. This application intents to help the shop owners from scratch, with its main functions as:

  1. Developed out of Google API, Heraldbee creates a direct source for securing information around products from your stores website.
  2. Allows users to optimize their campaigns per product
  3. Free access to shop owners with 1000 products
  4. Supports Chat and Email support
  5. Quick and Intuitive UI


Time to say bye-bye to the tech-laden, mammoth task of figuring out every bit around your upcoming campaign. With the suggested list of the 30 best Google Shopping software at your disposal, improved advertisement methods are just a tap away.  

All the best with your upcoming campaigns!

Note: The results of your shopping campaigns will only be useful if you have the right blend of software and strategy in your toolkit.


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